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    File:Gravitation fact.jpg
    Einstein's review on Gravitation
    This makes you moist.
    two in one, oh boy!

    Gravitation is to yaoi what Evangelion is to everything else EVER, except Evangelion is twice as gay and Gravitation doesn't have as many collectible figurines of 14 year-olds in bathing suits and maid dresses.

    Gravitation single-handedly revolutionized the world of yaoi for American fangirls, because of it's use of a protagonist so close to their own gender, it's basically like watching a really mediocre straight shoujo manga. ONLY, IT'S REALLY UNIQUE BECAUSE THE GIRL HAS A PENIS. WHICH MAKES IT GAY. See the clever use of allcaps? That is an artistic representation of the average Gravitation fangirl. Loud. Obnoxious. Tearing into the flesh of those who claim Gravitation is anything less than orgasmic with their yaoi paddles and corncob dildos. If you know a fangirl, chances are they love Gravitation. Heck, you should give it a try, too. Especially if you are considering a final solution.

    Seriously, this shit is one of the worst anime ever produced, right after that one about the ass pirates. However, there are lulz to be had in this sandy pit of a fandom. Do read on.

    The characters

    • Shuichi Shindou: A whiny, annoying, clingy pink-haired closet furfag who is also a rock star, in the techno band 'Bad Luck.' (Moar liek 'Sad Fuck' amirite?). He is actually really shitty at everything he does, including writing songs, which is how he got sent into a drunken tranny rage and met...
    • Hiro Nakano: Shuichi's bestest buddy, and surprisingly the only hetero in the entire show. He does the guitar, and claims he is LEAVING BAD LUCK FOREVER at least 100 times in the entirety of the show and the manga it was based on.
    • Ryuichi Sakuma: Shuichi's musical idol, which must be where Shuichi got his faggotry from--this guy has the I.Q of a fruit bat and runs around in a fursuit all day, until he gets on stage and bukakkes all over the audience with his amazing talents.
    • Suguru Fujisaki: Token shota, only he's about as appealing as a bucket of rusty nails. He's the keyboardist in the band, or something, but nobody likes him because he doesn't put out.
    • Claude "K" Winchester: This American manager dude who packs heat, literally massacring Sad Fuck when they decide to dick off instead of make singles.
    • Tohma Seguichi: The head of black person-G Productions, who is also in a band somehow, and wears a pimpin' fur coat and hat to keep his brother in law Yuki in line. He is married to Yuki's sister, but has wanted to rape Yuki since he was 9 years old.
    • Sakano: Some kind of manager who wishes Tohma would dream of screwing him instead of Yuki or Yuki's hot sister.
    • Yoshiki Kitazawa: Yuki Kitazawa's younger brother who had a sex change to become a woman. He may or may not be giving Shuichi ideas.

    The anime vs. the manga

    To experience the full story of Gravitation, you will have to watch the anime for the music, the manga for the "story," and the official doujinshi written by author Maki Murakami for any actual buttsekks. The anime sucks major donkey balls, and the manga is so god-awful it's like reading chicken scratch with screentone. (Though the English dub is so painful it is funny.) It is because Gravitation is so mediocre and plotless that it attracts mediocre mindless fangirls, the lack of actual buttsekks is a non-threatening introduction into the world of gay porn for many a young fujoshi. Yuki's abusive interaction with Shuichi is every fangirls wet dream--this story is an inspiration to every young aspiring artist that they too can find a cynical asshole to fall in love with and try to change for the better.



    • Action: 0: The closest you'll come to seeing any action in the anime is when Shuichi fantasizes about being raped for 10 seconds (bondage included) in the OVA. Also watch for the end of the second OVA where you see the two in a compromising position.
    • Lulz: 10: Basically the only real reason to watch this show is to make commentaries on what a dumb, whiny, needy little bitch Shuichi is.
    • Furry Gayness: 20: Shuichi and Ryuichi alone have a vast multitude of fursuits, including cats, bunnies, capybara, otters, dogs, and many moar.
    • Regular Gayness:Over 9000

    The Remixes

    In order to toughen up her preteen faghag fangirls, Maki Murakami released a series of HAWT GHEY BUTTSEX!!! slashing every one of her characters together. Highlights of the series include being able to see Shuichi's internal organs and Yuki masturbating to his own shota rape and then having an incestuous threesome. Things like forced urination and ass beads and incest happens between the pages of this saga too hardcore for legit publication.

    External Links

    Gravitation Fanfic: This sums up what the show is about with 100% accuracy.

    See also

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