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    GTAForums.com: Loving the Cock since 2001!

    GTAForums.com is an internet forum dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto series of video games. The forum is dominated by 13 year-old fanboys and pedophiles, and has a staff consisting of closeted homosexuals and men who work at local fish depots. The forum is typically seen as a place for pedo baiting and trolling, which makes for much lulz. Mods are constantly active, and will stop at nothing to ensure that there are no shenanigans and/or disorderly conduct, because Grand Theft Auto are serious business.

    Fag Paradise

    Typical GTAForums member.

    For the most part, the average Grand Theft Auto loving douchebag would see GTAForums as a community, with values. Wrong. Upon inspection, lol, there was to be a plethora of teenage boys just waiting to have penises thrust into their anuses, as well as a 40 year-old gaydar who lives in his basement fapping to the thought. There are also a couple of fat chicks who linger around once in a while, who love the caulk. Niggers aren't welcome.

    Last Thursday, the server hosting GTANet/GTAForums went down after several mods ejaculated into the server's air ducts, immediately causing the server to explode into a fiery vortex of doom and menstrual blood which in turn vaporized half of Waddy's penis. People got pissed, and several race riots were held in Guatemala. And like the media, this forum being controlled by Jew who their ancestors Jew and makes the normal humans want to destroy the stupid forum. if you'll go there, god will kill you.

    The forum bodyguard! Be careful!

    If you'll be found as a 12 years old, this is what will happen....

    If you'll be found as a 12 years old girl, the guards will come to hunt you!

    Forum Categories

    The moderator's penis.
    • GTA V - The biggest spammed place where both 11year and 12 old faggots discuss about ponies, dicks and sex clubs in next gta release.
    • GTA IV - Where all of the wiggers and forum queers gather in mass orgies to discuss how big Niko Bellic's and LUIS's crack. is. Also a place to talk how GTA IV is the DEEPESTEST GAME EVAR (fedora required).
    • San Andreas - A place where you can be as special as you like without feeling any different. As user simsman2010 clearly stated when he logged in first time: "i cna has hot coffee LOL".
    • The Lounge/General Chat - Typically where all the forum douchebags go when they're not screwing each other. Also contains houses award winning threads such as "The Official Forum Stoners" and "The alcohol topic" which has stolen at least 100 users from 420 chan. Most forum drama goes down here, so don't be messin.
    • Expression - The best section overall of the forums. Where photoshop masterpieces are posted and future Picasso's and Van Gogh's are born.
    • Debates & Discussion - The place for idiots to argue about edgy topics, such as "Universal Healthcare" and "Bigfoot". Most posts here contain over 9,000 words, and house most of the forum assholes.
    • Public Gang Chat - The place where all the "important members" go to fuck each other in the ass. Mostly filled with mutual masturbation, people that hump Anime dolls, cock size competitions and hypocritical fuckwads who complain about people posting random shit while posting nothing but random shit themselves. Anyone who points out the shittery is banned by the gang leaders, who are probably too busy bathing themselves in oceans of cock to see how fucking retarded they are themselves.

    OGA Gangs

    Andolini Mafia Family - The forum racists and xenophobes. Also known for kitty pictures and gay buttfucking orgies.

    Zaibatsu - Lame tweens. Not worth a wank.

    The Precinct - Man children who have yet to move out of their parents basements. Can't have serious conversations to save their own skins because they're very very special.

    The Connection - The pretentious and pseudo-intellectual snobs. Do nothing but sit in their ivory tower and gossip cause they literally have nothing better to do with their lives. Half of them are transvestites.

    The Yardies - Wanna be druggie Jamacians but in reality White Europeans living in comfortable middle class suburbs.

    South Side Hoodz - The forum creeps and anime obsessed virgins. Keep blow up dolls in their basements.

    Feroci - Who?

    Becoming a Mod

    Getting violated anally never looked so good!

    Becoming a moderator at GTAForums isn't easy, in the slightest bit. But with the right guidance, you'll be able to suck your way right to the top.

    1. Have an avatar of a middle-aged actor like Robert De Niro or Al Pacino.
    2. Use an advanced vocabulary to come across as smart to the dim-witted community.
    3. Get a ton of thumbs up points by shitting on GTA V.
    4. Add mods to your respect list and suck their cocks at every opportunity.
    5. ????
    6. PROFIT!!!
    7. Another alternative option would be to be a snarky & sarcastic left-wing SJW with delusions of power and remember to berate people with opposing political views whenever you can, and just generally act like a superior narcissistic pseudo-intellectual wanker, and you will have it in the bag.

    Concept Threads

    Starting Last Thursday, an intelligent poster decided that it would be an amazing idea to post ideas for a Grand Theft Auto game he called a "concept thread". The writers of these threads lack imagination, and will either ramble on about their "original characters" shooting up army bases on a jetpack, or put zero effort into their thread, borrowing vehicles, weapons, and even characters from other sources, even "Grand Theft Auto" itself. The great irony of these threads are that they believe that their "original creation" will actually be made into a game.

    While reading these, be sure to look out for:

    • Every single line being a different color, causing eye rape.
    • An African-American hoodlum as a protagonist.
    • Every single radio station being either a rap station or featuring shit nobody cares about.
    • A truly original story that only a true literary genius can make.
    • Ignoring and butchering shit from the original games, because fuck Rockstar when they do it but when they do it it's fine, amirite?

    Concept Thread Hall of Fame About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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