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a girlmecha picture stripped of her severe case of internet disease.

Girlmecha is the definition of dramamagnet. She had to make her LJ friends only due to a "crazy stalker ex" (more on that later). She claims to be hatin' all the drama in her communities — yet she is a repeating "guest" on LJDrama. Honey, it's not that everyone is out to get you, it's just you.

As Ellen Degeneres said, "There are lipstick lesbians, and chapstick lesbians." Girlmecha would be a lard lesbian.

She's also an attention whore with a lust for shameless self promotion. Many, many pictures of girlmecha can be found via usage of Google, with the vast majority of webcam pictures displaying her acute case of internet disease. Owing to her weight problem, she is a fan of the fat girl angle shot, as can be seen to the bottom right.

Also a member of childfree, a classic trout pond for bored trolls. She has all the typical reactions here: calling children "the spawn of satan" and "crotch droppings", complaining about kid behavior at kid movies, going to other communities and flaming people who put their kids' well-being above that of their pets, and petitioning for infantile genocide — cookie cutter childfree behavior. She also runs mixcds and vancouver2010 with an iron fist and systematically bans everyone that doesn't agree with her because she has problems with conflict. Also a vegetarian and agnostic, more fuel to the drama fire.

At the tender age of 21, she has a long lifetime of wisdom behind her. She possesses an open-minded and unbiased attitude to those she disagrees with. She's an incredible diplomat during flame wars. Obviously, the perfect profile for a member of LJ Abuse. No, really, this man-hating, child-hating egomaniacal drama-magnet once sat in judgment of abuse complaints. She quit Abuse like a sissy because a child hater like her couldn't handle child porn.

Created Lj-favicon.png butchfemme in a fit as an alternative to Lj-favicon.png butch_femme. About the same time, someone else created Lj-favicon.png femme_butch.


Many of the famously histrionic make their name being a vocal member of some freak sub-culture. Girlmecha enrolled herself in almost all of the classic groups: she was a militant-bitchdyke-lesbian-fat dyke-bitch who runs the LiveJournal community Lj-favicon.png queerbc, despite living in Everett, Washington, United States.

While claiming to be inclusive, she banned fake bisexuals from joining, feeling that they aren't truly queer, and are just straight kids playing at having girl sex to pull in more boy booty. She was made e-famous for going on all caps witch-hunts on the lj_lesbian community for these "only-acting" bisexuals despite the userinfo of the community welcoming them. When her witch-hunts failed to remove all the "fake" bi-girls from a bi-friendly community, she threw an amazing hissyfit as she left.

As of this writing, Girlmecha's LiveJournal account has been suspended, indefinitely. We now have the proper information as to why.

Girlmecha once dated another lesbian named Redgloam, whose presence in photographs strips Girlmecha of her Internet Disease (see photo). Redgloam was the reason Girlmecha didn't stay in BFE Canada where she belonged, but instead inflicted herself upon Washington State. When Redgloam was finally tired of Girlmecha's ridiculousness and kicked her to the curb, what did Girlmecha do? If you said "spaz out and do things that would get her banninated by LJ Abuse," you would be correct! Apparently vowing she would stop at nothing to make sure Redgloam suffered as much as possible, she had collected Redgloam's passwords to various sites and emails and hacked them all, doing as much damage as she could, including deleting Redgloam's six year old LiveJournal. Redgloam, wishing for ironic revenge, notified the LJAbuse Team of what had occurred, and Girlmecha was promptly suspended. According to popular rumor, Girlmecha continues, at intervals, to create new journals which LJAbuse quickly finds and suspends. Redgloam continues her normal, Girlmecha crazy-free life under another name. Makes Girlmecha's claim of a "crazy stalker ex" pretty suspect, no?

Girlmecha is a pretty good poster.

Ironically, or even hilariously, Girlmecha turned out to be a fake lesbian herself. On October 11th, 2006, Girlmecha posted the following on the Something Awful forums, "I like (mostly) girls. Currently dating boys though after breaking off a 2 1/2 year relationship with my ex-girlfriend. This has severely freaked out my family because I've only dated girls for the last 5 years. It's like reverse coming-out." So is she a "real" bisexual or a "fake" one? Who knows! Regardless, she is apparently just as eager to comprehensively inform the internet about her new, true self as she was about herself as a "lesbian."

The Something Awful Years

Hands off, boys! She's taken!

On March 17, 2004 girlmecha registered for the Something Awful forums. She quickly made a name for herself by not only being a girl, but also a lesbian. When not subtly alluding to her sexuality, girlmecha enjoys posting threads on a wide (lol) variety of topics including: her wacky parents, her wacky GIRLFRIEND, and the wackiest place she has had sex (with a GIRL).

In late March/early April 2005, 5 banner ads were purchased by a group of Something Awful members who were sick of girlmecha and her attention whore antics. The smear campaign worked like a charm as one parody led to another, and by the end of April over 30 girlmecha banners had been bought.

On June 19th 2005, Girlmecha posted a thread (login required) where she would give $25 to the tale of woe posted in her Livejournal that she felt most deserving. The thread was quickly voted Crap, and Girlmecha received one of the largest e-beatings ever recorded on the Something Awful Forums.

Quotable Quotes

Something Awful owner Lowtax's thoughts on Girlmecha
Good lord no she shouldn't have the child. Nobody should be breeding before about 30 - IF at all, ever. Most people are far too stupid to breed. Anyone that thinks she is prepared is delusional.


—On birthing

Voted top 5%, because every (standardized) IQ test I've ever taken put me in the 98th or 99th percentile. My IQ is somewhere between 150 and 160, averaging at around 156 - with real tests, thanks, not INTERWEB TESTS.


—Explaining her mature, intelligent behavior

Thank the internet information's free


—Just a taste of her eloquent profundity

Some Dramatic History

Can't have competition for Canadian gays!


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