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    Guess which: geek or nerd? (Trick question, the answer is both)
    Wil Wheaton, a geek's wet dream.

    Geeks are nerds that are ashamed of their own nerdiness and try to hide it from their real-life friends. In short, geeks are nerds who want to give the impression that they have a semi-social life and are fond of buttsecks.

    Emo people wish they were geeks but will never be as dorky because the dumbasses slice themselves up before reaching the required level of nerdiness to become a geek. This is because they lack Slackware knowledge and desecrate the wisdom of George Lucas. Their black eyeshadow and castrated looks will never make them measure up to the profound beauty that is geekery.

    The music video that made the 1st place on the nerds top ten

    Chinese badass uber-geek

    How to differentiate a nerd from a GEEK

    1. True geeks specialize in a particular programming language whereas the nerd will claim top-knowledge in multiple computer related topics from hardware to doing your mom.
    2. A geek doesn't have to use a website to speak in binary or leet. The nerd's best friend is Nick Ciscke (Nerd test : 0111100101101111011101010 111001000100000011011010110111101101101) (LOL @ 8 bit ASCII).
    3. True geeks no longer live at home after college, they just use their parents' house to do their laundry. Nerds never see daylight.
    4. Geeks read Sci-fi that isn't completely useless. EXAMPLE: geeks read "Hitchhikers Guide to the Multiverse." While nerds still read "Hitchikers Guide to the Universe."

    Geeky activities

    Geeks get off on, but would never admit to:

    There are actually SUB-CATEGORIES to the geek

    File:Alphonso Jackson.jpg
    Alphonso Jackson, ghetto-geek

    The RPG geek will never just memorize the spells that his characters are able to do. Instead, s/he utilizes their procrastinating/lazy-ass abilities to get around the rules and min/max-es their weaknesses and strengths accordingly. Optimizes their attacks and knows how to roleplay versus just "knowing." Also interested in The Matrix star George Lucas' sex life and furry behavior.

    Some nerds and geeks have been said to also be known as dorks,but recent studies show that dorks are actually cookie stealing mini skirt wearing sea monkeys from the planet xzorg.

    The Nigga Geek is the one black kid that doesn't like rap and chikinz, if said chikinz are consumed however, a knife and fork will be used and no one will be stabbed??!. He typically takes karate, is bisexual, and writes crappy fanfiction with himself as the main character, except in his story he is white. IRL black people call him "nigger" to piss him off cos they know he gets offended by that word. He is also called an Uncle Tom, a race traitor, or an agent of whitey tryin to keep tha' black man down.


    Geeks still have hope it seems...

    The geek was originally the sideshow guy in a circus who did disgusting acts such as bite the heads off animals. Super-nerds like to point out that, in Revenge of the Nerds, Booger was technically the only true geek, the rest being mostly nerds except for the stereotypically effeminate African American javelin thrower.

    The word has morphed from a specific weirdo outcast (the circus type) to a more generalized outcast, to a synonym for nerd. Scientists predict it will shift in meaning again, to "guy who can't get laid in a holodeck by computer NPCs" within 50 years.

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