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    Giovanna Plowman

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    Giovanna Plowman = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

    America's future

    Official twitter account of giovanna plowman. :) hii i'm the new youtube star i ONLY made that video cause it was a dare, and i wanted to get famous!


    —Giovanna Plowman

    16 year old Giovanna Plowman is a suburban teen with a longing for fame, the spotlight, and the taste of menstrual blood. Upon first posting a video of herself sucking blood from her tampon to Failbook, the five-minute clip was then reposted to JewTube, gaining instant attention from 4chan, 9fag, and almost every other cancerous source. Despite being perpetually flagged down from YouTube on the grounds of being "shocking and disgusting", Giovanna's fame continues to rise, leaving internet experts baffled at what extents the post-postmodern youth of America are willing to go to receive their peer's attention, no matter how negative it may be.


    Careful analysis of the video reveals that we never really know where the tampon is really coming from, the camera continually showing her face and a tampon baptized in blood. One could easily create fake blood too. The fact is, it doesn’t take a lot to impress naïve teenagers and make them believe anything. Jackass has done disgusting things too, and the hideous subhuman creatures lurking in the dark regions of the internet have done much worse.

    This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content.




    Many people reached for the eyebleach after seeing the video, because they are too much of a fucking pussy to handle this HAAAARDC0Re shit. Giovanna has owned many people.

    @ItsGiovannaP Your deluded and disgusting!


    they're all pretty much like this. The post had used the word "you're" as "your", because she's too much of a fucking retard to solve grammar.



    Her mom speaks.

    I'm really glad you're not trying to trick us into thinking you're faking eating a used tampon, cuz that would just be messed up





    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Giovanna Plowman's Strategy to get Famous

    1. Troll the internet with a shock video

    2. Attention whore yourself and allow yourself to get bullied

    3. Make video apologizing to the internet

    4. People forgive you and consider you an inspiration

    5. Stay an attention whore and use your fame to make friends online

    6. ????

    7. Profit!

    Yes, but why?

    I think I deserve to be on the cast of #twilight.


    She totally does.

    I was hungry ok?


    Giovanna, on why she sucked blood from a tampon

    I hope you all feel strong with all the insults you're saying to me. I am a person just like you, I have feelings too.



    Quitting Failbook

    As of the 3rd of February, Giovanna posted a status claiming she will kill her Failbook if she scores 1 million likes.

    If I get 1 million likes I will honestly delete my facebook and be gone forever.



    So hurry the fuck up and DO IT FAGGOT!

    Despite false promises to delete her account in a a video she posted to JewTube last thursday she didn't. Mainly though she apologized and claimed she got mixed up in the wrong crowd and had low self esteem. Yeah cause those things totally make you want to eat a fucking tampon...

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