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ED does NOT need a huge list of absolute nobodies, nor does it give a shit about the fact you tweet shit with #GamerGate in it 700 times a day or that someone once took a screencap of something you said to Jonathan McIntosh and posted it on r/KotakuInAction because it was "LOL SO FUNNY!!1!11". Rather than shamelessly self-promotion yourself all over to this site in an attempt to become internet famous, how about you read about even bigger faggots like TotalBiscuit and Boogie2988. And while you're at it, how about just killing yourself altogether?
Milo On GamerGate.jpg

This is what these people fap to

This is a list of people on the wrong side of history and GamerGate.

The shitstorm that is GamerGate attracted hordes of fat losers (Read: Gamers) to it like flies to shit in a pathetic attempt to become internet famous. This quest comes in the forum of boring videos, poorly written articles and video streams where they all host one another and circlejerk which last 9 fucking hours each and no one with a life would bother watching, which, luckily for them, doesn't include anyone who supports GamerGate.

None of these people are important enough to even have their own Encyclopedia Dramatica article.

Big players


Moar info: Mister Metokur.


The fat fuck we all have been waiting for.
Matt when not making clickbait videos.

Matt Jarbo is a commentator on the whole. Doesn't have any influence. The most boring person you will ever listen to. Gets butthurt over stupid bullshit every two days and cries about it on YouTube which is his meal ticket when he isn't already using food stamps. Every single video is one semi-relevant image with him bitching for 40 minutes.

So poor he records the audio for his shows on a cellphone in his car. Once tried to start a Let's Play channel, but since he is most boring person ever, it did poorly and most videos only have views in the double digits.

Soon, MundaneMatt joined the moneywhore bandwagon and got a Patreon account for his "content". Self-described as "one of the most redpilled motherfuckers around", he is mocked endlessly for the creation of the meme "Turn off that pesky Adblock." after he released several monetized videos of E3 2015. He took those videos down, but the mocking will never end. He even tried to make videos EXACTLY like the ones for ReviewTechUSA because he's so goddamn unoriginal.

MundaneMatt Lets Play channel.jpg


KingOfPol Crying.jpg

Bryan Dunn is was the typical GamerGate supporter. Ugly, single, overweight, uneducated and a neckbearded perma-virgin still living at home. During a stream this unlovable spic started crying like the little bitch that he is, after hitting on and being rejected by every girl on the GamerGate side (which is sad considering how ugly they all are) and then broke his keyboard. He cried for hours on end how he will never score and why he is still single, and how much he wants to fuck any women, but mostly the Boxxy look-a-like Shoe0nhead, as a dimwitted bimbo is perfect for his level of maturity. That was one stream he didn't upload, but everyone who was there to listen to it still makes fun of him.

He is also a complete conspiracy tard, who believes in anything from reptilians to a faked moon landing to fucking chemtrails. And you wonder why nobody takes GamerGate seriously?

yes im a lonely guy


—KoP finally being truthful for once

with this pig as a girlfriend it's no shock he's ready to replace her with any chick that he comes in contact with

Recently he solidified himself as king of sperg of GG when, shortly after saying that the Holocaust didn't happen, he said that he got his hands on a screencap post by Nick Denton given to him by Totilo himself where Nick talks about paying people to shill on 8chan and twitter. This was obviously not fucking true and he rushed out the door to post it without bothering to confirm, exposing himself as a giant retard yet again.

King Of Pol Lying.jpg

I will never trust anything he says again because he blatantly lied to me to get me to confirm something on Twitter. I encourage everyone else to do the same based on the evidence here.


HotWheels, Talking about Bryan

The IA stream where KOP shows how batshit he is


Finally has his own article. Click the image to read more.

Slade Villena.jpg

Christina Hoff Sommers

Despite her old age and creepy stare, half of GG want to give her another pearl necklace.

Christina Hoff Sommers, called CHS by people too lazy to type and "Based Mom" by losers on the internet with a granny/S&M fetish for her, is a men's right activist who infiltrated the feminist movement by pretending to be one of them and then spent years trying to tear them down from the inside. She later joined GamerGate because bingo night at the retirement home was getting boring.

One time, 50 years ago, when she was in her mid-40's, she wrote a mediocre book that nobody cared about and ever since has been living off the royalties and waiting to die of old age.

Minor players


Fat, acne, grey hairs, depressed and disabled. We swear this is actually a female

Aka. Socks aka. Rinaxas aka Carina Vossos is a fat, depressed land-whale who does nothing but sit on her fat ass all day and tweet about shit. Once and awhile she actually makes a video, when she isn't busy shilling Diablo 3 and rubbing her clit to all the ArchiveToday-favicon.pngfree money she got from retards who donated to her. Her hair has already turned grey from living such a hard life. Is so hideous she had to travel to Texas to find a inbred redneck dumb enough to fuck her. Was told by the Australian government that soliciting money from donations to buy the World of Warcraft expansion was illegal, so she ArchiveToday-favicon.pngshut down her gofundme campaign, and had to find another way to make money, that didn't involve getting an actual job.

During the last 12 months I turned 25 and found my first grey hair. Yup, standing there in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I spot a silvery shine. Frantically I search and discover the source was indeed a grey hair.

No one tells you this, but stress and being over 25? Grey hairs.



Camera Lady

The headmate of ShortFatOtaku. She's a Fat, autistic lesbian and stalker. Only got into GamerGate to sexually harass all the chicks. If you meet her, protect your vagina. Collected thousands of Patreon shekels primising to make her GamerGate show weekly and then went AWOL for over 2 months. Obviously a scammer.


Average GamerGate nobody

Furfag that manages to be everywhere while barely contributing shit. Occasionally appears on streams to spread his furfaggotary and makes YouTube video's that nobody cares about. Chose the avatar of a panda as even if he was the last male on earth no woman would let him inside, even if it meant the survival of the species.


Thinks he's important because he mods "Kotaku in Action" on reddit, hosts live streams about GamerGate and makes Tumblr in Action podcasts. Bases his entire internet persona around a hat that he's probably done some pretty questionable things to. This faggot isn't good for anything except feeding his own stupidly large ego when he's not jerking off to Mundane Matt videos.

RevueMage/Steve Sawyer

After getting rejected from GG he became a brony

Last Thursday Nigra Steve decided to jump the bandwagon that is GamerGate, in order to do like the SJW's these losers are fighting and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngcash in on some of that delicious nerd money.
When he was done with stealing, like all niglets do, he forced a white ho to stay at her apartment, as he is too fucking stupid to find a place of his own. When the whore didn't want this unbathed slob in her apartment no more, nigger became defensive. They had known each other for a total of 3 days. The woman was also getting worried about all the stereos that this thief brought home. So when she brought home some of her AZN hooker friends, Steve became upset as he couldn't afford the 5 dorrah for them. So he videotaped them and shared that shit, so he could fap to them while crying in the bathroom. And now he is not allowed within 100 yards of the whore he seduced with his rapedrugs.

Adam Baldwin

Sketch from behind the scenes of Firefly.

A D-list celebrity at best, he created the #GamerGate hashtag thus giving the movement a name. Big fucking deal. He is now a spokesman the media calls on to explain the Pro-GG side, which doesn't help the cause because he is so right-wing he thinks America is a communist country.

Pro-GG faggots with their own article

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