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    Goon Squad

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    The catchall name for Goon guilds and communities in online games. It commonly refers to <Goon Squad> of Star Wars Galaxies, <The Goon Squad> of the World of Warcraft servers Kel'thuzad or Mal'ganis server, Goonwaffe (formerly Goonfleet) in EVE Online, and <Ye Olde Goon Squade> and <Flight Club> in the EverQuest II servers Antonia Bayle and Unrest, respectively.

    This goon has lvl 5 in cruiser and battleship command, but no girlfriend.

    Loser nerds playing shitty games together makes you stupid.

    Imagine if you will the Goons of Something Awful coming together to play online games in a clan-like fashion. Yes, it makes me sad inside too.

    This is in essence the Something Awful forums in game form, with just as much faggotry and painfully old memes being thrown around as you'd expect to find in the forums at any given time. In order to join a goon squad for any given game, it is a necessity that you are a goon, and sufficiently pro at the game in question. The largest of the squads base themselves around really great games, where in they make it their goal to ruin the game for all the other geeks playing it, and often abuse the game mechanics because of their large numbers to become very powerful.

    The Goon Squad method is as follows:

    1. Sign up for a shitty, pay-to-play social MMO.
    2. Act as anti-social as possible.
    3. Gloat over how much you abused the rules of a game that was designed soley to extract money from shut-in losers. Oh wait.

    It is ironic that this power comes with the fact that said Goons remain Goons and still wont ever get laid.

    Also sauce of epic butthurt. Dubbed as "virtual terrorists" who assault people with pink penises, kidnap people, kill their own mascot and furries and fuck the whole shit up. Business as usual. Still not getting laid.

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