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    100px Gloom is going to be fixed up later...
    So stay tuned!
    R1CH the Nazi gloom coder
    If you were looking for this, gtfo.

    Gloom is a Quake II mod that has been around since n00bs bragged about having 16MB ram in their screaming fast Pentium I computers. A team of spiders plays against a team of humans with a mission to completely destroy the other and their spawn points.


    Aliens and humans have 8 classes that have different abilities. The real object of this game is to see how quickly you can kill off your teammates, or 'TK' without getting banned. The most successful way of doing this is pretending you're a n00b and standing in their way or intercepting their rockets so they take the credit for blowing your team up.

    Now has a gloom map dedicated to 4chan, called partyvan. File:Seats.jpg



    Noobs often ask this
  • The Beginning: Gloom started before the year 2000. It was created by a coding team called Team Reaction which broke up after the first one came out of the closet. See: gay. Shortly after that, R1CH was rewarded with the source code after being the only one to give them all blowjobs. During this time, only one big American server existed. It was named OneCall because it was hosted on OneCall server hosting. This was provided free of charge by somebody who worked there.
  • The Tyranny of R1CH! Years went by and R1CH got bored just looking at homosexual porn so he decided that tinkering with various settings in the game and uploading them to the server was the best idea. It went on like this for years and people hated them or they loved them. Most of them eventually quit because of a long period of shitty changes and never listening to anybody's suggestions.
  • Fuck you R1CH! One day an angry European kiddie with a botnet decided to DDOS this main gaming server. This cost the company a whole bunch of money and downtime so they were forced to take it down after it happened a second time. This lead to America having no 40 player server so many people quit and moved on. There were people who tried to catch and reason with this script kiddy. None of the attempts have turned up successful.
  • The Tyranny of Echon! Several months later, Echon, who was Banned along with DaddyDeath from OneCall servers decided they would show them and created a big 40+ server of their own. Echon lived at home at the time in a trailer with his mother who is on food stamps. He pays 200 dollars a month for hosting. He gives all of his good ol' boyz admin of which they all suck and are poor sports so they end up kicking and banning people for killing them. People bitch and moan on the forums and he tells them. If you don't like it, find another server. This is the only big server in America now. The Gloom population slowly diminishes.
  • Fuck you Echon! The inevitable happens: Another server pops up and nobody knows for sure who runs it, however there is about 6 admins on there who are fed up with the abuse and cheating. Everybody loves it except for the cronies. When it was taking a load off Echon's bandwidth, he thanked them by getting a bunch of his cronies to join it and talk shit. One by one they were banned and the server endured a lengthy DDOS attack. This ate up all the monthly allowance of the server so they found a new hosting company with unlimited bandwidth. That was false, it was a bad hosting company.
    cataclaw eats a cock in STG


      Cataclaw orgasmed while making this goatse replica map
      R1CH (left) Cataclaw (Right) Brokeback faggots.
    1. R1CH - He proudly wears his Free Software Foundation t-shirt, but he refuses to open-source the Gloom dll. You will have to really suck up on R1CH to get that code, and swear an oath to his cause. This may involve sucking some dick, which is likely the way he got it from Team Reaction to begin with.
    2. Echon - He's a virgin coder in his mid-20's who has never seen pussy except on 4chan. He makes shitty, bloated versions of Quake II and sucks R1CH's cock every day, just hoping he can get his grubby hands on the gloom source code. So far all he's gotten is a bad taste in his mouth. See Echon's brother, Schok
    3. DaddyDeath - Once permabanned from all servers for cheating and continually spamming the word black person to make himself sound cool. He was later unbanned when his gay lover, Echon gave him admin on his server.
    4. Mushroomface - He's a non-trogdolite and therefore homosexual. He only knows how to say one word: faggot. 80% of his forum posts consist of this word and only this word.
    5. Cataclaw - Three letters say it all: STG
    6. Eric Bauman - He was driving Schok's car, lawl
    7. Tom Mabe He slept with Cataclaw for beer money

    People That Rock

    1. Cataclaw He increased the lulz by deleting his OMG BUTTHURT. a.k.a. R1's Bitch. Definitely rocks. He would be devastated if you vandalized his YTMND User Page by downvoting all his YTMNDs so be nice and give him all fives.
    2. Tinactin Loves Cataclaw and plays with his penis. See Sock_puppet. He also has AIDS.
    3. Nobody else who plays gloom is cool, although some think they are hot shit,



    Google Echon faggot for some great gloom related pages.

    What? This article needs moar links, of shitty websites related to gloom!.
    You can help by adding moar links, of shitty websites related to gloom!.

    Priceless Butthurt momentum building up as Cataclaw deletes Gloom article on ED. Lulz ensue.

    [07-27][12:01] <Cataclaw> http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Gloom
    [07-27][12:01] <Cataclaw> there i improved the article
    [07-27][12:02] <Cyber_Ass> Encyclopedia Sux is SA's thing, right?
    [07-27][12:02] <Cyber_Ass> http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Image:Willitblend_cat.jpg
    [07-27][12:02] <Cyber_Ass> LOL
    [07-27][12:03] <Cyber_Ass> Oh man
    [07-27][12:03] <Cyber_Ass> On occasion SA does something funny
    [07-27][12:03] <Cataclaw> that's really crude
    [07-27][12:03] <Cataclaw> funny, but really crude
    [07-27][12:03] <Cyber_Ass> omfg
    [07-27][12:03] <Cyber_Ass> I know where Tinacturnal gets his "moar"!
    [07-27][12:03] <Cyber_Ass> I knew it wasn't his inventioN!
    [07-27][12:04] <Cataclaw> um duh
    [07-27][12:04] <Cataclaw> comes from 4chan
    [07-27][12:05] <Bajoran> Cataclaw, up kicking and banned people for killing them. 
    [07-27][12:05] <Bajoran> "banning you mean
    [07-27][12:05] <Cataclaw> what
    [07-27][12:05] <Cataclaw> sentence doesn't make sense
    [07-27][12:05] <Cyber_Ass> Yeah seriously Bajoran
    [07-27][12:05] <Cyber_Ass> Don't drink so muchwine
    [07-27][12:06] <Tinacturnal> http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Gloom
    [07-27][12:06] <Tinacturnal> fixed
    [07-27][12:06] <Cataclaw> gg
    [07-27][12:06] <Cyber_Ass> MOAR gameplay!
    [07-27][12:06] <Cyber_Ass> MOAR graphics!
    [07-27][12:07] <Cataclaw> HAY GUYS
    [07-27][12:07] <Cataclaw> YOU NEED TO TIGHTEN UP THE GRAPHICS
    [07-27][12:07] <Tinacturnal> 4str 4stam leather belt?
    [07-27][12:07] <Tinacturnal> level 18?
    [07-27][12:08] <Cataclaw> �AHHH 
    [07-27][12:08] <Cataclaw> good thing speakers aren't allowed at qcon
    [07-27][12:08] <Cataclaw> I'd put volume to max
    [07-27][12:08] <Cataclaw> and play that
    [07-27][12:09] <Bajoran> wtf Tinacturnal you deleted most of the page
    [07-27][12:10] <Cataclaw> known as Glumez
    [07-27][12:10] <Cataclaw> lol
    [07-27][12:11] <Cataclaw> why is graphics empty
    [07-27][12:11] <Bajoran> Cataclaw, cause he deleted most of the page like a noob
    [07-27][12:11] <Cataclaw> no, i did 
    [07-27][12:11] <Bajoran> o
    [07-27][12:11] <Cataclaw> was pretty stupid / not funny
    [07-27][12:11] <Bajoran> cause u deleted most of the page
    [07-27][12:11] <Bajoran> like a noob
    [07-27][12:12] <Cataclaw> people can make fun of me all they want
    [07-27][12:12] <Cataclaw> if it's funny at least
    [07-27][12:12] <Tinacturnal> Cataclaw: come on, the picture of the cock?
    [07-27][12:12] <Tinacturnal> with your picture?
    [07-27][12:12] <Tinacturnal> that was funny
    [07-27][12:12] <Bajoran> and u deleted it
    [07-27][12:12] <Bajoran> like a noob

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