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    God Mode

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    A little known fact about the purple-haired kid is that he was born with a dick on the back of his head, as is demonstrated by the author's idea of an IRL internet tough guy in pannel two. FAP!

    Every online webcomic is an unfunny snorefest of varying degrees. Sure, you got garbage like CTRL ALT Delete and VG Cats, but then you find things like God Mode. God Mode is the end result of combining the most untalented fucktard in existence with worst webcomic the internet can offer. Done by ace comedian and artist Ryan Kerns, each page has about as much humor and style as the Pain series. It follows the story of a bald protagonist who reviews video games. With him are some whores, some dumb guy who works there too, and a boss who's an animu tough chick with an attitude that beats up the male characters. Already starting off at the height of originality, most of the comics consist of Nintendo fanboys showing their ultra gaming knowledge, and the chain-smoking whore boss beating up the bald kid for getting an erection while playing Battletoads. God Mode was chosen by a panel of six judges as the cancer that is killing the internet. In fact, the only funny thing that has ever come from this violent mark on the internet is his good bye thread on his own forum, which the first page of comments were nothing but "This comic fucking sucked."

    New Leadership

    After being scared off by his lack of popularity, Ryan went on to photograph anorexic whores and cry himself to sleep. He was replaced by some other faggot Mexican named Raven Perez who actually has some degree of comedic talent in comparison. While the first comics were Skuee bad, these were only regular bad. Now, apparently, it's written and drawn by someone named Adrian Ramos, and the art has gotten worse and the writing horribly dull - way too dull to effectively mock.


    God Mode only started receiving some degree of attention after it was discovered by 4chan's /v/. Much like any other gaming webcomic, the strips were mocked from dusk till dawn. Unlike BALD edits and the 2-Panel trick used for CAD, Anonymous could do nothing to improve these horrid abominations. All Anon could do was stand by and read them, brain cells dying from speech bubble to speech bubble. But there was hope! /v/ proceeded in posting "Funnier than Godmode comics"! These consisted of stale jokes like "poop" and the sort. The mocking of God Mode by 4chan was the height of the comic's popularity. After Raven and then Adrian took over, Anonymous stopped caring about God Mode. In reality Anonymous never cared.

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    [Boring. Move on.Read me!]

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