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    Godly Luck

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    Godly Luck was a minor, shitty forced meme on /b/ killed by the removal of #fortune. But, as we all know, /b/ will never die, as long as there is a Narutard that exists on the fucking board, faggotry will never cease to function.

    Easily impressed /b/tards always blame the mods for everything.
    Error Message fortune.png

    What the #fuck?

    It all began on October 3rd, 2007, which started out much like any other day at /b/, replete with the usual shenanigans and hijinx. However, as the day wore on it became quite clear to the /b/tards that something hinky was afoot with the ritual guessing of the #fortune game.

    On a 'normal' day, everyone knows that #fortune goes in all fields and that you will then randomly receive one of a handful of fortunes -one of which is "Godly Luck"- when you submit your post. Ergo, there's about a 1-in-5 chance that your fortune will be "Godly Luck".

    Newfags, who are easily entertained, will spend hours trying to guess their #fortune but when there was a sudden surge of #fortunefags repeatedly correctly guessing that their #fortune was "Godly Luck" Anonymous began to shit bricks; something was rotten in the state of Denmark.

    From an initial post where someone correctly guessed their luck, a screencap was made and again anon posted the screenshot and guessed "Godly Luck" with the fortune "Godly Luck". More and more were posted and d-mo's were made and used. Nothing could stop this powerful force.

    There can only be one explanation:


    It is believed that mods in fact started doing this to create a forced meme. Of course, only complete retards who don't know that people can delete their own threads right after they make one and try again believe this stupidity. Thanks to fast "Delete post" button clicking skills, Godly Luck was everywhere, and no one could stop it.

    Did You Know...

    Godly Luck goes in every field?

    Godly Luck
    is part of a series on
    the cancer that is killing /b/
    Sources [-+]
    Symptoms [-+]
    Forced Memes [-+]
    Treatment [-+]