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File:Black Gang.jpg
A typical gang.
Straight-up ballin' G
Be afraid. They are serious.

A gang is a group of nigras banded together to commit crime. They like to think of themselves as badasses, because beating up people weaker than you with outside help, sagging your pants, butchering the English language, and overall simply being a douchebag is so badass.


It is a well known fact that all gangs are composed entirely of black persons and should be killed immediately (with extreme prejudice). Black gangs gained prominence during the malt liquor prohibition of '86. Tired of niggers using up local healthcare funds, and frankly, sick of niggers acting niggerish, the government banned the sale of "fodies" to get niggers to stop shooting each other. Soon, however, blackmarket "fodies" flooded the streets. These were often just old 8 Ball bottles refilled with piss that sold for as high as 6 dollars and a fried chicken wing or watermelon, but the darkies couldn't get enough. The government's plan had no effect though, they soon realized that niggers were naturally ignorant and violent. Because of pressure from Korean liquor store owner's, the ban was overturned. The American government attempted to harness the power of these groups a shitload of years ago through slavery but failed miserably as black persons are unstoppable once organized into a group. However, they are incapable of organizing themselves and it took the famous wigger Abraham Lincoln to do the thinking part of their escape plan.

Since they were freed by wiggers, niggers have sought revenge on their white nemesis by committing so much crime that they are too afraid to leave their homes. This has caused white people to become trapped by their fear, thus making them much like slaves. This was always the black agenda and is the perfect revenge.

Gang Signs

File:Gang sign.JPG
Wanna feel important? Come up with your own gang sign. This gang member nigger has come up with an elephant for his gang sign.

Gang signs are basically a way for gangstas to feel like they are part of something important. Most gang signs not only look retarded, but mean something completely asinine too. A sign used commonly among gangstas these days is the peace sign. Yes, it is quite common that you see a gangsta supporting the peace sign, yet that same gangsta contributes 75% of the crime in the city he lives in. It's a real life oxymoron. There is a downside to gang signs, believe it or not. Not only do they make you look like a fucking retard, but if you're not a gangsta, they can also put your life in danger. One place you never want to do a gang sign is a nigra infested ghetto. In one of these ghettos you can get shot for just playing with your fingers. You don't want a straight-up G to think you're showing disrespect to his pack of worthless, drugged up, dirtbag, niggers. No, you want to show them respect, because they're important (or so they think).

Gang members discussing how to act cool and tough

The Horrible Secret Gangstas Hide


Gang Pastimes

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