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    This is what's known as a hole in one
    Another fine example of women in professional sports

    Golf is a "sport" in which old, white CEOs hit a tiny-ass ball with a stick across a big ass field of grass, dirt, and various traps. The pastime was birthed sometime in the 1800s, by Irish migrants to Canada as an abstaining alternative to sex, as the object of the game to hit the ball into a hole, by method of a stick. The game, like a healthy relationship before lovemaking, is divided into hours, days, months, and even years in some cases, a common question being "How much longer are we playing this fucking game?!" Basically Golf is a pussy non contact game, so it's mostly for faggots.


    Teach them early.

    Professional Golf

    File:Golf 04.jpg
    Sometimes, they get in. And get in with twelve women no less.

    That surely has to be different, right? Put it in a spectator sport and it's gotta be good!

    No. PGA and Professional Golf are as bad, if not worse than casual golf. Spectators must remain quiet for the entire duration, with an average of at least 6 instances of theft, rape, and murder occurring during the event.

    How to play golf

    This unfortunate golfer was probably senile, drunk (You can still drive these things?!), or just became an hero with the boredom of this sport.
    Make sure you've got the right balls for the job!
    • 0. Not be a black person. This is pretty basic.
    • 1. Buy a bag of clubs. Keep buying them until you can't count anymore, which will happen because you're already a dumbass for playing this game.
    • 2. Go to a public course and pay to play.
    • 3. Walk to the first tee, plant your ball and check the wind. Make sure to stand there for at least 5 minutes to look real knowledgeable about conditions, but not too long so that they realize that you don't want to make a false move and bruise your ego and their impressions of you.
    • 4. Select a club, preferably something large and sturdy.
    • 5. Hit the ball as hard as you can in a random direction.
    • 6. If you make it in, good job. That's some godly-ass luck you've got there. Proceed directly to PROFIT. If you don't, repeat Step 5 until you collapse for being the old, fat, piece of shit you are.

    Congratulations! You've wasted a perfectly good day doing nothing. I hope you feel better about yourself.

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