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    Grawp has become an unfunny one-trick pony.
    By YOUR powers combined, I am Captain FAGGOT!


    —Grawp, 23 May 2008

    File:Sym grawp.jpg
    Grawp about to engage in an act of incest with his brother, Karl Marx Hagger.
    File:Grawp propaganda.jpg
    A common image used when /b/ is conscripted to fight Wikipedia.
    Grawp giving some friendly advice to the citizens of /b/.
    File:Rubeus Hagrid.jpg
    King of the personal attacks.
    File:Grawp account creation lol.JPG
    lol account creation trolling

    Grawp is Wikipedia’s foremost page-move vandal, and has taken the position that Willy on Wheels previously occupied, and far surpassing him. Like all sequels, he is tougher, faster and has more devious ways of wasting the time of and harassing sysops on TOW. He has used countless sockpuppets, and uses every single one to make numerous page-moves, topped off at the end with a personal attack in the unblock request, like the cumshot that ends a porno. It is believed that he is an Americunt and edits on open proxy, therefore cannot be pwned by IP directly. He is also a Harry Potter fanboi as evidenced by his username, and his edits tend to reflect an interest in other fandom crap such as Dungeons & Dragons, although he clearly gets laid more than Wikipedians do, as proven by this, and claims to have a massive cock. All of this adds up to him being one of the Wikipedia sysops’ most hated vandals, especially given his purported status as a major ladies’ man, much to the envy of Wikipedos.

    Epic Vandalism

    His career began in September 2007, and he wanted to promote how much he loved his brother, hence him moving all pages to HAGGER??????????? and HERMY??????????? for the lulz. Although he was relatively unfunny at that point, his editing style shows a clear pattern towards the fact that he is probably either an EDiot, a /b/tard, or both (latest news has confirmed that he is, in actual fact, both). He also reverts legitimate edits as vandalism.

    He has succeeded in getting many pages protected due to repeated recreation of deleted material and has even had the high honor of being recognized in the MediaWiki title nigger list. So much for “denying recognition”! His vandalism is permanently visible in the logs, for example such as here when they were pwnt epically with goatse and LOL WUT, often with the help of a bot, to cause the browsers of Wikipedia sysops to crash, creating an epic win against them. His vandalism logs are often used to make statements about culture, politics or society, such as here, in the names of the pages he moves them to. He also always tells users to visit the GNAA website which crashes your computer.

    Past life

    Main article: JarlaxleArtemis

    In a past life, Grawp (real name Jeremy David Hanson) was the Wikipedo JarlaxleArtemis, a user who was frequently banned because he couldn’t play well with others and picked fights with Linuxbeak. As a result of his antics, he was a repeat visitor to Wikipedia’s e-Court. Jarlaxle also despised the TOW administration and had no problem making his feelings clear to them.

    To achieve his aims, he did vandalism. Mission Accomplished.

    Well, not really. He got this page made about him that outted his first middle and last name, birthdate, school, and more information than even Daniel Brandt could uncover. He kept trying to blank the page to no avail. Eventually, the page became a talking point on Wikipedia Review for why Wikipedia administrators deserve outting, so Krimpet deleted it. (Krimpet would later restore and delete it again in a fit of bipolar pique.) Finally, in a fit of benevolence, the offending dox were baleeted by arch-nemesis Alison. He then left TOW only to return bigger, badder, and better as Grawp. Some argue that his vandalism rampage is a cover for the having one of the Top 10 Gayest Tabletop Characters as his username.

    Unwarranted Self Importance

    He takes his mission to a crazy extent, but he’s going it alone.
    Grawp's brother doing an impression of the HA! HA! Guy.
    Grawp attempts to pwn Sweet Eva’s ED page. This will always be a failure, because despite his efforts at Wikipedia, ED will nail this cunt to the ground because ED does not tolerate that shit like Wikipedia does.
    When pwning Wikipedia with Goatse and LOL WUT, a retarded Wikipedia sysop on the administrators’ noticeboard thought that the LOL WUT image featured an avocado instead of a pear. Also, there’s eleven consecutive posts, not twelve, due to TOW’s two-hundred-megabyte-per-page limit.
    Identified again.

    Grawp has a tendency to let things like this ED page get to his head. He has sought to spread his name by using his HAGGER??? move vandalism on the Insurgent W/i/ki, and spams links to this ED article on the various /b/s out there. The mods only smile and delete all posts, as his powers stop at the border of Wikimedia and Futaba. If anything his imageboard spam, coupled with his attacks of anon wikis, makes him look pathetic despite his win on Wikipedia. However, it should be noted that Kakama5 is also rather butt-hurt about his pathetic little wiki being ræped to such a great extent.

    In particular, Grawp needs to realize when spamming /b/ that Anonymous is not his personal army, and repeatedly asking /b/tards to vandalize Wikipedia is a form of cancer. Yet in spite of /b/ not being his personal army, it sure does act like one. This was proven at a TOW CheckUser case in which Grawp was found to have spammed the shit out of 4chan and possibly other chans with requests like “Please go to http://wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=B&action=edit&oldid=204349478 (b0rked link, do not click) and click ‘’Save page.’ ” In this, Grawp is actually a successful troll because he gets masses of mindless anons to replace the featured article with HAGGER? and also causes massive butthurt to Wikipedia admins who really cannot cope with the epicness of Grawp. This is because contrary to common belief, Anonymous are just sheep who are part of a cult that is just as dangerous as the Co$ and will do whatever someone who is smarter than they are tells them to (well, the newfags at least—the old anonymous is a tougher nut to crack). It is under debate as to whether the lulz generated by the cancer is beneficial in the long run.

    He also lol’d when Jack Merridew was pwnt for abusive cockpuppetry, and hates the checkuserfag Thatcher with a vengeance, because he automatically blocks Grawp socks. You can help by creating as many accounts as possible then donating them to Grawp, like the dream life of a serial masturbator making money by donating his semen to lesbians who want to get pregnant, which both spreads his genes and he doesn’t have to take responsibility for the consequences.

    Grawp is living proof that when Jimbo said that allowing anyone to edit as one of the core principles of Wikipedia, it won’t work like Jimbo said it would. Jimbo made the analogy of sitting near strangers in a restaurant. Yes, they can kill you with that steak knife if they want to, but that doesn’t stop people going out to restaurants, does it, so why should it stop a freely editable website being successful? The reason is people like Grawp. People behave OTI differently than they would in real life, hiding behind their anonymity. However, recent research has suggested that the evidence points to Grawp being a genuine Mmbabies in real life, who would stab you with that steak knife given half a chance whilst screaming a battle cry of “HAGGER???????????????????.” Therefore Wikipedia is actually doing the wider world a favor by keeping this nigger animal sitting in a chair harassing people OTI than going out and committing IRL vandalism, or murder.


    File:Urban Rose.jpg
    This chick was concerned about Grawp, and contemplated getting his ISP to cut off access for abuse. Grawp reacted to this by telling her “I jacked off to the photograph of you that used to be on your user page!” See her page for moar delicious drama.
    Moar lulz at the administrators’ noticeboard. Reality check: it’s cocksucking pieces of shit (i.e. everyone who contributes to Wikipedia) who are the sheep, not Grawp.
    Grawp has recently taken to replacing popular pictures used in Wikipedia articles with shock images, in combination with his GNAA tactics, personal attacks, page move vandalism and attempts to crash administrators and vandal-fighters’ browser windows. All things considered, Grawp is a vandalism juggernaut who can be most aptly compared with the Axis Powers in Europe circa 1941.

    It is true however, as we all noticed, that it’s not just Wikipedia that Grawp has a problem with. He seems indeed to be a misanthrope, who will use maximum force to destroy and corrupt as much as he can on any wiki he can find. An example of this is the obscure wiki CorpKnowPedia, which long ago died a painful death due to spambots, eating up its remains like maggots feasting on a rotting corpse. Despite this, Grawp is like the vulture who is man enough to challenge the little maggots at their own game, and thus CorpKnowPedia’s festering remains have been pwnt with HAGGER???????????? everywhere and even the spammers are wary about touching it now, because HAGGER????????????? damages the reputation of the bullshit they are spamming. CorpKnowPedia is also famous for having an AFD debate about it, whereas it’s one of at least 9,000 articles that quite easily met the criteria for speedy deletion yet got debates, anyway.

    Grawp Quotes

    Proof that Grawp will vandalize anything, regardless of whether anyone reacts or not, rendering “deny recognition” moot. Like the concept of deep ecology suggesting that the world’s environment is more important than us, to Grawp vandalism is the ultimate end in itself.
    Grawp toys! You can buy them online too! Note that those strong arms have several uses, including making sure women cannot get away, and lifting up over 9000 Wikipedia pages and throwing them in an athletic way as far as possible and in all directions, then laughing at watching the Wikipedia admins scrambling to pick them up before it’s too late, and he’s at it again.
    “I fapped to nude pics of the first lady of France!” — Grawp
    Angela Beesley sucked my cock once, and I licked her tits. Yup, I had an affair with her while she was still with Tim Starling!” — Grawp
    Grawp trolls the Wikipedia Reference Desk!
    Vandalism left unwatched for over an hour, a clear sign that Wikipedia is failing.
    Help fight the cause by donating moar sockpuppets to Grawp.
    Frustrated with not being able to move pages on The Sun’s website, Grawp does the next best thing.
    A textbook case of DOING IT WRONG, with worse spelling than that of a 13-year-old girl mourning the loss of Mitchell Henderson.
    I will never run out of sock puppets, you fucking faggot.


    —Grawp, to User:Thatcher after getting a sockpuppet account custom-made for him by someone on 4chan (Grawp-style spam is a bannable offense on 7chan and 420chan).

    Indeed, she is a sexy bitch. I’d like to ram my mаssive cock into her like there was no tomorrow.


    —Grawp on Amy Whinehouse.

    British people are all gay fags. Jolly good, dear boy, jolly good. I’m afraid I must be going now because it’s time for tea. Cheerio!


    —Grawp on the United Kingdom.

    A celebration of the deaths of many Britfags, causing much lulz because British people are highly gay


    —Grawp on the 7 July 2005 London bombings.

    Muhammad raped little children, and he was a known prostitute, aka male whore. He worshiped Satan and sacrificed babies in his name. Muslims are terrorists and should be shot. There is no such thing as Allah. Get used to it.


    —Grawp on Islam, telling it like it is.



    —Grawp on Heath Ledger and why he died alone.

    My name is Urutapu because I like to go poopoo and shit and then eat my shit and smear my face with my own shit and shit my shit out again and repeat the process because I’m a freak who likes shit.


    —Grawp using intentionally immature language to deceive Wikipedos of his true intentions.



    —Grawp on horses.

    Something most Wikipedians shall never have.


    —Grawp on sex.

    France is being overrun by Muslims and niggers, so the Frenchmen flee to Quebec, where they battle abominable snowmen and say “eh?”


    —Grawp on the future formation of Eurabia.



    —Grawp on Mario.

    Linda Mack, known on Wikipedia as “SlimVirgin,” is an intelligence agent for MI5 and was involved in the Lockerbie airplane bombing investigation.


    —Grawp on SlimVirgin.

    Writing multiple novels read by hundreds of thousands of people demonstrates notability.


    —Grawp, combating deletionist scum by removing “notability” tags.

    Eliot Spitzer didn’t even do anything wrong. Prostitution should be legal. If a woman is fucking hot and great in bed, she deserves to get paid. After all, it’s better than having sex and NOT getting any money! This philosophical statement was given by me, Grawp, in order to combat oppressive “morality” laws imposed by idiotic religious zealots. If you disagree with this fact, please go to http://blocked.on.nimp.org


    —Grawp on Eliot Spitzer and him being caught being a client of a hawt prostitute.



    —Grawp on Wikipedia’s articles about Project Chanology and Anonymous (group).

    Grawp think AIDS a good thing. Human population too high. Not good for giants. AIDS lower population. Make world a better place. Getting rid of AIDS bad. Make world population too big.


    —Grawp, on AIDS.

    Mike Godwin is the gay lover of disbarred lawyer Fred Bauder. He sticks his tiny dick into him and gets jiggy with it. The semen then spurts out into Fred’s ass, giving him much pleasure.


    —Grawp on Mike Godwin.

    What the fuck is wrong with polygamy? I’d love to have multiple wives. Damn government, always ruining everything.


    —Grawp, on the culturally enforced norm of eschewing polygamy.

    Pwned epically throughout history


    —Grawp, on Poland.

    Paul McCartney is a pedophile who likes to fuck little boys and squirt his cum into their mouths and anuses.


    —Grawp, on Paul McCartney.

    Dick Cheney is a child molester. He abused his children; that’s why his daughter turned out to be a lesbian.


    —Grawp, on Dick Cheney.

    This bitch used to be fucking hot. I used to fap to semi-nude pictures of her. Now she’s fucking ugly, and I can’t stand the sight of her.


    —Grawp, on Britney Spears.

    there have been no deaths in the 2008. while very strange scientists have concluded a point where humans will leave forever. no one will ever die ever again.


    —Grawp, on death.

    Grawp displays considerable distress at being unable to find his brother Hagrid, whom he calls “Hagger.” He also remembers Hermione, calling her “Hermy” (a shorter form suggested by Hagrid because he felt Grawp wouldn’t be able to pronounce the full name).


    —From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia! Actual extract from TOW’s Grawp article (merged into the Rubeus Hagrid page).

    Serious Business

    Grawp intellectually checkmates TOW by stating correctly that it is being used for spying, unlike Encyclopedia Dramatica.
    File:Personal army.PNG
    Contrary to popular belief, /b/ is, in fact, a personal army.
    File:Cluebot grawp.jpg
    Wikipedo's Cluebot thinks grawp is serious business.
    The result of having this ED page.
    Couldn't we just find out who this is once and for all and have someone beat him comatose with a lead pipe? I know: wishful thinking, but everyone has dreams...


    —HalfShadow 05:23, 9 June 2008 (UTC)

    Or arrange a "disappearance" and hope he can swim with cement shoes on...


    —-Jéské (v^_^v E pluribus unum) 08:05, 9 June 2008 (UTC)

    Grawp's determination to infuse the staid, boring realm of Wikipedia with delicious entropy has generated a considerable amount of rage among its admins. There’s a likelihood that the faggots at Wikipedia are going to make a serious attempt at contacting Grawp’s ISP for long term abuse, as set out in this manifesto. However, it is believed that Grawp is too hardcore for such elementary tactics and will continue to provide lulz for a long time to come on Wikipedia. It is also believed that Urban Rose has reacted to this ED page by removing personal information and a photograph of her, which will remain on ED longer than Fred Phelps’ idea of how long Heath Ledger’s stay in Hell will be.

    It is also known, however, that there is another vandal of not nearly the same stature—Headstrust (in actuality, an account created by Grawp before he was known as “Grawp,” as he has been editing Wikipedia since January of 2005). He, along with Molag Bal, has been showing behavior that imitates that of Grawp recently, to the extent that the wikifags can’t even determine whether it’s the real Grawp, or just a body double. However, the real Grawp is cool with Encyclopædia Dramatica (and is a regular contributor to this page) and any vandal spamming ED with Grawp-style vandalism is most likely not the real Grawp.

    Another serious issue raised came about when Grawp, like Daniel Brandt, has said that Wikipedia is being used for spying. The website shows a map of the world, and records IP edits that take place and shows the location they are taking place in. Although Wikipedia may seem a welcoming place full of familiar pop culture subjects, do not be deceived - edits there leave a trail that someone can follow to come back and hurt you using. Wikipedia is simply not a safe place to edit, unlike Encyclopædia Dramatica.

    Grawp’s method of spamming 4chan also highlights a vulnerability—both of Wikipedia itself, a useless mass of shit masquerading as something of value, and that of the supposedly anonymous editors themselves. For example, when anons are told to vandalize a page with “HAGGER???????” some of them actually do it, and not only that, they do it wrong, as in here. This user’s WHOIS information, revealed to absolutely any internet user by Wikipedia, gives anyone the ability to contact that anon editor’s ISP, which is just one reason why we should go down with the tyranny of Wikipedia nao. The other is that Wikipedia is a dangerous cult that is on a par with Scientology for those who become involved with it, and Grawp is a freedom fighter against the playboy, womanizing encyclopedist Jimbo’s goal of world domination, funded by his slaves, much as with Scientology - donating to Wikipedia is more than paying “tithes” to a church; Wikipedia is a more powerful religion than Christianity that Grawp is fighting against.

    Also, Wikipedia anti-vandalism tools all have gay names, like “Huggle” and “Twinkle,” so when the slaves to Wikipedia install these programs they are being humiliated by their servitude AND by calling them gay names. Grawp assaults this faggotry like a hot knife cutting through butter.

    From the Grawp-hating Wikipeon (now converted to the dark side of trolling) Urban Rose:

    You can help! Email Grawp here or here, create an account on Wikipedo Central, and give him the username and password.
    Urban Rose has seen this ED page, and is experiencing butthurt due to her picture being uploaded here. At ED, we are so kind as to not reveal personal information about her which is still in the revision history of her userpage and will soon be oversighted, mark my word. LOL ALREADY DONE

    Hi. I noticed that you just protected my talkpage, but there are no recent edits in the history. Was something posted there that was deleted from the history? I also noticed that you or someone else did delete some Grawp vandalism from the history. Thank you for the protection and for getting rid of the vandalism anyway.


    Urban Rose 21:49, 22 April 2008 (UTC)

    I deleted your user page and talk page because you were being targeted by revision-edit vandals; the deletion was to remove the revisions so that they couldn't be used to vandalize the page.


    —Jéské (v^_^v Karistaa Usko) 22:16, 22 April 2008 (UTC)

    I'm guessing that it's more of Grawp's work. I hope that the abuse report I working on against him turns up something.


    —Urban Rose 01:27, 23 April 2008 (UTC)

    It's not him - the same vandals were attacking your userpage with an unrelated one-sentence... proposition... but I wouldn't be surprised if he posted the link at that rat's nest.


    —Jéské (v^_^v Karistaa Usko) 01:29, 23 April 2008 (UTC)

    Grawp’s Legacy

    Grawp would be a formidable Pokemon. Unfortunately, he’s not one.

    A number of changes have been made to Wikipedia because of Grawp. Like Willy on Wheels single-handedly caused Wikipedia developers to create a feature called “autoconfirmation”—where an account has to be at least four days old to move articles, edit semi-protected pages, upload an image over another image with the same name, mark new articles as “patrolled,” etc.—Grawp has also inspired changes in MediaWiki technology. Due to Grawp’s rampant page-moving vandalism, Wikipedia now has a “title blacklist,” and auto-confirmation for an account has been increased so that accounts still have to be at least four days old, but they now need at least ten edits.[2],[3] Also, there is now an “action throttled” feature where non-admins can only move eight pages (not counting the attached talk pages) at a time. After moving eight pages, they have to wait about thirty seconds to move more. The throttle also applies to IP addresses and non-autoconfirmed accounts if they try to make more than eight edits in a quick succession.

    Furthermore, all of the chaos and havoc caused by Grawp during his page-moving sprees has resulted in some rather lulzy drama, as can be seen in the faggotry and whining here and here (click on “Show” to the right of “Threads about errors”), when the admins tried to stop Grawp (and failed miserably, of course) by editing the title blacklist page and ended up accidentally preventing all non-admins from creating any page anywhere on Wikipedia that had a space in the title (which included all user talk pages); this has happened at least three times so far. Because the only requirement for becoming an administrator on TOW is the ability to suck the Cabal’s cocks, it comes as no surprise that incompetent shit like this occurs in the first place.

    Grawp, with the help of some rather dimwitted TOW admins, has also managed to considerably slow down—and sometimes even freeze—the entire English Wikipedia database a few times, resulting in nobody being able to edit or make any changes to Wikipedia (King Jimbo is also partly to blame, as he spends most of the money Wikipedia makes from donations on private jets and hookers instead of Wikipedia’s servers). This occurs when a page with several thousand revisions is deleted and/or undeleted in response to Grawp’s vandalism purposefully ([4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12] [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18], [19], [20], [21]) or by mistake ([22], [23], [24], [25], [26], [27], [28], [29], [30], [31], [32], [33], [34], [35]).

    Another feature has been added because of Grawp called “global blocking.”[36] This feature is used to block IP addresses from editing all Wikimedia wikis except Meta, including their own talk pages. Grawp was the first person to be globally blocked; however, he can easily get around this minor obstruction by simply using proxies. More upgrades in reaction to Grawp include separate expiry times for edit and move protection to pages[37] and a new option for administrators to disable the ability for a user to edit their own talk page when blocking (without having to resort to protecting the talk page).[38] Also, the title blacklist now prevents redirecting pages to blacklisted titles, and replacing all the page content with a small amount of text sometimes no longer makes an automatic edit summary, as can be seen by comparing the edit summaries of these two edits: [39], [40] (yet some still do work [41]).

    File:Epstone pwnt.PNG
    Werdna is seriously pwnt.
    File:Epstone pwnt2.PNG
    Grawp’s logs on Werdna’s test wiki
    File:Epstone pwnt3.PNG
    This was at the bottom of every edit and upload page.
    File:Epstone pwnt4.PNG
    Grawp’s logs on Werdna’s anti-religion wiki
    File:Epstone pwnt5.PNG
    Grawp wars with Az1568, a Meta-wiki admin.

    For one night, Grawp took over two wikis owned by Wikipedo admin Werdna, who was using them to test a new feature called the abuse filter, which he designed primarily to stop Grawp and other page move vandals, although ironically the testing ground for this feature ended up being abused in itself. Due to Werdna’s extreme naïveté, Grawp became a bureaucrat (one step higher than an administrator) instantly upon registering an account at one of his wikis. He then gave himself global sysop, steward, checkuser, and bot rights on that wiki and another wiki on which Werdna was testing his ultimate weapon against Grawp, the “abuse filter.” Grawp globally locked all accounts that were already registered on Werdna’s wikis and stripped them of their powers, including Werdna (Andrew), Alison, Kylu, and Cometstyles (Warpath). Soon, he invited other EDiots to his new wiki and showed them how to become god-accounts like himself. Grawp and the EDiots’ reign of terror came to an end when Werdna came back online and locked the database. He then deleted the anti-religion wiki and reset the entire database of the test wiki.

    It seems that Grawp has also managed to get a Wikipedo blocked by inadvertently using the same IP address as him.[42] Lol, Wi-Fi.

    HAGGER!!!!!!!!! If Grawp, or the "1000s of socks" guy, had to make 20 good edits with each sleeper before he could activate it, we would probably see a decrease in vandalism, or at least an increase in helpful typo corrections...


    Thatcher 23:15, 7 May 2008 (UTC)

    All this means, though, is that Grawp and others will just undo twenty edits from RecentChanges, without regard to whether that is reverting vandalism or reverting good faith edits, then go on a HAGGER???????????? spree.

    Harry Potter is real. Lucius Malfoy is real and on Wikipedia, too. Well, after the events of Harry Potter 7, Hermione used her wand to make a laptop huge so Hagrid's little brother could use it in hopes he'd gain some education and when Grawp found Wikipedia they hoped he'd learn things, but Grawp being not so bright has been making bad edits. I think Hermione or Hagrid got the real Grawp to stop but then 4chan and ebaumsworld immitated.


    LamontStormstar, Wikipedia Review poster, June 14, 2008

    Speaking of Grawp, he and his buds really hammered Werdna's wiki tonight. They've pretty-much trashed the place. It's like leaving your back door open when you're away and having a troupe of howler monkeys come visit. Basically, he's de-sysopped everyone, gained global steward rights, checkusered everyone (got my IP address, dammit. Ah well, here's another) and has free rein of the place. Werdna's going to have to shell in, lock the db and do a restore. It looks like Werdna had a separate wiki attached to it and had left default accounts wide-open allowing steward access to anyone. Grawp logs in and pwns it. Simultaneously impressive and a frickin' nuisance. I'd just cleaned up the earlier mess - ah, well



    The End?

    Lolwut. The real Grawp is not that fat. A clear case of some faggot trying to get that FFA into action.
    A statue of Grawp was erected to commemorate his page moves.
    Sceptre getting butthurt over Grawp.
    File:Wikipedia block log.PNG
    Grawp pwns Wikipedia with user names, causing them to rename several of these accounts.
    File:Wikipedia rename log.PNG
    The aforementioned renamed accounts.
    File:Persian Poet Gal block log.PNG
    Grawp trolls Wikipedia with user names once again.
    File:Wikipedia UAA.PNG
    A user name patroller reacts to Grawp’s user names.

    Wikipedia admins are now at the stage where they’re sick of hearing about Grawp. Their method is “revert, block, ignore.” Grawp, meanwhile, seems to be running out of sockpuppets. Could this epic lulz-fest be coming to an end?

    Regarding a certain page move vandal to be remained nameless...

    I brought it up in another thread that you are being trolled, and Jackaranga made a similar comment in the latest thread. Your zealousness inadvertently feeds the trolls.

    Why I understand your desire to have said vandal stopped, what I and others are expressing to you is that you can't stop the single user, because it is not a single user. It was an idea brought up by someone in 4chan and is copycat vandalism. IPs will span the globe and in definition. Each thread that is dedicated to the vandal gives 4chan as well as the other source you mention for information the “lulz” they operate on. It is not hard to revert, block, ignore. Time and experience has shown this to be true. Deny recognition, because endless hunts and abuse reports will only excite them more.

    Once again, thank you for your efforts. They are not in vain. But further threads and revelations of socks, sleepers, and IPs are actually what these users game you with. Seriously, it is fun for them. I know it is hard to turn the other cheek, but you should.


    —Keegan 07:05, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

    That is why I honeypot my talk page - the IPs participating in the type of shit I got yesterday find it an irresistible target, which allows me to shut them down for three months apiece, removing another attack route. And when I do block, I almost never retort with a snide comment - I usually block without fanfare and apply the Anonblock template with same. I have brought it up before at WP:AN, and I will say it now: SHUT UP AND STOP FORUM-SHOPPING TO GET HIM/THEM SANCTIONED.


    —Jéské (v^_^v Karistaa Usko) 08:11, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

    So how in the future should I respond to having come across lists of socks that need to be blocked? Would it be better if I contact an admin via email than creating a thread?


    —Urban Rose 13:11, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

    That would probably be the best route, particulary try to contact one that has knowlege of the situation and/or IPs. You really have done a good job in taking on the monster, but there is only so much that can be done. Happy editing to you.


    —Keegan 15:54, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

    Whilst the butthurt Wikifags cannot do anything about the revision-edit vandalism from 4chan, they are starting to close in on Grawp’s page move vandalism on the English Wikipedia…but hey, that’s a point…have non-English Wikipedias and other Wikimedia projects had their own taste of HAGGER????? yet? Wikia? We shall see.…

    (Actually, other Wikimedia projects have felt Grawp’s wrath already, as have Uncyclopedia, and Non-English language Wikipedias. A good place for Grawp to hang out would be “Proposals for closing projects” page at the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki, in which the Moldovan Wiktionary, which was made by butthurt Moldovan nationalists who can’t accept that their language is the same as Romanian, could be epically pwnt with cries of “HAGGER????????.”)

    The anti-lulz could also be reversed by you, reading this page, imitating Grawp. You could create an account, wait seven days and make twenty small edits to articles (the required limit for page moves), then launch an assault on them with multiple Firefox windows open and the pages to be moved to at the ready. Note the title blacklist and “HAGGER” as it stands cannot be used, although Character Map can be used to get lookalike characters to allow HAGGER to slip through. However, Grawp also is known for inventive titles that he moves them to, so a degree of creativity is required to result in a beautiful page move vandalism log—imitating Grawp truly is an art form.

    Wikipedians believe that Grawp’s reign as the king of page move vandalism has finally ended after he was denied by Wikipedia and all his socks and categories were deleted. The results of this are yet to be seen, although some argue that sticking your head in the sand is not a viable defensive strategy. However, as the admins devote more time to fixing the exploits in MediaWiki that Grawp uses than actually contributing content, Wikipedia has effectively been trolled for life.

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