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    Got my girlfriend to model for my car

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    My girlfriend is the most beautiful creature in the world. You guys don't know what you're talking about.



    "Got my girlfriend to model for my car (PICS)" is the subject line of the most viewed thread ever on Bodybuilding.com. It is also a term used by Body builders and douchebags to imply that they are better than the others on the workout gym they're in.

    On Nov 6, 2008, user GPx posted pics of his Doonesbury-eyed "girlfriend" modeling for his Acura Integra in the MISC forum. Although from the OP it was obvious that he is trolling, in only three days the thread ballooned to a 1,800 reply epic saga with photoshops and people making fun of the fugliest woman OTI, and over 4 million views from around the world, making it the forum's most popular thread of all time [1].

    As of December 1, 2008, the thread has been deleted. We all took myspace screencaps, but like grade-A morons it didn't occur to us to archive the OP. Fukken saved

    Thread timeline

    1. OP posts some pix.
    2. Someone says "first".
    3. OP posts second batch of pics, confesses to frauding in whitetext so most people don't notice.
    4. Plenty of people shit bricks.
    5. photoshops start.
    6. Second person claims to be Ellie's real boyfriend, posts what appears to be original content.
    7. n00bs from other forums come in.
    8. Ellie makes her MySpace private.
    9. Dude admits to not being her real BF [2].
    10. 4chan alerted, epic fail guy signs up [3].
    11. First white knights appear [4][5] [6].
    12. Forum infrastructure unable to deliver:


    13. Thread locked :(
    14. Thread deleted, lol.

    Meet Ellie

    The most beautiful thing in the world.


    Ellie bag over head.jpg


    MySpace screen shots

    At first, Ellie made her MySpace private. After another day of mockery and endless friend requests, she made her page public again. Lulz archivists hurried to take screen shots before she changed her mind again:

    Highlights from an entry

    • "NEWSFLASH: I don't care whichever you think!! Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that."
    • "How about....a ****in' life, people?"
    • "I must admit, the photo shopped pictures seriously made me laugh and forward them to some friends of mine. Kudos to you photo shop artists. "

    Sorry, "brah". Reverse psychology isn't gonna work this time.

    PROTIP: don't claim not to care what ppl think in the middle of writing a full page message. It's too obvious.

    Potable Quotables

    White Knighting for grade D pussy:

    I honestly think your very pretty. The random internet dudes who are all virgins, wish they could come close to a woman of your caliber


    —Jason Fattyfuck..

    I'm nobody's white knight, but the stuff was pretty fucked up, and I don't doubt for a second that you are probably pretty cool.

    You're a pretty damn good lookin' girl

    Fuck 'em.



    Stop your lying. You know damn well that you don't think that she's pretty. You're either tryin to hit that or cyber with her, though knowing what she looks like, you must be pretty desperate if you want either.

    People have to learn that if you post pics on the web, well, prepare for the worst.


    —Waiting For The Free Handouts

    Pwnt from the mouth of babes:

    you know what i think is ridiculous?

    the fact that you say all of those threads don't bother you, yet you adress them in TWO different blogs.

    quit pretending to be strong by telling people they're ignorant, you aren't hurting their feelings. ignoring the situation would be the thing to make you seem strong.

    im a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL and i realize this, but you don't? wow.



    One poster ventures a scholarly theory:

    Looks like she was sodomized by the ugly stick.

    And after the stick was done, he smoked a cigarette while he called over his friends, borderline disfigured stick and Jesus WTF is that stick. Then borderline disfigured stick and Jesus WTF is that stick double penetrated her anally while ugly stick throat fcked her.




    Fun facts

    • 50% of the thread is reposting.
    • When responding to the thread, quote the first post for extra lulz.
    • Everyone on bodybuilding.com says "brah".
    Gallery of fugly About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Archived Thread


    See Also

    External links

    • File:MY.gif Ellie's MySpace (set to private as of yesterday) Public again! Private once more. Public for 12thteenth time. Nope, Ellie is private again. PUBLIC! Make up your mind bitch. Public profile, but private pictures. Deleted.
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