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    File:Ew ganguro.jpg
    If you sprayed that thing with water, you'd find out that there is no longer a girl under all the makeup and trinkets.
    How the Ganguro culture decides supremacy among themselves.

    Ganguro is a now traditional fashion trend in Japan where the less up-to-date Azn girls (and a few faggy pimps) try to tan themselves as dark as they can, bleach and dye their hair to something vaguely resembling blonde, and wear bright makeup and flashy clothing that causes the viewer to have seizures because, one day, a girl woke up somewhere in Japan and was badly disappointed that cosplaying as a sentient, cartoon turd with secondary female characteristics didn't make her look stupid enough and wanted to push that envelope of full blown retarded and the desire to be disowned and made to love out on the street. It's not cool and most of the apparently normal women think ganguro girls are whorish freaks. It's extremely ironic that they're pretty much wearing blackface, considering how Asians and niggers have a bloodthirsty rivalry. Actually, ganguro tried to recreate the southern California surfer look. Girls and guys wear colorful clothing and flowers in an attempt to look like beach bunnies and beach bums. More extreme versions, called yamanba (Moonspeak for "old cunt"), basically dunk their head in shoe polish. Ganguro is also responsible for the cancerous shitpile that is para para dancing. Like punk, the style has become increasingly bizarre with diminishing novelty. :(

    Aside from wealthy Floridian seafront retirees, other inspirations were the images of women in crap R&B bands like Destiny's Children, and the Black and White Minstrels. Talk about mixed messages.

    According to Something Awful's Dr. Thorpe:

    They're sort of like the opposite of goths. Dark makeup [burnt over-tanned skin], white circles around the eyes, bleached hair, bright clothes. And somehow they're much, much scarier. Goths could learn a thing or two about true evil from these cats. In order to taste true darkness, you must trade in Bauhaus for The Vengaboys.

    Most reasonable people self respond to Dr. Thorpe's response with a resounding Uhh Duh! because as goths are usually fat girls who make themselves look even more unatractive because as they like the idea of finding love, they like the idea of failing at every chance in it better because they get to drink chocalate sauce like its a beverage and eat a gallon of ice-cream with the reward of being able to cut themselves after words because they made themselves a pig and it disgusts them. Comparatively ganguro consists of usually skinny, sexually attractive girls who want to look like a Malibu Barbie that their 6 year old sister took a bunch of differant colored Sharpies to, in an outburst of anger against the doll and herself, as a way of trying to communicate to everyone that her granfather is molesting her.

    The ganguro subculture is widely believed to be matriarchal due to the aggressive nature and characteristic insanity of its females, who often rely on cannibalism for survival and have been known to tie bloody tampons together to use as nunchucks to defend themselves.

    Quiz Time

    Teen whore collection: spot the ganguro!

    I wanna know name of this song ^.^ please! someone must know it ;> it's awesome!


    —Some Youtube srs fan sprouting musical taste out of his arsehole


    oh my god could you look any more like you smeared shit on your face?




    The name "ganguro" is derived from the Japanese gan, cancer, and guro, kuro, black.

    Kuro is also the Japanese pronunciation of the Italian and Spanish word culo, which is asshole in English.

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