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Georgia Varley

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Totally not asking for it...

Georgia Varley was a 16-year old female britfag from Wirral, England who was killed while attempting to board a moving train in Liverpool. Following a drunken whore dance-off spent in the company of other whores. Varley, for reason/s unknown, lagged behind the group as they boarded the train that would return them home. The train began moving and, with the grace of a greased-up spastic, she slipped into the gaping-maw betwixt the platform and carriage. The train proceeded to run over her resulting in a spectacularly gory death witnessed by around fifty persons present upon the platform... a number of these later required counselling in order to help them fully appreciate the epic nature of the display they'd experienced. The most tragic aspect of this incident was that the train service then had to be delayed for an entire 30-minutes following Varley's demise while Scousers fed upon her remains. Meanwhile, she is now a handmaiden unpaid whore to Colonel Gaddafi after several other residents of hell turned her down for being too ugly.

...speaking of blowjobs, can anybody tell me where Georgia was buried?


—Jonathan Negro Nero, Facebook

I'd hit that, but clearly someone beat me to it.


—Eric Warren, Facebook

Yo dawg, we heard you like being trolled so we put trolls in a troll page so you can get trolled while you're getting trolled.


—Eric Warren, Facebook

Is it true she had sex with black people?


—Dessy Mellot , Facebook

I hope she used protection. I heard they carry a lot of bad stuff. Like aids.


—Dessy Mellot , Facebook

If yous wanna have ur stupid argument have it somewer else other than here!!! N cop tha fuck qih da stupid comments uz bad cunts georgia was tha nicest friend ever! She died n i dnt no y uz r sayin bad stuff bout her now? Its bad enough cop on her mams lookin at all dez comments so fuck of yas fucked up basterds! Rip georgia


—Georgia's Friend, Facebook

Really well i can spell wah ever i want ei :) n yes i am callin u stupid cuz u r cuz u dnt even no watur sayin bout tha poor girl so do me a fav n go n kill urself cuz onli loozers want u here n bi tha way have a gud time cuz tha gardas r at these comments aswell so enjoy


—Georgia's Friend, Facebook

For the dale twat , if u did'nt know that 16yr old's take a drink yr a real thick, 16yr old's are still classed as a child u sicko ,and it does'nt matter if she did ave a drink she woz wit her friend's nd family who knew , she enjoyed herself nd tank god she did , u cruel twisted waste of life , shud ave been u not a child as beautiful as georgia ,


—Tracey Sweeney Coffey, Friend

I'm 20yrs married wit 4 beauiful kidz 2 girls 20yrs nd 17 nd to handsom boys who will never be a low life like u nd yr dirtbag friendz , we Irish were brought up not dragged up , glad I hit a nerve , u are wot u are a worthless human ,


—Tracey Sweeney Coffey, Friend

go and fuck of would ye peace of shit glad u get hate mail ye pricks like u should get move then hate mail


— Donna Gallagher, Friend

The shitstorm commenced at 23:18 EST on the 24th October 2011 when a poster (later identified by the alias Magalie Paradis) posted a troll thread on /b/, calling all Anons to assist in trolling a memorial page of Varley. Anonymous quickly rimmed dead skank and her memory by spamming over 9000 posts onto the memorial wall; royally pissing off every non-/b/tard on the page who rejected /b/-tards rights to b-tards. The mum got all teary eyed and got her 20 other children to form an internet posse to serve internet justice. Many threatened to 'drop a dime' and alert the cyber-police to Anon's activities; a number went so far as to threaten those involved in the raid with physical violence (see internet tough guy) but, like a New York cardstand, Anon stood strong and unwavering realising that if genes were the same the downers would probably fall under a train too , combined with the huge blind-spot they would have due to them being cross-eyed inbreds . What do we learn from this? That if you put your head under a train, You die.

Other shit you don't care about:

  • She had a boyfriend named Pierce Sweeny
  • Whoever created the memorial found it necessary to put the sluttiest picture they could find of Varley as the profile photo; leading many to believe that they were trolling nothing less than an absolute skank, which she probably was.
  • Father is Paul Varley, Mother is Paula Varley (because they're really fucking original with names in the UK) ~ Possibly Lesbians
  • The train guard is now being prosecuted for manslaughter in order to bring about revenge and supply extended misery to Scousers/Wirral-folk thus sating their voracious grief-addiction [1]. As of November 2012, he has been found guilty and sentenced to five years in Prison.

James street.jpg

Memorial Safari

A fine example of not only the quality of work; but also the teamwork that took place...

Enter the White Knight

Definitely not snorting cocaine within the Houses of Parliament

Following the activities of Anon being brought to his attention a local Leftard MP named Steve Rotherham (Labour) decided that this tragic incident was an ideal opportunity for him to make political hay and immediately began charging his lasers. The plan was simple; make trolling illegal, he even went so far as to liase with the Attorney General himself in order to discuss 'loopholes in the law'.

My intention is to see a greater conviction rate for those guilty of this vile practice.


—Steve Rotherham, MP, Wirral News

Nobody Fucks With A

It was later pointed out by Jonathan Bishop founder of The Trolling Academy in a letter to the Liverpool Echo that Mr Rotherham's actions were TOTALLY FUCKING POINTLESS due to legislation already being in place to stop such abuse.

The waste of legislative time is evident to cyberlaw experts like myself


—Jonathan Bishop, Liverpool ECHO

External Links

  • If you wish to contribute to the troll, you may visit the Facebook memorial page here
  • Steve Rotherham (MP) discussing the 'mission' on his own site
  • Jonathan Bishop's site
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