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    In the beginning, there was this image macro of the spy from Team Fortress 2.


    Anonymous saw it, and knew that it was lulz. But like Paradise without Eve, there was something missing. So Anonymous (RENRGY) /b/-gat the MSPaints.


    Anonymous saw it, lol'd some more, but it was still not epic. So they added some Tom Green, but that only plateaued it. Then Anonymous thought "hey, how about I make an official holiday for it?" And, like Christmas, it was a huge success. Except the holiday existed before the original. And lo, thus Anonymous realized they had divided by zero, and the universe began.


    File:Gentlemen summarized.jpg
    Summary of the article.
    Tom Green Show

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVwT1KAQiJs Baleeted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVwT1KAQiJs BALEETED.

    SKIP TO 0:20

    Team Fortress 2? Is that like Dungeons and Dragons?


    Tom Green

    June 5th: Official Gentlemen Day

    Better than cigarettes

    On June 5th, much lulz was had on /b/. This day will mark history as the beginning of GENTLEMEN Day. Every month on the 5th we will have a remembrance Gentlemen thread.

    The now-infamous calendar.

    Screencap of the thread
    Notable posts

    The thread never found its way to 4chanarchive, as 4chanarchive was partaking in the holiday of Gentlemen Day. However, it was still a solid round of chemo and managed to distract the participants from the horrible state of /b/ for a few hours.

    Important subjects discussed in the thread included:

    1. The formation of an epic holiday.
    2. The plans of having the fifth of each month to celebrate "Holiday Gentlemen" in honor of the thread that was inevitably going to die.
    3. A gentlemen promise to never post the epic "Holiday Gentlemen" image on any other day except for the fifth of each month.
    4. The official Gentlemen Day holiday is on June 5th.

    Notable Quotes

    "JUNE 5th IS GENTLEMEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    "OP here:
    You guys promise...Holiday Gentlemen only happens once a year.
    Posting him tomorrow would just defile its greatness.
    Holiday gentlemen only happens once a year."
    "this thread was so epic that there shall never be another gentlemen thread"
    "Where were you when we needed you?">>>>(Image of Spy sleeping with "MODMEN" under image")
    "OP here:
    Gentlemen...all of you wonderful gentlemen...
    I am truly going to miss you...
    I think this is the meaning of the holiday...
    A closeness...a closeness of gentlemen."
    "Inb4 the most unwanted 404 in the history of /b/."

    Real-Life Gentlemen

    Guinness World Record holder for the best Gentlemen impersonation.

    Tom Mullica, who - after ten years of performing his cigarette routine - estimated he swallowed a quarter of a million cigarettes. A band of Gentlemen sing a heartwarming song about dangerous driving.


    GALLERY OF GENTLEMEN About missing Pics
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