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I will never have a heart attack. I give them.


—The Boss

George SteinbrennerJew aka the Final Boss of the New York Yankees was an attention whoring IRL troll and lulzmeister of epic proportions. On July 13th, 2010 The Boss committed his final act of pwnery by dying of a massive heart attack on the day of the MLB 2010 All-Star Game, thereby hogging all the attention away from the Midsummer Classic and owning ESPN in its entirety all day.

Upon reaching Heaven, The Boss' first official act was to fire former Yankees' manager Billy Martin.

The Man: The Legend

George Steinbrenner (not a Jew) started his Major League Baseball trolling career shortly after buying the woeful but once great Yankees from CBS (jews) for $8million in 1973 when he decided to fuck with baseball's "reserve clause" (where players were bound to their teams for life) and signed pitcher Catfish Hunter to a megabucks deal. This, in effect, started the era of Free Agency where players could go wherever they wanted -which was usually the team who gave them the biggest check. This pissed off the baseball establishment so much, they immediately started hating Mr. Steinbrenner and went batshit insane trying to close the Pandora's Box of players' rights and union clout. But it was too late and besides that, Steinbrenner couldn't give a flying fuck so the loaded owner went about buying up all the best newly freed talent on the market to restore the franchise to its rightful place as Kings of Baseball after years of jew neglect. And thus began an era of turmoil and hilarity to a formerly boring-assed sport and of the legend that was George Steinbrenner -the Last Lion of Baseball was born. George M Steinbrenner III: elite troll, attention whore, drama generator, butthurter and bringer of lulz.

tl;dr: During his career as The Boss, Mr. Steinbrenner returned the winningest sports franchise in history to its former glory. He did this by spending a buttload of Jew Golds to buy the best players who were willing to put up with his shit. Said shit was quite considerable because from his purchase of the team in 1973 until his baseball second permaban in 1990 (after paying a mobster to dig up dirt on one of the Yanks' most beloved players -Dave Winfield (hoping to [[WTF|find an excuse to not have to pay money he promised to Winfield's charity)) he was a total douche who insisted on micro-managing the team to the point of calling whoever was the actual manager in the dugout to flame them for whoever was sucking on the diamond. Unlike most owners, he also insisted on fucking with the team's General Manager over everything from trades to dental plans. Whilst this is pretty much business-as-usual for most companies/organisations, in baseball, it went against everything that the National Pastime stood for. However, The Boss did not give a flying fuck: all he cared about was winning.

Winning is second only to breathing. Breathing comes first.


—The Boss


The Boss was no stranger to the lulz and his legacy includes many memorable moments. This included epic levels of IRL trolling from getting convicted and b& from baseball a first time in 1974 for getting busted fucking up illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon (even thought he was a Democrat) to firing 20 managers during his first 23 seasons (well...15 since Billy Martin was actually fired 5 times) and 11 General Managers. But even though the Yanks were serious business to The Boss, he always kept a sense of humour about his shenanigans.

Bottom Line

George Steinbrenner was a cracker who made a lot of niggers millionaires.


Rush Limbaugh, sauce

Ultimately, The Boss will be remembered for turning EPIC FAIL into EPIC WIN, transforming the sorry-ass Yankees into a relentless winning machine..again. Apart from turning his $8,000,000 investment into the most profitable sports organisation in the world -a franchise worth $1.6 billion- he also added 7 additional World Series championships to The Bronx Bombers trophy chest for a total of 27. For those keeping score at home...that's New York 27, Boston 7. Also, net worth: Yanks = $1.6 billion, Redsux = $870 million.

And this has nothing to do with the perceived inequity of small-market teams' revenue streams being unable to compete with the big boys -after all, every team is owned by multi-millionaires with corporate sponsors- this is all about the willingness of a fine, upstanding American Christian hero born on the 4th of July to actually open his wallet to win at all costs versus some money-grubbing Jews like Theo Epstein being unwilling to rub his foreskin wallet enough to give a shit about his team or city. Cry moar you faggots. U MAD? = Jew.

So what? I bought the Yankees and Jew bought the Minnesota Twins


—The Boss, on 'disparity'


^ ITT: lotta butthurt Jews up in /sp/.

He also managed to generate hueg amounts of U MAD, trolling, butthurt and all manner of douchebaggery on 4chan's /sp/ board when a mod made it a sticky. In between much ROFL and celebration from haters, Yankees fans held their heads high.


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