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    Gary Freeman

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    Cat eyes.JPG
    File:Derby skittles.jpg
    Rick Astley's uglier younger brother

    Gary Freeman, aka Derbysvt1988, aka Derbysvt88, is a 23 year old furfag, happily admitted dogfucker, stalker and possible pedo hailing from Stow, Ohio. He is currently unemployed and basement-dwelling at his grandmother's house. Several years ago his mother kicked him out because of his unnatural love affair with their family dog.


    Derby's murrsona is a Tiger. Like many furries, Derby uses his overly muscular and "badass" fursona to make himself feel better about his disgusting flabby fat.



    —Gary Freeman

    Fetish List

    Derby has a long list of fetishes, which he posted on his FurAffinity page, in case anyone found him and was interested in yiffing. His fetishes include, but are not limited to:

    A-B C-El Er-Lat Le-Pl Po-W
    Age play Candle Wax Erotic Photography Leather Power Exchange
    Adult Babies Chains Feathers Making Home "Movies" Punishment
    Algolagnia Chastity Devices Food Play Masks The Rack/Medieval Devices
    Anal Sex Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads Fuck Machines/Robots Masochism Raptophilia
    Andromimetophilia/Androgeny Collar and Lead/Leash Furry/Fur Fetishism Massage Religious
    Ass play/ass worship Confinement/Caging Gangbangs Master/Slave Rimming
    Asphyxiaphilia Costumes (Period, Fetish, etc.) Genital Worship Masturbation (Mutual or Forced) Role Playing
    Balloons Dacryphilia (Arousal from Tears) Gun Play Medical Scenes/Equipment Rubber
    Beastiality/Zoophilia Defilement Handcuffs/Shackles Menstruation Sadism
    Beating Depilation/Shaving Hard sex Military Fetish/Uniforms Scent
    Biastophilia (Committing Rape) Dildos (Hand-held & Strap-ons) Harnesses Nipples Spanking/Paddling
    Biting Discipline Humiliation Oral Fixations Tickling
    Blood play Doctor/Nurse Kidnapping Play Oral Sex Toys
    Body Hair Domination Knife Play Pain (Giving/Receiving) Verbal Humiliation/Abuse
    Body Modification Ears Lace/Lingerie Pinching Violence/Physical Injury
    Bondage Electrotorture Latex Plushophilia Voyeurism

    Not all of it terrible for sure, however Derby has quite the fetish laundry list happening here. While he denies having any babyfur or diaper fetishes, some of his favorite images on FurAffinity include rape, diapers, babyfurs, cubs, and incest.

    Some of these images that Derby has added to his FA favorites list have been included here, so that he can fap to them later.


    File:Poor snickers.jpg
    Derby's third known furry victim - Snickers

    That's right, if you didn't catch it above, Derby is a dogfucker! When his mother caught him romancing the family Doberman Pinscher, he was forced to leave the care of his parents and move in with his grandmother. After being exiled, Derby acquired a Boxer named Truffles, who he had a passionate relationship and many late night yiff sessions with. According to Derby, it was ok to do this because Truffles was a large breed dog and "she could take it." Soon after acquiring Truffles, Derby's mommy took the dog for it's own safety. While Derby would miss dear Truffles, he would soon acquire another furry fuck buddy, Snickers. Snickers and Derby shared a brief relationship until Derby's then girlfriend left him after realizing what a sick shit he is. Luckily for the dog, she took it with her.

    Derby has admitted to having a beastiality fetish in several places, but most recently he has hinted to it in a fetish meme:

    Bestiality/Zoophilia? - *GRINS* I think you can answer that one yourself


    —Derby on his desire to fuck animals

    Selling of Illegal Illicit Materials

    Molesting little doggies wasn't enough for Derby, so after a while he began attempting to market beastiality DVDs to his fellow furfags. Unfortunately Derby lucked out and was not caught, however he is believed to be still in possession of the materials. Hopefully some time in the near future someone will alert the appropriate Ohio authorities.

    Derby the Furvert

    When you meet Derby, the first thing he will proudly announce to you is that he is a furvert and try to have yiff with you, regardless to age, gender or race. Those like Derby enjoy partaking in beastiality and pedophilia, as well as forcing their sick sexual fetishes on the people around them, often whilst stalking people.

    Stalkee Numero Uno

    Some time in mid 2007, Derby realized that there were other furfags living in his area of Ohio and began attending their meetups. Even the furry idiots he was meeting in person were smart enough to realize that this guy was bad business. Soon Derby met a rare female furfag, who lived quite close to him. After tricking another local furfag to give up the girl's number, Derby called her daily to profess his undying love. During this time, Derby happily shared his sexual fetishes with the horrified girl, inculding talking about how much he loved fisting, rimming, and touching innocent dogs. After two weeks of phone calls, the girl finally told Derby to fuck off. Realizing his affections wouldn't be returned, Derby began spreading drama in a jealous rage, claiming to have slept with her, as well as saying that she "cheated" on him with another local furfag.

    Stalkee Numero Dos

    After being warned repeatedly by forum moderators after his stalking and threats of the first girl, Derby found a second victim. After meeting her at a local furfag gathering, he started a more laid back approach to his stalking. After chatting with the girl casually for a couple of weeks, he showed up at a Denny's where the furfags, girl number two included, were having a meetup. The red flags went up when he once again began loudly talking about his fetishes in this public restaraunt where kids and families were trying to eat nearby.

    He went on and on and on about his ex bf and using terms like "furriends" and "yiff" and "tailhole" around nonfur friends. He also then announced his self-proclaimed title of "Furvert".


    —Girl number two on "the Denny's incident"

    Similar to girl number one, Derby hit on girl number two relentlessly, despite her turning him down over and over, telling him that she was already equipped with a boyfriend. Also like with girl number one, he phoned his new stalkee constantly to complain about every aspect of his shitty life, including his new girlfriend who he referred to as "the skank." The most disturbing of these phone calls? Derby called to baaww that oops, he had chlamydia! Other sources report that this nympho tiger was also infected with gonorrhea at the time. Way to go boss!

    After this, girl number two began avoiding Derby like the plague but he pursued, sending text messages, emails, IMs, and forum PMs. He begged her to break up with her boyfriend, and asked if she didn't want to do that, would they like to have a three-some? Weeks later girl number two did break up with her boyfriend, and later on to Derby's dismay began dating another man. When Derby discovered that he'd been snubbed yet again, he became angry and spread the same rumors he had before, except this time about the second girl.

    Stalkee Numero Tres (the one that fell for it)

    After being turned down twice by girls he professed were the loves of his life, Derby met a third girl through the NEOfurs forums. Rosalie Joy Dall, aka Talamajic, was an cheap harlot who fell for Derby's constant flirting and sexual advances due to an extremely low self esteem. Soon she was boasting similar fetishes to Derby, and the couple moved in together in a trailer in Derby's grandmother's backyard. A sucker for punishment, Tala stayed with Derby for quite some time, all through which he referred to her as a skank, bitch, ho, and slut, and happily accounted details of their sexual goings on to anyone who would listen. Tala submitted herself not only to Derby's rape, BDSM, and watersports fetishes, but also to his love of dogs. Finding himself in sexual fetish heaven, Derby soon asked Tala to marry him. Having had her self esteem drop even lower since beginning her courtship with Derby, Tala of course said yes, believing that he was the only option left to her. Tala was overjoyed at the proposal, but would later learn that it wasn't a good decision.

    File:Tala and snickers.jpg
    Derby's two favorite girls

    But soon after that, things with Derby and Tala began to get rocky. Derby's joblessness combined with his lack of any actually sexual ability were beginning to irk Tala, who, after all did want a real man. First she broke off her engagement with him, but told him that she wanted to stay together. Derby stayed with her, though the abusive name calling and lewd comments regarding his "mate" worsened after that time. Knowing that their relationship troubles were his fault, Derby stated this in a MySpace journal entry:

    With all the advances in technology why couldn't they make a pill for a guy so that he doesn't do stupid shit?


    We often wonder this ourselves. Not terribly long after breaking off the engagement but announcing that she was staying with Derby, Tala began sleeping around since she really was a ho. Soon it came time to make a choice, and being a smart girl she chose a man with more money, a better job, and far more sexual prowess than Derby.

    Derby was distraught for months after Tala left him. He went back and forth from calling her a dumb slut to begging her to return, since she was the love of his life. Unfortunately for him, not even his furvert "charm" could lure Tala back to him.


    While all furfags are addicted to drama, Derby has a special talent for leaving a trail of it wherever he goes due to his need to baaawww that he is being fursecuted. While occasionally he will baaw on his MySpace page, Derby most often leaves his furry drama on the popular furfag center, the NEOfurs forums. After disappearing for a long while due to his Tala drama, Derby rejoined their furfagotry in November of 2008 and lurked until May of 2009. When he finally began posting to their forums, his fellow Ohioan furfags let loose a shitstorm of furry drama, including tacking "Anti-Furvert" banners in their forum signatures.

    Derby got into a humongous baaawwwing contest with drama queen furfag elite Zero. Who is so sex starved due to her fatass who is secretly jealous that Derby was giving his tiny member to dogs instead of her. More recently, Derby has again been attempting to win over the NEOfurs, trying to convince them that it is a good thing to be a furvert. He has since been permabanned from not only there, but another local forum as well and is whining like the butthurt tiger that he is to anyone that cares (or doesn't care) to listen.

    His Facebook and MySpace pages are now private only, probably due to all the other dogfuckers wanting to get with him and him not knowing where to start.

    He has also baawwed significantly regarding fursecution in a thread he created about cars. Unfortunately Derby has not learned the rules of the internet, and could not provide proof that he is not a complete backbirth and isn't going to blow himself up, though this would leave us with one less furry so we aren't too horribly concerned.


    remember DracoGuard? Consider this round 2.


    The Furvert: A life in pictures About missing Pics
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    Contact Info

    Outside Links

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    Gary Freeman is part of a series on


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    Gary Freeman is part of a series on Enemies of The Lulz
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