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    Invisible Dignity? Your Typical MySpace user taking public transportation.
    Some people can't take a joke.

    File:Lj-favicon.png getoffmyspace is a LiveJournal community that has gained steady popularity since its creation in 2005. The community has regulary served positive awareness of lol-worthy MySpace accounts. GOMS explicitly points out the errors of trolls, sociopaths, douchebags, wankers and SIFs.

    No thanks to butthurt First Amendment rights advocates, the community has been repeatedly threatened with the banhammer by LJ Abuse and was once deleted by the moderators themselves. While undergoing several changes in its brief history, the community repeatedly goes through cycles of closed/open membership sessions. This helps initiate an influx of newbies, which creates more drama.

    Such MySpace users become infamous within the community are ones who find out their profiles have been featured. This results in many detailed warnings from LJ Abuse.

    Featured Fail

    General MySpace targets include overly-tanned daddy's girls, wannabe scene queens, adult babies, furries, MILFs, Foxy Grandmas, hambeasts, emos, artists, and whatever else is game.

  • The only notoriety GOMS has received was thanks to pedo furry Maureen, who believes pedophilia is a natural form of love. Her current whereabouts unknown and banned from the Internet forever, Maureen is suspected to be teaching on an Indian reservation in Minnesota.
  • Everybody knows that dead babies are hilarious, even when Kaijana Rae has one. In times of mourning, it is considered proper to dress your dead fetus-burger in KKK outfits. Most people are disgusted by such images but are also the same ones who secretly masturbate to it. Any proper parent would have cooked it until it was medium-rare. Kaijana Rae was the creation of two horny teenagers, ~Shailyn~ and John Thomas (aka T-Bagger). WTF?
  • Other than dead babies, MySpace is a haven for fat chicks such as SassyCassie86. In her spare time, the Brooklyn native enjoys photography, Celebrity Rap Superstar, and furiously masturbating with a hot curling iron. Allegedly Cassie has ADHD but nobody cared. Last week, Cassie wanted to become an hero like any other attention whore and posted at least 100 photos of her holding suicide notes written on memo-pad paper. Again, nobody paid attention and she attempted to fill that empty void within with copious amounts of food.
  • Sixteen-year-old Florida resident, Wicka Navera Avalon, attempts to convince MySpace users that her imaginary boyfriend in Wyoming, Taylor Newton, is not fake. Every other day, Taylor encounters soap-opera tragedy, such as being dead, not being dead, not being dead but only in a coma, and other nauseating crap.
  • In October/ November of 2007 artist/writer/flubber/special needs person Starla aka Amanda Harris aka File:Lj-favicon.png prettypillz reported File:Lj-favicon.png getoffmyspace for copyright infringment abuse against the community for posting her "artwork". During this period it became apparent to the community Starla was/is not onlly deluded about what any rational human could consider attractive, but completely batshit in general. After successfully convincing someone from LJ Abuse that her FIRST AMMENDMENT RITES were in jeopardy, members who posted pictures of her cavernous meatflaps were forced to remove them or face suspension, causing Starla to shit herself with glee and post various declamations of triumph all over her lj and myspace, including one blog post which even contained a picture of her holding up her middle finger. Since viewing this the suicide rate amongst GOMS members has been uncountable but it's estimated at least 100 were literally scared to death.
     Starla's boyfriend File:Lj-favicon.png joedpunk wrote poetry about about the "e-gangs" stabs towards Starla and her saggy tits, but then he deleted the poetry and made a post claiming he was merely drunk- which really is not a surprise, as it is really the only humane way to be with Starla, considering Starla likes to stick Ipods and video tapes in her VAG OF DOOM, and then she takes pictures and calls it art.
  • Probaby the first person to be featured on GOMS that isn't actually human, 'Nothing' is probably a faggot but no one is really sure anymore. When not taking pictures of itsef smoking a cigarette; wanking over Kurt Cobain or marrying various people, you can find 'Nothing' practicing Satanism, which despite attempts at defending as a 'misunderstood religion' still makes you a douche in the eyes of most people who aren't completely mentally retarded.

    Members and Testimonials

    File:Lj-favicon.png getoffmyspace, despite being a community of mainly well rounded, sensitive and caring individuals has its fair share of retards in its own population. One specific example surfaced sometime in April 2007 where File:Lj-favicon.png lynn_the_lycan posted a completely gay myspace as a vendetta against a random scene kid. When called out as being made of massive fail, lynn appeared to have some sort of nervous breakdown resulting in a massive wall of text where she basically tried to defend herself whilst criticising every member of the community for "never knowing what its fucking like". This post was later replaced and edited by an equally long repitition of "BAN ME! BAN ME!" which only ended presumably when her penguin/probable sexual partner told her to stfu and stop being retarded. Despite flooding moderator File:Lj-favicon.png thebackstreets (who suggested psychiatric help to no avail) with requests to be banned, it never happened and she eventually died or something. Who cares?

    Many responses to the community and its members have been thrown at File:Lj-favicon.png getoffmyspace. Jessica fancy (who by the way is black) made a video, whereas other members have taken to the more traditional method of writing 3 pages of criticism even though they "dont care wot u say" and then bahleeting when not even the waahmbulance gives a shit.

    A good example of this is the since semi-rehabilitated trainwreck that is _mindlessselfindulgence, whose sentiments collaborate wonderfully with the current community icon:

    [my teeth] are a little stained from where i drink alot of coffee and have braces. after you get your braces off, you get your teeth bleached. admit it, my teeth really arent that bad. my hair is amazing, and people tell me that everyday. i get a million comments a day on how good my makeup is...


    Early fall 2006 File:Lj-favicon.png death_shrub (whose lj account was just reinstated at the time) joined the community and began commenting and sucking up to mods, because he is so full of fail. File:Lj-favicon.png intarwebpolice called him out on his retardation and posted him in File:Lj-favicon.png gogetoffmyspace which he got all butt hurt about. He began flaming mods and regular's of the community at ljflamecup by calling them "homos", "niggers", and "fat". He went as far to the extent of of having his own community File:Lj-favicon.png ilovedeathshrub in which him and his flying monkeys would "laugh" at the flames they made and the ones that were made of them. LJ abuse got involved a little and did nothing as per usual. All of this lead of constant bitching and moaning on File:Lj-favicon.png shitlist and constant trolling by File:Lj-favicon.png death_shrub lead to the great bahleetion of File:Lj-favicon.png getoffmyspace of 2006. It was gone for 2 days, but returned. Currently File:Lj-favicon.png death_shrub is a suspended user for whatever reason.


    Last Thursday, the unofficial GOMS Mascot, Sassy Cassie, was killed in a tragic epileptic seizure accident, brought on by her boyfriend Shawn's girlfriend, because she was pregnant with Shawn's baby. Shawn's ex violated safespace and sent Cassie a colorful gif that killed her.


    How Dorian Thorn sees himself.

    Between August and New Year's Eve of 2008 THE END OF FUCKING TIME, Dorian Thorn brought Getoffmyspace to a stand still after mind-fucking and raping it's members so hard that every member was deleted, re-added and then deleted again. This was all part of his plan to seek revenge and lulz after a Myspace tribute page for his dead aids baby was posted and mocked because he's a sick fuck. Many LULZ were had followed by huge amounts of cock sucking and admits of defeat, but a select group of GOMS members known as the Amputee Milfs just couldn't leave things well enough alone, despite the fact that Dorian is still the one with a fugly wife, a dead baby, a loose asshole, nasty saggy balls, and "GOMS" written on his ass. The Amputee Milfs continued to harass Dorian after all the drama, which lead to even MOAR drama, and ultimately led to Getoffmyspace bahleeting over 9000 members, locking down all its communities, and becoming a shadow of its former self. Then again, just because he did a little damage doesn't change the fact that he's completely mental.


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