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    Comment Did you know

    (Move log); 23:28 . . GreenReaper (Talk | contribs) moved Virgin to GreenReaper over redirect [redirect suppressed]


    His next victim...

    GreenRaeper GreenRapist is a total eccentric, head (mal)administrator of WikiFur, and well known furfag. He's one of those e-heroes that loves waving the banner for all the furries who are weak, helpless, obese and still virgins. He ain't no fucking William Wallace though. Instead of hiding behind shitty facepaint in a blockbuster movie, he likes to crawl behind his grotesque fursona, all the while treating the rest of the 'net like utter trash.

    He also likes to claim, probably falsely, to have a close association with King Jimbo of WikiLand, and does not hesitate to use his supposed “friends in high places” to win petty arguments over inconsequential shit, especially on Wikipedia and Wikia — where he is notorious for outing users and exposing them as trolls. One possible reason for this, which has been speculated over more than once, is due to him suffering from an urge to clean up the internets while keeping within Wikipedia's rubbery and flaccid “Choose your own Interpretation” rules via sophisms and quoting irrelevant Jimbo-isms, but the real motivation behind his overbearing need to rub his elite buddies in the faces of those who are unworthy of such famous company is, quite simply, because he is an ostentatious turd. A turd with fur, that is.

    GreenReaper and TOW

    The Wikipedia community has grown very tired of GreenReaper and his bullshit over the years. Most of his edits serve the purpose of promoting himself and his websites rather than improving the Wikipedia project, for instance he has written his personal website into several articles. However, his most annoying activity has been recreating the WikiFur article whenever he thinks that he will finally get away with it. To this day, it has been deleted three times each attempting leaving behind an AfD page filled with GreenReaper's childish behavior including canvassing for support on talk pages. He is also known to defend the practice of using Wikia as a reference, it's no wonder WikiFur is filled with "notable" vanity articles.

    Keep. What statements in the article cannot be verified? We've tried to keep it to the facts wherever possible. The majority of the current references are to wikia.com because that is where most of the information is. Only two of them are to WikiFur itself, though, and one of those is an announcement that could also have been referenced to the Wikipedia edit, or to a LiveJournal post. I thought it best to make a page for it on WikiFur where it could be given in context with later posts. Wikis aren't always great secondary references, but I don't see a problem with it being a primary one for itself. This article was deleted once, and rightly so, because it was badly written and the site was one month old. I think things have improved now. GreenReaper 02:20, 2 November 2006 (UTC)


    The Diva

    Here, GreenReaper gets called out on intentionally instigating drama, the post was soon deleted
    It was not a matter of making negative edits to this wiki. It was purportedly editing in a neutral matter while at the same time spreading shit on ED. I hope that is clear? :-)


    Deep down, GreenReaper is nothing but a sadistic bitch who will throw juvenile temper tantrums when things don't go his intended way. This has happened numerous times on Wikia, Wikipedia, and of course WikiFur. He also tries to act like a real reporter, but just copypastas articles from legitimate news sources. Anytime someone wants a neutral and un-biased article on Wikifag he immediately changes it back to suit his tastes.

    <GreenReaper> [...] career vandals are not wanted on WikiFur. They are banned, reported to their ISPs, and all evidence of their presence is removed.


    His idea of dealing with vandalism; we can only assume that several ISP's have him on the ignore list. The bit about the "presence is removed" is also total bullshit as demonstrated here and here.

    Infuriating mannerisms that GreenRaeper just doesn't get the fucking hint about

    I was an angry little norn. I'm less angry now, but still.


    —GreenRaeper on Wikia's New Style

    GreenRaeper, throughout the cyberwebs, has been noted to have a number of infuriating mannerisms that showcase his patronizing, sycophantic yes-man attitude towards all that is serious business.

    • GreenRaeper, funnily enough, is also totally and utterly frigid. In #wikifur, his wikia's IRC channel on freenode, he does not permit yiffing at all. Given the normal furry's usual fucklust, one just has to wonder whether he feels any connection with the fandom at all, and isn't simply hanging out with because he has no IRL friends.
    • What an attention whoring cunt. GreenRaeper, just like anyone else with a terminal case of unwarranted self-importance and shameless self promotion, feels the animalistic urge to whore out his Wiki. For example, here he decides to link to WikiFur, despite TOW having a vastly better article on LJ, and despite the fact that nobody gives a fuck about which furfag uses what.
    • GreenRaeper is also a known pedophile who has a insatiable lust for young boys in fursuits, whom he lures back to his hotel room at conventions, then proceeds to sodomize with a soldering iron for hours on end.
    • GreenRaeper is also from the UK and is in the U.S. on a work visa. ICE anyone?
    • He graduated from the University of Bath in 2004 with student award for being "Most likely to become a serial killer".

    GreenReaper kills WikiFur

    Nope, not even lens flare can make him look attractive. Good effort, though.

    Now, WikiFur had been on a steady downstream slope since 2008 or so. It was just apparent that furries no longer needed WikiFur when FurAffinity and e621 had already been documenting their drama for them. But of course, GreenReaper was not ready to let go of his dear website, and shamelessly tried to promote it all over the fucking place. Finally in 2010, one of GreenReaper's favorite people returned to WikiFur, a freedom fighter named Meepsheep. Now, long story short, GreenReaper banned him for no fucking reason. While his sysop crew were busy sucking up about his great work, one young furfag saw how much bullshit that was and decided to *gasp* question GreenReaper's decisions! Whilst repeating "how fucking dare she?" to himself, he replied with an inconclusive:

    To answer your more general question: contributors to WikiFur are expected to remain neutral, and actions which call this neutrality into question are problematic. We cannot assume you are editing an article about a person in good faith if you are also making fun of them over at ED (or elsewhere). I have blocked at least one editor for this precise activity in the past. You really need to make a choice – do you want to be known as a person who fairly and dispassionately reports on the fandom and those within in, or one who publicly documents the weaknesses and failings of fellow fans for your own amusement?


    GreenReaper, as his mental state deteriorates

    At this point, GreenReaper is preparing to purge his userbase of those dang dirty trolls that make valuable edits to his website! He immediately ordered his sysops to remove all lulz, even if it is actually important to the fandom.

    "The idea that everyone there is only there to criticize is inflammatory in itself", good, less reason to do it here by marking them as an EDiot


    —A WikiFur sysop on ED - but... but what about NPOV???

    Ultimately, a few admins ditched the project, Xydexx left (but that's probably due to dox), Sirius Orionis was rejected his 15 minutes of fame, and GreenReaper once more proved himself to be the biggest asshole on the net.


    Do I support dogfucking? I guess I don't really have a huge problem with people having sex with animals as long as it doesn't harm the animals. I wouldn't donate to the Dogfuckers Association, though. There's a difference between supporting and just not caring, which you don't quite seem to get. :-)


    —Proof that GreenReaper supports bestiality.

    Small fuzzy creature who likes cheese and carrots. Founder of WikiFur, and Editor-in-Chief of Flayrah.


    —His diet consists of whatever he can afford, as working the register at GameStop is not the most rewarding career.

    I think doing something that gave enjoyment to hundreds of people is worth mentioning as a positive thing.

    Few of us have the luxury of making goods that people want to buy.


    —GreenReaper on making zeta toys

    I must admit that the morality of allowing people to kill and eat animals while simultaneously forbidding sex with them escapes me. Perhaps one day a vegetarian majority will likewise look down on today's "unenlightened carnivores".


    Eating an animal is just as bad as fucking one.


    The beast himself About missing Pics
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