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    What? This article needs moar pics of fugly Grindr users.
    You can help by adding moar pics of fugly Grindr users.
    Your Grindr account

    Grindr is a gayass application that faggots use to stalk each other with. Grindr is said to be full of cheese, in part of it's ability to bring new lulz to wild world of camwhoring. Its basic concept is to allow for access to other gay and bisexual men within close proximity to the user. A single tap on a picture will bring up stats and a brief profile. From here the user can choose to chat and share more information, such as exact location, send more pictures, and finally hookup for hot gay sex.

    It is highly advised to wear latex gloves and use hand sanitizer before and after using this app. It is known to cause your screen to create a greasy thick mucus that is highly charged with pheromones that lures pillow biters to this app. Avoid making contact with this slime as it may cause you to march in a pride parade or become the hottest drag bitch in this side of the state.

    You can download Grindr for free from the iTunes store, Google Play or your local gay bar.

    FACT: The name "Grindr" is an homage to the grinding of teeth common in crystal meth addicts, whom comprise approximately the largest portion of the Grindr userbase.

    Grindr is composed of numerous "tribes" of men that may self describe themselves as: Bear, Otter, Twink, Clean-cut, Jock, Geek or Poz. The sexual preference of its users are also displayed (if they want): i.e. "top", "bottom", "vers", "vers top" or "vers bottom".

    Grindr is a festering hive of the lowliest underbelly of society's lowliest underbelly: the gay community itself. Here you'll find old ass fucks looking to get their "dik sukt", twinky little fuckboys looking to make the biggest mistake of their life, musicians, and most prominently: bots. There are no hetero breeders or "curious" guys on Grindr, despite what that 50-year-old married man is telling you. He's probably taken more dick last night than your mom has in a lifetime.

    Grindr XTRA

    When you download Grindr you are able to experience a one week trial of Grindr XTRA which is usually a paid service that allows you to filter out the disgusting haploid mutants that you want to avoid and see even more (300 in total!) receptacles for which to dump your viscous, acrid loads of sperm into. However after this one week trial expires you are left with only one-hundred losers in the local vicinity to keep scrolling past day after day and have no option to avoid. BUT WAIT! Since Grindr is so bad about keeping the integrity of their app in check and doesn't require a confirmation email, you can recreate an account using a random non-existent email address, random password and say that you are at least eighteen, you can get Grinr XTRA a hypothetically infinite amount of times. But be quiet about this, Grindr profits off the 30+ desperados that don't know about this.

    Completely true

    This guy is 30? Holy crap! I hope I don't look like him in 66 days.


    anon fag

    I once signed up to Grindr to troll gays I realized so many people lie about their age on that gay ass app.

    It's a known fact most people don't start looking older till their late 30s.

    For example you could have someone claiming they are 25 on that app when in fact they are actually 35.


    • 90% of Grindr users own an iPhone.

    Grindr rules

    The following a few of Grindr Terms of Service.

    • No bare skin beginning 2 inches below the navel (hip bone area) or above the upper thighs can be shown.
    • No underwear can be visible.
    • Appropriate public swimwear is allowed. No pubic hair, no outline of genitals and no portion of the butt can be present.
    • Pants and shorts must be worn normally, buttoned, and not pulled or hanging down.
    • No images of hands or fingers placed in pants or pulling underwear outward.

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