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    File:Typical gamelife scene.jpg
    A typical episode of Gamelife.

    GameLife was a short-lived but lulz-worthy show, from the internets. It originally started as an Awful Link of the Day on Something Awful before it became filled with AIDS and Fail.

    The show aired for 10 episodes, but quickly died, when it realized that the meme of retards talking about video games have been done at least 100 times before.

    Memmorable Moments

    Welcome to GameLife, the only show where y-you can get your daily dose of gaming goodness (every five months)

    <video type="metacafe" id="1042221/game_life_s_andrew_rosenblum_sentenced/" width="540" height="406" desc="Game Life 's Andrew Rosenblum Sentenced " frame="true" position="center"/>

    Goodnight Sweet Prince.

    Cast of Characters



    The man behind GameLife has also been a gamer all his life. Starting with the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Andrew has enjoyed video games on all systems. Recently, he has been interested in film and TV, thus his inspiration for getting arrested for telling his girlfriend that she will be shot like Virginia Tech.



    Andrew's co-host and bitch. He has been gaming for a while and has favorite games across several platforms. He is currently gone back to Mexico, after forgetting to bring back his passport with him on his tip to Beantown.

    DAVE aka "Stuttering Craig"


    It takes a lot to impress this harsh game critic. As the 3rd host of GameLife, Dave is excited to bring a new edge to game reviews. As a straight shooter, he is not afraid to go against the popular decision nor is he intimidated by big companies. On the side, he is a musician and often plays concerts to raise money for charity. He digs survival horror games, sports games, and action games. He actually one time bought a P-p-p-powerbook from a man for $50. Craig went on after GameLife to create his own website ScrewAttack.



    Melissa is a chef with a weakness for digital cuteness. Melissa loves all things macabre and/or generally creepy, personified food and studying social grace. She also makes delicious cupcakes. Being the token gamer chick, she was the reason 13 year old boys had to close their doors before watching her videos. She went on to be a model on "Deal or No Deal" for case number 42.



    Geoff Mendicino, a mentally challenged Mexican, Now one of TheGameBoys and creator of FreezeCracker.com a ScrewAttack trolling center, that caused the reason for GameLife's Cancellation. He reviews games normally without a shirt, so all the girls will think he's sexy. And is the inventor of Anti-lulz as well as the Internet Love Machine. his current pursuits involve being a complete cock on Xbox Live. Genuinely thinks he's asian. Stalks people who don't pay attention to him.

    Interview with GameLife

    In 2006, Slap headed faggot "Handsome Tom" from ScrewAttack.com (whom recently became butthurt and fucked off to create his own shitty website, TheGayHeroes.com), interviewed The GameLife crew at a time when people actually gave a fuck about them. Ironically at a time when no-one gave a fuck about ScrewAttack either and thus sucked up to Gamelife, hoping for a free ride on the retard train.

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