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Not quite the original version but probably the inspiration.

The Grand Theft Auto games are nominated as "best gamez evar" by thousands of 13 year old boys across the world for featuring childish and juvenile innuendo, driving, shooting, killing, pools of pixellated blood and other such shite. Though first thought of at least 100 years ago, lusers who've no clue about what an amazing game is still consider these concepts to be "amazing" and "ground-breaking".

All of the games in the series are very diverse and ever-changing, but your goal is always to drive generic cars through generic checkpoints and shoot or ram generic pedestrians and other cars with the aid of cartoon violence. Some would argue that killing people in a game is lulz. Regrettably, every one of you 13 year olds has to learn that it's only lulz if you go for the IRL high score.

Unrealistically, you are able to kill/pwn thousands of people and get away with it. This pisses off the average soccer mom and politician. In the 2009 installment, Chinatown Wars, you can even make hundreds of thousands of meaningless virtual dollars by dealing in meaningless virtual drugs. GTA is SERIOUS BUSINESS, the idea being that if kids or even adults play this game they are just about certain to go on random, unprovoked killing sprees. All kinds of violent events are blamed on this game, completely ignoring all of the violence in the world before it came along.


Islamic version.

GTA-Based Wikis

Proving that everything needs its own wiki, the GTA games have spawned at least three wikis (,, The one on Wikia predictably features 1000% more stupid, and just like on TOW, changing minor details or telling people they're wrong when they are will lead to an instant flamewar.

GTA Forums

The GTA forums provide a cesspit where 14 year olds can argue over which car looks or acts more like which real car, which weapons rate most highly, and stretch the definition of Easter Egg until the egg cracks. Much of the content is just strange, since GTA is not real.

Video Guide On GTA: RL

How to properly steal a car.

How to lose the cops.

Escaping a two star wanted level.

Remember, unless you have a nationalized health service, hospitals cost a lot more IRL - so try to be more like this goy, not this jew.


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