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    Gadi Evron

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Gadi Evron and Morning_wood gay it up.
    Gadi Evron in his natural habitat.

    Gadi Evron is the largest faggot in all of Israel, excluding Ariel Sharon. He hacks from his beyondsecurity.com office where he incorporates DNS txt fields in various flirtations with his cow orkers. A staple in the queercon community, Gadi has been known to reserve an entire hot tub for himself and whatever unlucky Palestinian male escort he has drugged. Frequently known to heil Der Fuhrer

    His pathetic excuse for a presentation at Defcon 2006 was the same shit Dan Kamsinsky was saying four years ago, and what Scut of Teso released an advisory and tool for in 2000. This makes Gadi Evron a big fucking joke. Nobody would care if he were a cool guy, but he's not just a joke, but rather an obnoxious Jewish failure of a joke.


    Gadi Evron went to Defcon and acted like an obnoxious retard the entire time as usual. It was said that he was the new Pete Shipley, but unlike Shipley, had no posse. He spent hours in a public area shouting like an idiot at everyone who he even remotely knew, or looked Jewish. Eventually most people became tired of this so sneak went to a highly elevated area and shouted "MY NAME IS GADI EVRON AND I LOVE COCK" and essentially the entire convention started laughing at Gaydi.

    Evron also told sneak that as a Jew, he felt the swastika floods to the Full Disclosure mailing list were inappropriate. This makes him a zionist faggot, as they were in reality quite hilarious.

    Most Used Sayings By Gadi Evron

    • "My name is Gadi Evron and I love cock"
    • "DNS is the hacker protocol"
    • "Gadi Evron is a faggot"
    • To 0day or not 0-day!

    Gadi's emotional bonds with DNS DDoS nets

    As everyone in America knows, fat, pathetic and balding jews like Gadi Evron love the topics of spamming, phishing, and scamming. This is not due to their inability to handle more complex computer topics as one would logically assume, what with them being jews and all. Rather it is due to the jews insisting on illegally and unethically accumulating funds. It is a fact that Gadi Evron himself has committed mass fraud, not only against Bank of America, but also against The Virgina State Lottery, as well as Publishers Clearing House. In order to do this, Gadi has called upon 3 superjews, all previous assistants at 2xss, to help fund a mission to construct the world's largest DNS DDoS network ever constructed. He will then use this überhax to spread ASCII art of the Third Reich. This made up the majority of Evron's Defcon 13 speech.

    Gadi Evron vs. Pwnpress

    It is rumored that circa 100 years ago, Gadi Evron started a defamatory campaign against GOBBLES and its sympathizers and lovers. This unfortunate event took place at DEFCON and someone else was really pissed off about it.

    The outcome was named Pwnpress and comprised several exploits against Wordpress, the faggot software powering the blogosphere. Since Gadi and his friends used it on their blog, they got reportedly owned by Faux News:


    The creator of the fine piece of art was Lance M. Havok, a escolar from the Church of Scientology, with great pride. It is possibly his last creation before he retired into the woods seeking enlightenment from Budha. Even though we will remember the name for the ages, Gadi Evron did futile attempts at tracking him down using his morbidly obese commandos. It is unknown if Lance is currently at large or deceased, albeit rumor has it he is waging war against Israel from an undisclosed location.

    Despite the subtle "Shut the fuck up" message, Gadi continues his blogging efforts drinking light coke and eating some pretzels.

    List of ASCII art harbored by Gadi's illegal DNS DDoS nets

    1. beecock (a pro jewish nazi symbol disguised as harmless meme)
    2. File:Nascii.JPG

    The rest is top secret and can only be obtained by submitting your JDL member number and password to Gadi and his heebs.

    Internet Court

    Just Last Thursday Gadi was taken to Internet court under allegations that he had cybersex with a 13 year old jewish girl. While he admitted to this alligation, another more serious allegation was brought forth at the hearing! This allegation was that Gadi had mirrored the sysinternals source code, thus going against the licensing of the code!!!! As stated in article 7, paragraph 3 of the Internet Law, this is the highest degree of Internet Crime, in which no amount of money can right. Instead Gadi was sentenced to Internet jail!!!!!!!! See lolinks for more info.


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