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    Grace Note

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    Grace Note, aka Dr. Zen, aka fuck knows how many other sock accounts, a bipolar secret Nazi lover and Fucker of Kangaroos, holds the glorified position of Wikipedia Review public enemy number 1, and is the mortal enemy of Malber who holds the number 2 spot. Ooh, sucked in Malber! And despite sucking SlimVirgin's cock for years, he's been fucking history on TOW since being forced out in late 2007. The suckvag still edits, but he ain't welcome anymores.

    This is the Dr. on a good day

    Who is Grace Note?

    If Grace Note does one more thing at all, then I am going to ban his ass for good


    Ambi on Grace Note

    Grace Note created the fake name of "Freddy Vessant" after reading about The Irish Phonetic Alphabet, where it says "F for Vessant". He combined this with the Wheel of Fortune saying "F for Freddy" to make "Freddy Vessant". Yet Grace Note protested that his real name was revealed by Mistress Selina Kyle so much that then Wikipedia Review chief administrator Blu Aardvark actually de-adminned Selina for daring to reveal Grace Note's "real name". Good on you for protesting your fake name, Grace Note. Here's a sticker.

    Grace Note first rose to prominence in protesting the secretive under the table ban of Poetlister. SlimVirgin had justified the Poetlister block by declaring that the whole lot of them were fucking neo-nazis, although she made sure that Jayjg was actually the one saying it. So Grace Note took this opportunity to leap to the defence of the one who he hated and defended SlimVirgin for all she was worth by declaring on Wikipedia Review that on top of all of the banned users being neo-nazi anti-semites, that Wikipedia Review founder Igor Alexander was in fact Amelikite who was in fact Alex Linder. To this day Grace Note insists that this had absolutely nothing at all to do with his being about to be banned, and that he really was a neo-nazi.

    Grace Note is famous for being far more insane than any suggestions of insanity about any of Wikipedia Review's members. Grace Note has accused Blu Aardvark, Qwerty, Lir, Selina, Blissyu2, and Somey of being holocaust deniers. He's gone thru loads and loads of sockpuppets, including "Golly Gee", "Donkey", "Ivor Longhorn" (especially on Usenet), "Buttplug Billy", and fuck knows how many others.

    Otherwise nobody, nobody, knows who the little shit actually is. He's used IP addresses to edit TOW that originate from the area of Australia's "Gold Coast" (Brisbane), which means he gets to live next to a beach full of homely women wearing Wicked Weasel nano-bikinis. So he probably masturbates continuously, like a sewage pump. If a sewage pump wrote bad poetry.

    Oh for days gone by

    I stopped enjoying trolling, because I could simply have written a bot to do it for me, and got the same results. I stopped having any thrill from writing, because I stopped hoping it would ever receive an audience. I stopped making music because it became clear to me that the outcome was embarrassing and awful. I have never enjoyed sex, but the realisation of how little I get from it grew to the point that I started thinking of it as something like eating -- which I do not enjoy at all, particularly given the paucity of things that are actually good to eat in this place. Even masturbation became boring, because I stopped being able to fantasise, and I had always enjoyed that. Now I cannot construct fantasies that I enjoy, only wan pictureshows that do not enliven, and seem unreal and unhappy


    Grace Note


    I need release

    I need my heart to stop beating I crave your touch because your touch was fleeting

    Do you believe in the possibility of love that's lasting it seems it dies and all that's left is pretending

    I need a kiss remind me that I am living a moment's bliss but life is unremitting

    Have you ever loved and lost your mind I have it was fine

    It's like a melody you heard and then forgot it but feel it sometimes lost on a wind blows up from nowhere once recognised it's gone.


    HOWTO:Grace Note

    Grace Note is a master of strawman fallacies, selective quotation and ad hominem attacks. Below is an example of how a comment on logical reasoning becomes OMG HOLOCAUST DENIER.


    Of course, it is a stretch of the imagination to believe that, but then again stranger things have happened. There's been too much evidence brought forward to suggest it really. But if you do believe that the holocaust didn't happen, it doesn't make you a racist, or an anti-semite. It might make you illogical, it might make you a bit stupid, but that in itself is not a racist sentiment." and "Whilst Hitler's tactics weren't quite the same, that was along the lines of what he was doing. It was manipulation. It was pushing people from the accepted facts towards racism and atrocities without really realising that they were doing it.

    Grace Note:

    Comments such as these are typical of Holocaust deniers, who maintain that Jews were placed into concentration camps for their political activities rather than their ethnicity, and that the bodies found at concentration camps were dead of "natural" causes and were not the victims of a deliberate program of extermination.

    At one point Grace Note decided to create his own forum for criticism of Wikipedia, to demonstrate that he was a real serious critic! Sadly, it never got beyond a sub page on Wikipedia[1], which he doesn't even link to anymore. It did, however, lead some to suspect that he might be the person behind Wikitruth.

    Grace Note is famous for giving Wikipedia Review credibility, by proving that no matter how insane its members are, they couldn't hold a candle to him.

    Moar Facts

    • Grace Note once impersonated Mistress Selina Kyle on ED, who then had to create her own account, User:TheRealSlimSelina (LOL, B&D).
    • Grace Note made a big song and dance that his "real name", Freddy Vessant, was released on Wikipedia Review, only to discover that that name was a fake internet alias.
    • Selina very briefly considered letting Grace Note become admin of Wikipedia Review, but was talked out of it (Very, VERY quickly) (LOL, BALEETED)
    • Grace Note now edits Encyclopedia Dramatica as User:Wert (LOL, B&D)
    • Grace Note was previously Dr. Zen on Wikipedia.

    External links

    • Grace Note's shitty blog. Go leave sunshiney comments supporting Grace Note's love of Nazism. He's a furry too--make sure you let him know of your love of Furry Nazi porn. The asshole's still updating it as of 2015.
    • [email protected] still works, troll for graet justice
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