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    File:Sl jellowned.jpg
    Players who don't appreciate the humor in getting griefed don't deserve to play.

    Griefing is the dastardly act of trolling in an online game, thereby ruining the experience for all other players (On your own team or otherwise). The means may range from anywhere between killing members of your own team or using hacks to keep the other team from leaving their spawn. You can find griefers in any genre of game, be it FPS or MMORPG, so long as there is a multiplayer mode and ways to ruin it.

    Why Grief?

    Why not? The most frequently asked question of griefers by their victims is the first that should be addressed. Griefing, as with all other forms of trolling, is done for the lulz. Whether it is the silent satisfaction a griefer gains from taking away everyone's ability to play the game proper, or the entertainment value of listening to a 13-year-old boy literally cry over his headset, denying other players pleasure is a pleasurable act in itself.

    The Grief: What does it mean and where does it come from? Homosapien. A man. He is alone in the universe. A gamer. Still a man. He is alone in the universe (his mom's basement), but he connects. How? They make each other whine and cry until they have no more fun. No clearer way to evaluate whether or not you're alive (then again they could get laid). Now. Complications. A reason to grief. Somebody different. Difference creates dispute. Dispute is a reason to grief. Now, to be griefed is a reason to make bawwws. Life is to bawwww. So to grief with reason is to be alive with reason. Final analysis: To grief, a reason to live. Problems and Contradictions: Griefers are trolls. Trolls believe that there should be no rules, only lulz. Griefing appears to be lulz. And when they slam into a tourney what a show it is. But when they fight for a reason, like all trolls, there's a system, griefers grief for what we stand for, lulz. Griefing is a structure, griefing is to establish powah, powah is accomplishment and accomplishment is not trolling. Accomplishment is gloating and gloating is not lulz. The circle goes like this: rage skirmishes are cheap perversions of conventional warfare. War implies extreme structure because wars are fought to enforce rules or ideals, even freedom. But other peoples ideals forced on someone else, even if it is something like freedom, is still a rule; AND TROLLING IS A FREE-FOR-ALL! This contradiction is clear when you grief because it makes you feel like a pig in shit. Why do we love to grief? It gives us warm fuzzies and happiness knowing we did good in a simple artform. However, it does go against the ethics of true lulz. But there it is. Competition, fighting, gloating, heirarchy, lulz. It's what you do. Griefers troll the shit out of n00bs, n00bs rage the shit out of gamers, gamers rage the shit out of tourneyfags, tourneyfags rage out on the children, and the children scream the living shit out at casuals and the causuals as usual do nothing. What was the point of this? Final summation? Do you get lulz? Then do it faggot!

    Griefing guarantees the quickest and most frequent reactions out of all forms of trolling (With the exception of IRL trolling), which is perhaps why it is the most popular method practiced. It's "harmless" enough that people who don't usually identify as trolls can participate, but still gets players angry enough that it can still put a smile on the faces of seasoned trolls.

    General Tactics

    With different games come different tactics, and different features that must be taken into consideration. However, there are the basic concepts that should apply to all games, and which a griefer should always be able to rely on regardless of their actual gaming skill.


    A Counter-Strike teamkill in progress.

    Probably the most effective method of aggravating your teammates is to keep them from being able to score, or to even leave their base at all. When you start TKing (Or PKing, as the oldfags like to call it), your teammates won't be expecting it, allowing you to take out your entire team in seconds if you're quick enough. From there, you can either drag out the length of a match by hiding as your team is forced to watch from the spectator camera, or commit suicide to give the "enemy" team more points.

    The problem with TKing as a tactic is that most servers across most games will enforce strict penalties for doing so, disable it outright. In the case of the former, you can simply harm your teammates "by accident", and eventually goad them into killing you (And so facing the consequences for doing so).

    Spawn Camping

    File:Grief sc1.jpg
    Spawn camping is par for the course in Team Fortress 2.

    Spawn camping requires slightly more effort than most tactics, as the enemy team won't typically let you walk straight into their base to do as you please. However, once you've parked yourself in front of an enemy team's spawn, they'll be hard-pressed to get rid of you. In deathmatch or capture the flag style games, you can effectively keep the enemy team trapped inside the confines of their base while simultaneously appearing to be a credit to your team.

    It's hard to put restrictions on spawn camping, and most players will be hard-pressed to discount it as a "legitimate strategy." It's one of those magical tactics that you can get away with as long as your reflexes remain quick and your aim remains competent. If you can make your way into an enemy base, chances are your teammates can as well, and chances are they'll come to back you up. In games such as Team Fortress 2, it is entirely possible (And very common) to isolate an entire team within their spawn, with their entire opposing team waiting right outside the only door out to keep them stuck inside. And remember: If anybody complains about you sitting outside of their spawn, you can always remind them it's their fault for not defending their base well enough.


    Ruining the immersion of Garry's Mod.

    Role-playing servers cater to unskilled faggots, to help justify their purchasing a game they can't play well. Gameplay-altering mods and almost constant administrator presence make prolonged griefing rather difficult, but should still allow a griefer enough time to ruin a full round of gameplay and hear the players cursing their name. If a griefer can force players in a roleplay server to abandon their stupid fantasy bullshit, and force them to play the game the way it was intended to be played, they can consider their mission a success.

    "Famous" roleplay game modes include Grand Theft Auto's "San Andreas Roleplay" server, "jailbreak" mode in Counter-Strike, and every other server in Garry's Mod. Alterations to standard gameplay will typically include the removal of weapons or the ability to kill other players (Unless it's "justified"), or having to apply for in-game licenses to do basic things such as drive cars. How anyone could possibly find taking tests in a video game entertaining boggles the mind, and anyone who is willing to gladly do so deserves to have their fun ruined.

    The easiest way to grief a roleplay server is to kill other players before being "given permission to do so", though this will typically draw the most attention and get a griefer banned the quickest. In Garry's Mod or any other game in which players are encouraged to build / construct, destroying their so-called art is a great way to demoralize and enrage server patrons. If threatened with a kick or ban, a griefer can respond by saying they were "just playing the game", implying they assumed the standard gameplay was in effect. This can buy a skilled griefer more time to wreak more havoc as the admins explain the rules of their game.

    Role-Breaking done right:

    Audio Spamming

    File:Grief as1.jpg

    The easiest way to get on other players nerves, and also the easiest for them to counter, is to use a game's voice chat system to broadcast any variety of obnoxious songs or loud noises (Or, if you're so inclined, your actual voice). Audio spamming is usually mixed with other tactics, as a way of distracting players while you make your way across a map or systematically slaughter the entire server as they access their "mute" menu.

    In games based on the Half-life and Half-life 2 engines (Such as Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat and multiplayer mods), one program reigns king for microphone spamming. HLSS will allow you to set audio files as binds for your numpad (Or whatever other keys strike your fancy), allowing you to play the game without having to hold down your voice key. Make sure to read their FAQ if you're too retarded to figure the program out on your own. There's also an alternative, HLDJ, which has a console-based interface and more features.


    Wallhacking and aimbotting in Call of Duty 4.

    If all else fails, and you lack the skill to annoy people using conventional means (Or you're just looking to infuriate both teams at once), you can go Google yourself some 1337 hax, or actually exchange money for "premium" hacks. The best hacks come in all-in-one packages, which give you an unbeatable edge on your victims and keep them from getting to play the game at all. Among all the hacks in online gaming, 4 reign as king:

    • Aimbotting: Automatic headshots on enemy players, for instant and undodgeable death.
    • Wallhacking: Allows a griefer to see through walls and other obstacles, so there are no more surprises from campers.
    • Speed hacking: Makes for ridiculously fast movement, allowing a griefer to be in the enemy spawn within 2 seconds of a match beginning.
    • God mode: Makes a griefer literally impossible to kill.
    • Lagbot: A relatively new bot that's hard to come by, but pisses other players off more than all the above. Do I even need to tell you what it does?
    • Damagebot: Makes you deal insane amounts of damage with even the weakest weapons. Often results in 1-hit kills.

    If you want to give hacking a shot, make sure to stay the fuck out of Punkbuster servers or servers with similar anti-hack protection. It's not as if these programs can usually catch you (Steam's VAC protection is notoriously useless), but it's better to be safe than to have your Steam account banned (And all the games you bought with it disabled).


    Best in fighting games, mostly Marvel vs Capcom or Street Fighter. Get as far away from the other "fighter" and hurl beams or shitballs till you win, or the faggot rage quits. Leads to some angry mail and arguing on how, " YOU DONT KNOW HOWWZ TO PLEH THE FUCCCCCKKING GAEM!!!11!".

    In specific games

    Anarchy Online

    File:Ao free play billboard.jpg
    Maybe AO griefs itself. See - energy drink ads. Really.

    Griefing is kind of hard to do on Anarchy Online since most the players are basement dwellers who have been playing the game for forever, and have around 4 different accounts with 8 characters who are around level 210, the maximum level. However, you can still spark huge riots in the game with both experienced and new players. There are several means to accomplish this, but there are 3 ways that work best:

    The game is populated by huge faggots who are obsessed various shit in the game nobody cares about, mostly the factions. While on the tutorial island, simply ask whether you should join Omni or Clan. Butthurt will spread like California wildfire as the retards start raging about why the faction they fap to is better then the other, which is why you should so totally join the clans because everything else sucks. There are a lot of organizations in the game that will actually kick you out if you have a character that's in the opposite faction. In fact, there at one point was an org called "The only good Clanner is a DEAD Clanner." A lot of these have extremely low standards and will hire anyone. Simply join one of these orgs and then flood their org chat and claim to be a Clan/Omni spy. Chances are they will call you a dirty traitor and kick you from their org and bawwwww about how low the opposite faction is willing to sink.

    A lot of times, new players will make the mistake of attacking a guard. When they do this, they become "flagged" which means that anyone can attack them. If the guard kills them or they die by some other means, they are unflagged, but if they manage to escape into a building or cancel the attack before they actually start firing, they remain flagged. Simply find a flagged player who is "gimped" which means they're wearing all the shitty and worthless armor and weapons they found lying around and equipped them, making them pretty much harmless, and attack them. They're pretty easy to spot because they'll be wearing a crap load of random pieces of armor, and usually carrying a weapon that looks like it was pulled out of a pile of dog shit. Even if you're just using the equipment you're given on the tutorial island you should be able to kill them with no problem since they're usually using weapons that do even less damage then the beginner weapons. You can spark a lot of butthurt if you kill one who's part of a team and can occasionally cause huge massacres as flagged players begin to turn on one another. There's another type of flag that can generate even more lulz. This is called a "tower flag". There are structures known as towers that can be set up by organizations that allow the members to move around a little more quickly. When someone attacks them, they become tower flagged, which is the same as regular flagging only it lasts much longer and it doesn't deactivate if you die. A lot of new players will attack them because they're a lower level then them and they figure they can take them out pretty easily. If you find a gimp who is tower flagged, kill him. Most of them never bother to use the consoles that set your respawn point so you can easily track them down and kill them over and over again. If they're at a high enough level, they'll actually lose all of their experience when you kill them too.

    The third way is probably the most likely to get you banned, even though the victims are totally asking for it. There are a lot of people who wear tattoos in the game that make their character completely naked. Why you ask? Probably because they're attention seeking whores. Even though they really want attention, they don't want to be touched and they get extremely offended if anyone tries to do anything\ to their character. There are two things you can do to them, depending on whether they are sitting or standing. If they are standing, bind the backflip emote to a key and mash that key like a crazy mother fucker to engage in surprise buttsecks with your intended victim. They will either try to get away as quickly as possible or take it like the bitch they are. If they are sitting, go prone and then crawl up to them so that your head is in their lap, and then use the nod emote nonstop to give them head like the faggot you are. Again, butthurt will ensue and they'll most likely call a GM to ban you.

    Battlefield 1942


    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Call of Duty 4 2

    1. Join a "Hardcore Search and Destroy" server with friendly fire enabled.
    2. Fire RPG at the ground at the beginning of the match.
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 2 Tactics.


    In any GoldSource or Source game, you can bind keys to do certain things. Simply type: bind f12 "buy hegrenade" into console to buy a grenade by pressing f12. When searching for a server, type "friendlyfire" into the tags box and find a server running de_dust2. As soon as you spawn, press f12 and throw the grenade at the ground near your teammates. The resulting explosion lowers anyone in the blast radius to 30 health. Rage will ensue.

    EVE Online

    A niche, sandbox, PVP game of a space MMORPG, EVE Online allows what many MMOs do not - including such tactics as stealing from your corporation's funds and taking off, constant harassment, and beating the shit out of newbies. Goon Squad is the biggest faction of grifers in EVE - and they pull shit like this jihad.

    EverQuest II

    Sporting the most manic PVP of any MMORPG (besides LOTRO), EverQuest II players, in turn, will also be the same way. It is a fact that GMs don't even bother with the main PVP server, Nagafen, anymore.

    Would you still try to clean this shit up? Didn't think so. This event flooded the chats so much that people couldn't enter it and it distracted many guilds from raids.


    FarmVille is like a newer edition of Farm Town, except Zynga jacked Farm Town, changed the MS Paint graphics to Flash, and took out a lot of the multiplayer functions. Doesn't mean you can't grief in it though.

    Garry's Mod

    Since Garry's Mod is one of those games where you can add just about anything, there are so many ways you can annoy the shit out of other players. However if you are new to the game, there are still ways to piss people off with about 0 Garry's mod experience. First of all, when you join a server, check to see if your weapons are still enabled. If so, start shooting EVERYONE around you, no matter how many times they tell you to stop. It is recommended that you use the rocket launcher and grenades sparingly. They are annoyed by this so much that one questions why Garry's mod multiplayer has any guns to begin with. If weapons ARE disabled, see if you can't spawn a vehicle. In most cases, only an air boat or a jeep will work. Try to see how many players you can run over before they start rebelling on you. Additionally, classic verbal bad-mouthing tends to irritate the asspies and 13 year old boys on whatever RP server you descend upon.

    However if BOTH weapons and vehicles are disabled, just take that gravity gun of yours and use it to to pick up items you spawn and swing them at other players. It is highly recommended that you drop those train cars (or whatever those things are called) on them. They can be found be typing "wall" in the props search engine. There is also a big item in your inventory that is good for caging up people, so find it and use that as well. Check the following videos and adapt your own technique:

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    The easiest way to piss off people is to go into Free Mode on Multiplayer and blow up any helicopters you see until you're kicked from the game by a raging 13 year old.

    In Cops and Crooks, find and steal the Crooks' getaway vehicle and watch them futilely chase after you (or just destroy it for a speedy end to the match).

    Habbo Hotel

    All too obvious. What happens when there is AIDS in the pool?

    Halo 3

    Unfortunately, there is now a feature that allows you to kick a member if they betray you. Because of this, it's best to do this sparingly. A way to exploit this is to push a teammate off of a ledge and make them fall to their death (this does not count as a betrayal, and therefore you cannot be booted). A good example of this is if one of your teammates is in sniping position, and you notice an enemy in his sight. The longer you stall before team killing him the better, just as long as he never pulls the trigger.

    Another good way to grief in Halo 3 is when the game is Capture the Flag. Get a warthog or mongoose and offer to give the guy carrying the flag a ride to the point where the flag must go. But as soon as you get nearby the place, drive ALL THE WAY BACK. If they start yelling at you, accuse them of being a horrible thief and tell them to put the flag back where they found it. If he gets off, proceed to run over him and make sure NO ONE on your team gets the enemy flag, no matter who you have to team kill.

    Left 4 Dead

    Left 4 Dead is a relatively easy game to grief in, as friendly fire is allowed by default. Some of the best ways to insta-kill people are also the simplest. Some of these are as follows:

    • Wait until a fellow survivor runs close to a petrol bowser and unload the auto-shotgun into it a few times. This will result in crispy-fried chicken, and is even better if you are playing as Louis as you can then type inflammatory remarks about said chicken and how much every black person loves it.
    • Pick up a gas bottle or jerry-can and throw it at the feet of a fellow survivor. Shoot the can and listen to/read the ensuing Bawwwww.
    • Use the console to bind the characters various voice options to an easy-to-reach key. Francis continually shouting "Pills here!" will fool the noobs in the game into running toward you if they are low on health. For added lulz try to do this near a Boomer or (even better) a Witch.
    • Also a good tactic is to grab a grenade launcher, wait until everyone is in a building, throw a molotov / boomer bile / pipe bomb inside and procede to unload the grenade launcher onto any soldier who decides to 'desert'.
    • Add KKK references if their character is black.
    • Teabag a downed player and watch them die. Help them along the way if they won't die fast enough.
    • If you are near the end of a survival map, which are notoriously long and hard and there is no respawn, down the rest of your team and stand in the corner firing into the air. Bonus points if there are no zombies.
    • Pushing other players out of windows/off ledges is also a good technique to master.
    • Another good tactic is to run up to an injured survivor, heal them with the medkit and then proceed to unload the automatic shotgun into their face at close range. Never underestimate the power that this approach can have to generate lulz.
    • When helping a fallen survivor back up again, release the help key just before they stand completely up again and immediately repeat.
    • Setting off the horde by hitting the raise platform/summon chopper buttons before everyone is set up and ready for them is also a widely acclaimed griefing technique in L4D.
    • Last but certainly not least, if you are playing in a group that seems reluctant to leave the safehouse at the beginning of each level you can continually run out, get slightly injured and heal yourself with your medkit, then return to the safehouse and pick up another. This works best if you rinse/repeat until there are none left.


    Since the co-op create update in LittleBigPlanet, griefing has been made even simpler than before. Inappropriate and offensive levels usually get moderated rather quickly, but it's still possible to emit some goatse images in the level for a moment or such. Good ways to grief in online create mode would be:

    • My Stickers Will Blot Out the Sun - Load up a large sticker and hover it over a surface that's in front of everything else and expand it until it takes up the whole screen. Nobody can see shit until you move the sticker, which makes this a good way to ruin a tough platforming sequence or just waste everyone's time since they can't see a damn thing until you get rid of the sticker.
    • Magic Mouth spam. Infinitely making an emitter emit Magic Mouths, which makes it impossible to commit any actions, although some more experienced players know how to counter this by tapping the PS button to go to XMB, then pressing it again, and before the game can load Magic Mouths, press the start button to leave the level. That makes this an in-effective method of griefing in LBP. THIS NO LONGER WORKS.
    • Making everybody's PS3 crash. This is my favourite method of griefing. There are many ways to make everybody's PS3 crash. I have attempted it with copypasting unstable materials in eachother (in-effective as it makes you crash as well), creating massive lag that forces the game to freeze (sound bombs, over-complicated objects and such, in-effective as well cause it might not always crash everybody), but the most effective, by far, is the ROBOCROC, what was originally a boss monster made by DreadsRose2118 for his friend, became an evil instrument of lulz. Namely, if one were to kill the beasty via the brain attached to it, the game crashes for some odd reason (NOTE: Dreads made his level with ROBOCROC copyable, but it has some pieces from the MGS pack, thus requiering you to own the MGS pack to use it.). I had the idea to modify it into a "bomb", I attached a timer of 15 seconds, made a small space for the CROC to be emitted in, attached an emitter, did a little wiring, and voilâ. Now, if one has a bomb like this, griefing is easy:

    1. If you have some newfags in your PSN friends list, who at the moment are playing LBP, join them.

    2. Ask them to go into create mode. If they refuse, keep asking.

    3. Invite as many other people as possible.

    4. Place the bomb.

    5. Trigger it. (I used a grab switch to trigger it, inverting it activated a piston that activated the timer. MAKE SURE THE PISTON TIME IS AT LEAST 30! That's exactly 15 seconds, ten of that you need to return to pod, five is the time you need to press return to pod in after having triggered it.)

    6. Return To Pod.

    7. Wait.

    8. ????

    9. PROFIT!!

    A 9/11 level.



    1. Join any server you want.

    2. Spam with as many blocks as you can before you get banned to destroy the map.

    3. ????

    4. PROFIT!


    1. Make yourself a hacked client.

    2. Join a deserving server

    3. Make friends with the members of the server while slowly building your arsenal.

    4. Destroy beloved objects of the server and make people angry until the Banhammer falls.

    5. ????

    6. PROFIT!

    Remember, this is best done in groups.

    Modern Warfare 3


    Portal 2

    In a game where teamwork is essential to making it through difficult levels, the possibilities of griefing are endless. PROTIP: Make sure the other person has a mic, otherwise it will not be lulzy!!! The easiest way to grief is to not do anything. Just sit back, relax, and watch as nerd rage piles up, especially if you already made it halfway through a difficult level. Other ways may include: killing your "partner", destroying the cubes/balls needed to pass the level, breathing into the mic, asking mind-blowingly retarded questions and generally being an all-around fuckwit who doesn't know what to do. If you're having trouble killing your partner, make the fucking hard-light bridge magically disappear when your "partner" is on it, or let a few turrets turn your "partner" into delicious swiss cheese. A pretty lulzy way is to keep hugging your "partner". Don't let him get away, but keep exclaiming that you and him are "best friends", in a very gay tone. Will result in rage. Last but not least, when you're on the loading screen thats exclaims: "Waiting for partner...", it is possible to press start, and go back to the Hub/Collaboration Course. Doing this before it can finish loading repeatedly (going back and forth between the Hub/Collaboration Course) can result in massive lulz, since the only way your "partner" can escape is if he quits the game or turns off his system.


    RuneScape was once a game where griefing was very easy, and very hilarious. But Jagex nerfed the game to make griefing VERY hard to do, or at least in the traditional way. At the same time, they made anything that was ever fun about RuneScape go away. However, griefing is still possible, and to do it easily, you gotta get a bit creative. I'm really not sure if they still do this anymore thanks to the nerfing, but give this a try. Make a Girl character, and get your fishing and cooking level up high enough to fish and cook lobsters. This isn't always necessary, but you may need this as proof that you can do so. Then go to the RuneScape forums and look for a Fishing group who takes orders from players. Most of the time, they are open to new people. Offer to join them, and offer to take one of the orders, but tell them that you don't have quite that many lobsters, but you're almost there. Try to pick an order that they need to get done the quickest. Now just do nothing, and wait for them to ask you if you are done yet, and keep telling them that you're almost done. If they get mad, accuse them of sexual harassment, and that you're going as fast as you can. Eventually when they are at the possible boiling point, accuse them of mistreating you and threaten to sue them. Note that this won't work as well if your character isn't a woman. See: sexism.

    Another way takes a bit longer. Ever since Durial321 went and PWNED a bunch of people in Falidor on 6/6/06, RuneScape players have been looking for ingame glitches that allow them to attack other players. If you manage to find one, go to a crowded area, preferably a place where people are selling shit, and pwn all of them, pillaging any decent items they have, and depositing them in your bank account when your inventory is full. Remember, the more items you pillage, the better. When you are done with pwning, just log off. However, if you do this at a time which Jagex decided to finally remove the "fair" trade system, switch to world 1. Then teleport to Lumbridge, and start yelling "FREE STUFF!", and give it all away to the noobs there before they ban your account, this way, they will have a real confusing time giving all the stuff back, if they even bother. If all goes well, your epic raid will look like this:

    Second Life

    Find a like-minded individual and request any sim-fucking weapon. Rename it "Rocket Car" or "Bubble Gun" and give it away to noobs at sandboxes. Or, use it yourself in furry areas. Or maybe send out flying dicks for DMCAs...

    Shattered Horizon

    Shattered Horizon is one of few multiplayer games where "Friendly Fire Enabled" is the norm for most servers, and not the exception. With more ways to score one-hit kills than most games of the genre, and with gamemodes boasting aggravatingly long respawn times, it's easy to make a mess of any match.


    An example of a great place to grief in JumpMaze. All it takes is one person standing on one of those torches to fuck everyone else up.

    Skulltag is a shitty source port for playing Doom and Doom 2 online. While it supports some pretty cool mods, there are only a few that people actually play, and the few people who do play it are faggots, jews, niggers, and role playing basement dwellers who can't go a single match without creating some kind of gay anime or furry related back story to go with it. Still, the few mods that are hosted on servers offer a tone of griefing opportunities, the most lulzworthy and popular of which are Ghouls vs. Humans AKA (GvH) and Jumpmaze.

    Ghouls vs. Humans is a shitty wad where one team plays as a group of humans. They can choose to play as either a cyborg, a hunter, a ghost buster (because the guy who made it couldn't come up with anything else), or a marine. The other team plays as a bunch of scary ghost things named Jitterskull, Sjas, Creeper, and Choke. The human's objective is to sit in a corner and get raped by the ghouls while bawwing about how overpowered the ghouls are. The best way to grief on GvH is to just play as the creeper. The creeper is a really small ghoul that has a shitty attack that instantly kills humans in one hit and makes them shit their pants, but misses all the time. Most of the maps for GvH have extremely small alcoves meant to give the creeper places to recharge his alternative attack which freezes humans in place, or set up ambushes. However, they also making good tools for griefing. Simply join the ghoul team as a creeper and hide in one of said holes or some place the humans never go. The best part about this is that most servers prevent the dead players and spectators from talking to the people still alive, so there's no way they can warn the humans about it. This also works fairly well with Sjas as well. Sjas flies around and screaming as he moves, but when he stays still he turns partially invisible and shuts his whore mouth. Simply fly to the top of the map or again, somewhere nobody goes and wait for the rage quitting to begin. They may try to vote kick you though. This is where it comes in handy to have a few friends. Only one vote can be called at a time so all you really need to do is get your fellow griefers to help clog up the vote system so that nobody else can call a vote.

    Jumpmaze is much simpler. It's basically a mod where the players go around jumping from platform to platform. Most of the time it's just extremely tedious and frustrating, especially where you're on a map that sends you all the way back to the beginning of the map if you fall. A lot of the maps have sections where you need to jump or move across extremely narrow beams. Simply stand on one of these beams and enjoy the sweet sounds of rage. They may try to knock you off but you really don't get any weapons on the maps for the most part so the most they may be able to do is knock you back an inch or two.

    Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 2 is very well-known for having griefers. Not only can you spam voice emotes ingame ("NEED A DISPENSAH HEAH NEED A DISPENSAH HEAH!") but, like many Valve games, you can spray an image onto walls for all to see. Some of these can even be animated - and we all know what that means!

    Posing as a friendly and having a Porn spray as a spy is a fairly good tactic for racking up kills. Simply spray the floor or wall where not many people travel, and when an unsuspecting person walks up to look at the spray... BACKSTAB!

    As a Medic healing is your forte, right? WRONG! You can heal spys disguised as your friends! When this happens, most spys will try to kill you, but you may find one that is willing to help grief and sap all your friends' buildings.

    Probably the most famous group of griefers in TF2 are TEAM ROOMBA, now known as 2fort2furious. They are the guys that brought this actually hilarious video series of griefing by not only using images, but by letting people go through doorways only if they answer a question correctly, gameshow-style.

    TEAM ROOMBA griefs TF2.

    They grief TF2 some more.

    World of Warcraft

    Being the largest MMORPG, World of Warcraft gives a griefer a lot of targets to choose from. The most famous and possibly greatest example is when an ingame funeral was held for a fallen player on a PVP server... and a guild called Serenity Now decided to strike.

    Some argue that this was a terrible deed, and that Serenity Now had no right to do this. But when considering this, one must also consider the following:

    1. The people who attended the funeral were Hordies, and the funeral was on ALLIANCE territory DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS. It was on Neutral territory.
    2. To top that off, they were stupid enough to throw this thing on a fucking PVP server.
    3. If the above weren't bad enough, they actually made a POST about this on the forums asking no one to mess it up.
    4. These people were pathetic enough to throw her an in game funeral instead of attending her REAL one.

    the retarded part isnt that they are doing the funeral at all, its that they choose to do it in a fucking pvp area.. AND announce it on the forums... the only thing surprising me is that only one guild attacked them


    KrazyKain, being sensible.

    This video made me start playing WoW


    THEGREG555, we should strive to be more like him.

    One still wonders if the poor girl dropped any loot when she went linkdead IRL.

    Worms Armageddon

    This isn't just Lemonparty: This is Lemonparty for Worms Armageddon.

    Worms Armageddon is another easy game to grief, especially if you aren't fucking retarded and can host a server. While the easiest way is through hosting a public server, there's another method for griefing as well, which mostly has to do with one of the game modes.

    First of all, hosting. It's not necessarily hosting the server itself. It has more to do with maps. To put it simply, making maps is easy. It's easy enough that a god damn idiot such as yourself can do is make a god damn picture in paint. While this may be a bit of a challenge if you're doing something a little complicated such as using your favorite gay porn picture as a map, it's fairly easy if you're just doing something simple, like drawing a picture of a guy sucking a cock. Even if you fail at that, the game comes with a retard proof in-game map editor that can be used for the same thing, though the results may not end up the same since it adds all sort of shit to make it look purdy.

    Second of all, there's the game modes themselves. Team mode is obvious. Kill the fuck out of your teammates. As soon as you get your greedy Hew hands on a concrete banana, drop that big ass mother fucking ass on your teammates and be sure to blame it on the wind because it totally blew that concrete faggot away from the other team right onto your teammates. If you have a super banana, find a spot where all your teammates are grouped together and just drop that shit right there on the ground, right on top of them. Chances are you and your teammates will be blown apart by the explosion.

    There's another mode that's pretty fun to grief called "Shopper". It's a gay gamemode where you don't start with any weapons and have to find crates to get weapons. It sounds like it'd be cool but there's a few retarded rules that ruin it:

    1. You can't attack unless you grab a crate first. Got a concrete donkey, armageddon, and 8 super bananas? Too bad bitch, go grab that crate on the other side of the map before your 20 seconds are up.
    2. You can't attack the person in last place if there's more then 3 people on. Why? Because that would be mean.
    3. If you have a weapon that can be used while using the ninja rope, you have to use it from the ninja rope. If you don't, that's cheating.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in people calling you a cow. Don't ask, I don't have any fucking idea why. It's pretty obvious what needs to be done though. Break the rules as often as possible.

    Ace of Spades

    1. Find a server (make sure it's not a protected server such as Goonhaven, Sham's little pony, etc...)

    2. Find a structure

    3. Destroy the bottom parts (physics involved)

    4. ???

    5. PROFIT!!!

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