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    Hey! EDEXCLUSIVE.jpg This article is an Encyclopedia Dramatica exclusive.
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    Sherrod acts like she's a fatty but really she's a hot tamale


    Former ED whiteknight

    Girlvinyl (Real name: Sherrod Ellen DeGrippo; also known as Sherrod DeHippo, Queen DeHippo, or simply DeHippo; b. Feb. 5, 1978: Age 42) is the erstwhile owner of OhInternet and former queen of Encyclopedia Dramatica. She was first revered, if not worshipped, for creating the original Encyclopedia Dramatica which spawned both smiles and tears from the citizens of the internet. However, this dramatically changed in April 2011 when she decided to close down ED in favor of OhInternet, a wiki that is was detested and panned by the web, before it closed last Thursday. The very people who helped build the wiki turned against her as her sysop sheep began blaming them for ED’s fall. The once mighty queen is now a center of hatred for those who kept loyal to the Lulz.

    Bring out your eye bleach as we are going to warn you that girlvinyl is motherfucking fat.

    The Making of Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Explained in webcomic form.
    One of her older photos of her healthy youth.

    Girlvinyl started her internet musings on a somewhat lowkey and anonymous note as she focused on her LiveJournal blog by posting typical fat girl angle shots. It only took a while for girlvinyl to realize that LiveJournal, for its time, was a melting pot of drama ready for trolling. From then on she realized that trolling was just as fun as eating, leading her and her ljdrama crew to troll mediacrat, a mentally unstable homosexual. This harassment lead to court appearances, internet settlement checks and, most importantly, the Internet's first documented lulz. Of course, without documentation, jameth and hepkitten realized that this big event would eventually be forgotten. Thus to preserve their drama, they attempted to create a Wikipedia article on him.

    Unfortunately, what they didn’t expect was that Wikipedia was super serious about the content of their articles. In general, they were definitely not smiling at their attempts to create the mediacrat article. Having a fascist standard for articles, the mediacrat article was ultimately deleted. In response, girlvinyl along with ghettofinger and the rest of the ljdrama crew created Encyclopedia Dramatica; a wiki which provided an alternate view to Wikipedia’s fascist hold on information. During its birth, ED was mainly a branch of ljdrama, thus completely LiveJournal-centric. Within a span of seven years, ED went from a small pet project to an internet phenomenon.

    Temporary death of ED

    See also: Operation Restoration

    Despite changes in the content of articles, the sysop roster of ED were those who despised chan drama in general as channers were all basement-dwelling nerds that spam memes in their eyes. Sherrod began hating ED over the years as more users joined from different websites and different personalities. In fact, she closed IRC once because of their pointless meme spam. Over time, girlvinyl became less active on the wiki and a bitch to her users on IRC.

    However around mid-2010 things began changing. Girlvinyl basically complained about being poor while weev and OldDirtyBtard were the ones who did the thinking for ED. Around the end of 2010 she lost both of them and was left to think on her own. What most people are unaware of is that girlvinyl always tries to keep things in secret. One of the most dangerous secrets was the tale of a man named Daniel Brandt, a senior citizen who doxed the sysops and left girlvinyl scared shitless. In fact, the sysops made it a rule to not talk about Daniel Brandt openly on IRC.

    Brandt worked with other paranoid schizophrenics and gathered info on sysops while they blogged about it. Through this, Brandt can make demands for the ED staff in exchange for erasing his article which cataloged his shameful internet history. Those whom he has teamed up with continued to harass girlvinyl’s family as a way to get her to cave in. And she did. Her first attempt at deleting ED was around January 2011; however that plan was foiled due to a tweet and people constantly emailing her not to do it. Around April 2011, girlvinyl decided to try again, this time making sure nothing would interfere with the birth of OhInternet.

    The aftermath of this was that girlvinyl has tasted the saltiness of pure irony. She deleted ED to protect her family from angry bloggers only to face an upset fanbase. Sooner or later, the mighty wrath of fail raped her in her sleep, she was supposedly fornicated with an iron stick.

    As an enemy of the Lulz

    ~*~Do you enjoy me?~*~
    With the power of the mighty DMCA I shall smite thee!

    Girlvinyl made a foolish mistake thinking that the internet would accept OhInternet and ultimately believed that her family would be in a better position. Sadly for her, things only got worse as she proceeded to shut down Encyclopedia Dramatica. Because picking a website with a dumb name, boring layout and butchered content is completely satisfying, right? Perhaps girlvinyl received most of her hate because of her staff’s lies to the internet which then reflected onto her. Below is the list of their lies:

    As a result of girlvinyl and her staff alienating the fanbase, the users teamed up and created our lovely ED 2.0; a new ED that got rid of the queen and exposed her nudes. In an attempt to fight this, girlvinyl DMCA’d her page. She unfortunately forgot that ED’s new staff wasn’t scared of false DMCAs and countered it right away. She then fought back again in mid-July 2011. This time she decided to go to ED’s host and complain about ED breaking their TAU; this lead to ED searching for a new host and going offline for a week. ED returned with more donations and support leaving girlvinyl with more hatred.

    Realizing defeat, girlvinyl responded to e's reddit thread.

    Honestly... In all 100% honesty... I have been through this before. I went on the IRC. I talked to the underground uber leet omgz k-rad anonymous cabal (your friend joepie91 was there even). Unfortunately I went through it with Ryan, which I admit is a obviously the worst possible ambassador for anyone. But, I learned my lesson. There is no reasoning or negotiating, I get fucked no matter what. This isn't a new thing. It's like I said a moment ago, there is no upside for me.


    —Girlvinyl, Reddit


    File:Log ed.png
    Girlvinyl flipping the fuck out

    OHi covers internet drama too! But OHi wants the GOOD internet drama with information that is interesting, not some bullshit about deviantarters and a high school basement dweller's nextdoor neighbor.


    —GOOD internet drama

    I own the copyright on the collected works


    —She totally does

    Thanks to fellow Anons, an archive is in the making for public use that will be freely available, regardless of what the owners demand. One thing the owners did not realize is that the intellectual property belongs to the writers; this means they technically do not even own the materials on ED.


    —Thus I can do whatever I want with it

    whats a cheap ED ripoff?


    Shock for shock's sake simply isn't profitable anymore


    —A completely satisfying reason for shutting it all down

    We have always been on good terms with Anonymous!


    —Not working.

    Explanation at ROFLCon

    Giving thanks to her knights

    As an attempt to get her reasons for deleting ED to spread, girlvinyl went to an internet convention and explained that ED just wasn't profitable for her any more and she didn't make backups because she "didn't want to". She then goes on to explain how she thinks she is much better than everyone and if she feels like screwing over thousands of users it shouldn't matter because they are all losers anyway.


    Gallery of Fat About missing Pics
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