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    Info non-talk.png For the real thing, see: Tedjesuschristgod


    Because the deities of religions don't attend press conferences and also refuse to show up in court (true story), many people debate their nature, like this. Is the nature of God to be the holy trinity of the father, the son, and the holy spirit? Or did Jesus never exist and he was an illusion implanted into people from spirits that Xenu brainwashed 75 million years ago?

    But starting in the 1980s, a new religious interpretation emerged, called GodJesus. GodJesus is a robot fortune teller that has the power of God and Jesus in him that allows him to tell the future. The toy is asked a question and would give an answer in a similar way to a Magic 8-ball. It was a 1980s toy sold in Japan, made by Bandai. It can also battle other GodJesus robots if the situation arises because it has a mighty cross in its hand.

    The meme, of course, is instead of saying God, Jesus, etc. you only say GodJesus.

    Most people saying this meme don't realize the most dramatic aspect is that if they said it in midevil (not medieval) times, the Catholic church would burn them at the stake for denial of the third aspect of The Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit). For instance, Chris-chan always says "God and Jesus" (aka. GodJesus) and well if you read Asperchu comics, there's a scene where he's set on fire. Of course, if you worship GodJesus, you're probably protestant anyway, like Jack Chick who makes comics where he Jesus and God are the same person.

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