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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
    It isn't something to be proud of...
    Someone make him stfu.
    What his animes have to say about him
    Gallantmon8 looking stunning while posing with an illegal mexican



    —The great lego warrior, Ben Schroeder

    Gallantmon8 (Benjamin Donald Schroeder) was one of many Tartlets with a passion for a fictional character, being the #1 Lover of Rosalina, a fictional princess from Super Mario Galaxy who is nothing more than a Peach recolor. Taking these steps further than the usual horny teenager, he actually believes that Rosalina loves him as well and constantly requests pictures of her to other Tartlets. What differentiates him most is the fact that he's had E-girlfriends who he broke up with due to how focused he was on Rosalina.

    By looking at Gallantmon8's name, you can also comprehend that he is a Digifag.

    24: Unusual things about you?

    Gallant: Mah autism, I guess........


    —Bitch is autistic

    On deviantART

    Like many on the internet, gallant got his boost to fame from what he did as a Tartlet. His gallery consists of MS Paint skills maybe even worse than Chasethehedgehog, blurry photography, legos, and screenshots of a Pokémon game and various websites. He has a meme obsession, which includes him often using them as subjects for his art and saying "FALCON EDIT" instead of "edit",even though he haets ED and 4chan with a deep, fiery passion. However, he became high-profile due to frequently commenting and faving many pictures, usually of Nintendo, memes, and even fat pictures.

    Gallant pretends to be friends with seemingly any Mario fan who draws and takes advantage of this by requesting Rosalina pictures (often paired up with himself), perhaps since his artistic capabilities are limited to scribbling. Searching "gallantmon8" on dA brings up many results, and a large percentage of these are his requests. These pictures provide him with fapping material for the next few hours while he pretends to have sex with her in the comments of over 9000 Rosalina pictures

    Recently, gallant started a club supporting him x Rosalina.

    1: How old are you?

    Rosalina: Well, I'm actually around 21, but I like to think of myself as just about Gallant's age(16)

    Gallant: Yup, 16!


    —Obviously, Rosalina, Queen of the fucking Galaxy is 21 and thinks of herself as 16

    His request whoring hasn't always worked smoothly. One such case was when he requested the usual "gallant with Rosalina" picture to File:Deviantart-favicon.png ChatRoyale, who was talented but was Italian and didn't have the best understanding of English. She interpreted the request as a picture of him with Peach, (understandably, considering Rosalina is Peach with a blue dress) thus drawing a picture of that. Instead of accepting the mistake and taking it as it is, Gallant dealt with it immaturely and wanted it redone, which did occur.

    He also tried to flame on a commission by a pinup artist, who was paid to draw Rosalina on a postcard to Bowser. The artist told him off publicly, then noted him to make sure he was okay, knowing he was a special, unstable snowflake. His response was emotional blackmail on the grounds of "if you're really wanting to make sure i'm ok, draw Rosalina on a postcard for me instead of Bowser".


    Car transformation is an example of a Rosalina picture that goes past gallant's limit.
    His response to the car picture while others respond with truth. And because this isn't on his page, he can't hide the comments.

    Like many Tartlets, gallant is swift to hide comments that are negative or by trolls. While hidden comments were once able to be viewed by page source, unfortunately this is no longer true. As a result, screencapping is recommended when a troll comment is seen and not yet hidden, especially if gallant provides a reaction. YouTube trolling is still possible to see, even if it gets hidden.

    Wow you have to be the most selfish person I've ever seen. My god what do you have shoved up your ass that makes you act like this? I'm being compleatly serious right now too, I've seen you be incredibly rude to people for not drawing you requests or not drawing requests how you want saying they "suck" or look like "crap" Are you that spoiled that you can't at least say "No thank you, maybe another time" You ask requests from EVERYONE and always get what you want, I'm truely suprised you haven't asked me for a request and I know the only reason you watched me was to get one. Seriously, it's amazing that you even have friends. Your friends care for you and it's so sad that you don't feel the same towards them. And if you do say "Yes I do care for them" Then answer me this "How?" You demand them to serve your every need and treat them like crap in this way in return. And I know either two things will happen out of this. You'll either Block me, hide this comment, and call me a troll for pointing out your faults, OR you will reply with a a plz account of some overused meme. Which I find to be hilarious since you say you hate 4chan so much, yet you use meme's from the site. You should be thankful that your friends want to play with you in the first place, you should be thankful that they still put up with you, that they draw you your silly little requests even though you're so rude to them.


    —TailzandBlueberry, deviantART

    how can u like Rosalina, shes ugly!!!


    —EvilQueenDaisy, deviantART

    why hello there good sir, i challenge you to an art drawing contest

    do you accept?


    —Frumpichoo, deviantART

    Wait...I think I'm missing the ART part of this ART TRADE. Because I don't really see any art in this at all, save for Peach's brooch. Honestly, if you think this is "art" in any way, shape, or form, you obviously need to post "Lost Frontal Lobe" posters on a few telephone poles


    —CritDispenser, on truth

    What a fucking failure. Good luck with fapping to a fictional character and never getting laid.


    —beckonthethaw, YouTube

    I think it's amusing how you love to abuse memes and hate trolls at the same time. <:'D


    —marianalynch, YouTube

    His Art

    Elsewhere on the Internet

    So hardcore that he can't say faggotry without censoring it.
    File:Fail gallantmon is fail.PNG

    Besides dA, there are various places where gallant pops up at. On iScribble, he occasionally collaborates with more talented people (throwing in his slop in the process) and posts the finished results on dA, possibly in an attempt to have comparatively decent art. He's also on Tegaki E, where you can't collaborate on art so there's ONLY shit on his account.

    Dislikes being called gay.

    He uses YouTube and has awful, effortless videos there. A fan of YouTube Poop, he's made Poops in Windows Movie Maker which repeat a Zelda CD-i clip over and over while using different WMM special effects on the clips. Even lazier videos of his reverse music from games such as Donkey Kong and Banjo Kazooie. gallant himself appears in a recent video.

    A recent community he's shown up at is Gaia Online, but hasn't done anything that noteworthy there so far. Most recently, he's been seen on his Facebook account, now not only showing his affection to multiple Rosalina roleplayers, but also not-so-subtly chasing after roleplayers of the Touhou series.

    His dA Relationships

    The Lucky Star picture in question.

    gallant, in spite of his arrogance, has somehow had E-girlfriends, although these relationships usually don't last long. His first was File:Deviantart-favicon.png supermariokoolgirl, who was at one point a Meta-Knight fangirl. They went with the relationship for some time, gallant frequently posting his love for her and Rosalina on supermariokoolgirl's userpage and requesting several pictures of him with Rosalina from her. One controversy started in September 2008 when gallant commented on a picture by waluigis-girl that traced the original characters of gallant, smkg, and others over a Lucky Star picture. As smkg's character had a cheerleader-like expression, gallant commented that she might have had Meta-Knight up her butt. smkg did not take this nicely, so as a result gallant depressingly apologized and said that he'll always love her and Rosalina. Due to his focus on Rosalina, he stopped with the e-relationship sometime afterwards.

    After he was done with smkg, he had a relationship with File:Deviantart-favicon.png DragonKazooie89, also known as Heather. Heather was smarter than smkg, and merely tolerated gallant as he spammed his love on her userpage. Heather's tolerance dwindled and she had it with gallant's obsessing. gallant finally learned that Heather had no romantic interest in him, so he cried a river of tears on Rosalina Paradise, convinced that he'll be doomed to a life without true love. On Tegaki E, he drew this gem where he really did cry a river of tears for the same reason.

    Now he's dating some fat emo slut named File:Deviantart-favicon.png Kartmaster, who sends him Rosalina toys and doesn't know what sex is.

    Real-Life Relationships

    Via deviantART notes, it's been confirmed that gallant has had various relationships in real life. These notes confirm he's a virgin.

    Fucked Around about having HIV+

    Just when we were getting excited...


    Reaction to this Article


    With trolls around, it didn't take long until gallant was aware of this article. He's already whined about it with Engrish-esque comments such as "WHAT SICK MAN WRITE FAIL SATIRE ABOUT ME?" Neg, obvious TF2 reference is Extremely obvious... Either way he's still full of fail.

    Fan Art

    Although most art with gallantmon8 is requested by him, trolls draw him with love on their own.


    After being involved in underaged sex RP with a 14-year-old girl, some heroic user named mariojuggernaut23 filmed the entire chat before the fucker had a chance to hide them. Now the sick fucker must be in his room crying to his Rosalina fuck toy that he can never watch him and Rosalina's pictures again. Now the tartlets on deviantART can draw Rosilina in peace. Video can be seen here

    This was why you got banned Ben!

    A week later Rosalina's lover decided to put it upon himself to explain why mean old mariojuggernaut23 was wrong to get him banned.
    {FACECAM} When A Mistake Goes Awry

    Finally after he was culled out on his bullshit, the guy finally learned his lesson. Most likely he won't

    {FACECAM} Welp, I'll Say This.

    He has said he'd return, though this statement has been unfulfilled since 2014, so it's probably never going to happen.

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