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    cj demonstrating gay.pl.

    Gay.pl is a script written by the evil cj to produce various profoundly homosexual ASCII images on IRC. It is also the main website for faggots in Poland, but nobody gives a fuck.


    Gay.pl features a number of wonderfully faggoty features that everyone (except Kloeri) loves.

    • /Gay - Like /say, but makes it gay.
    • /Gaycat - cat's a file, but makes it gay.
    • /Gayexec - execs a UNIX command, but makes it gay.
    • /gay update - gay.pl's self-updating feature. Fuckin' impressive.
    • /gv - Announces the version of gay.pl you are using, like the huge cockloving faggot you are.

    With the exception of update, you can wave some f(l)ags to heighten the gayness of the experience.

    tycho demonstrating -figlet.
    • -1 - Color gradient - Rainbow colors
    • -2 - Color gradient - Red, White, and Blue. If you don't use -2, the terrorists win
    • -3 - Color gradient - Random colors
    • -4 - Color gradient - One random color, plus another a few shades away
    • -5 - Alternating greys
    • -6 - Greyscale
    • -7 - Festive colors
    • -8 - Canadian colors
    • -repeat x - Repeat this action x number of times. Very awesome if you have CAN_FLOOD
    • -matrix - Makes text vertical. Very LOL.
    • -figlet - Makes a horizontal banner. Good for making sure EVERYONE READS WHAT YOU SAY.
    • -banner - Makes an XBOX HUEG vertical banner. Works best with CAN_FLOOD

    We at Encyclopedia Dramatica recommend /gay -1 -matrix -repeat 500 "LOL HAY GUYZ " or /gay -3 -throttle 2500 -repeat 10000 Oh Hai Guise ! ^_^ to provide maximal annoyance. Remember to leave that space in the quotes so the text looks extra pretty. Also, you need flooding rights, so don't bother doing this on Freenode. One user got klined in 3 seconds.

    There are other f(l)ags - try /gay help.


    People will fucking hate you.


    Sun Dec 28 02:43:36 2003 UTC - Ported to FreeBSD by Zb

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