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    It's generally believed that no girls like to play video games, except maybe The Sims or other shitty non-games, but never WoW or EverQuest unless they're actually fat or traps.

    Well, along came Cracky-chan and Pink Poodle, two hot young chicks who say they do play these games. So with the hope that gamers would be able to hook up with some hot gamer girls from the internet, GameCrush was born.

    GameCrush.com isn't a dating service but instead a brothel. Guys pay girls to play games with them over the internet. This premium online service allows virgins everywhere to browse through the photo gallery and personality profiles of thousands of e-whores, who will take your money in exchange for some hot, sexy, one on one Halo 3 action.

    Selecting Your Whore

    Chrissy - "I'm totally into the game Little Big Planet."

    Potential customers are able to browse through over 1200 "play date" profiles consisting of fat women and traps, and even chat with the "ladies" for free. Play dates have their status listed as either flirty or dirty, so if you're feeling extra adventurous and are looking to squeeze some dirty talk in between MW2 rounds you know who to choose. Once you select your whore, it's a simple matter of buying tokens ($8.25 for 10 minutes on Xbox Live or 6 minutes of flash gaming with a live cam feed) and then you're off to brag to your friends about your hot new gamer girlfriend. Just kidding, you don't have any friends. It's still cheaper than paying for blowjobs, though.

    Games Supported

    Currently only a handful of basic flash games on the PC, as well as four Xbox Live games are supported by GameCrush (Modern Camper 2, Queers of War 2, Gaylo 3, and GTA4). Not to worry, though — the owners of the escort service plan to add Wii, PS3, and WoW support as soon as possible. That way you can be sure that the virtual elf ass you're fapping to is actually a girl and not a 40 year old man.

    New Service

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