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    Gameshark Central was an online community where people created and shared custom Gameshark and Pro Action Replay codes, which would then be archived and listed in updates, along with full credit given to whoever found the code.

    If you have ever used GameShark or Pro Action Replay codes you can thank the 1337 h4x0rz at GSC for giving birth to them. Codes created exclusively in the GSC members' laboratories were often stolen by GSCCC (Gameshark Code Creator's Club) and InterAct and sold in code-books without any credit given to the actual creators but instead given to their mascot "Codeboy". Legal issues and in-fighting provided vast quantities of drama, but those dedicated to the cause stayed their courses, for they were truly doing it for the lulz. Typical codes found at GSC included nude Natalia in Goldeneye, Arwing in Ocarina of Time, and get Mew.

    A time of prosperity and lulz

    In 1999 GSC was a safe haven for nerds to unite and stand up to the man. A typical GSC member was someone who belonged to other communities but happened to foresee those communities' inevitable abortions, so they left in search of a new home, and GSC is what they found. At GSC you could mingle in the forums or lurk the codebase for something that might have motivated you enough to download and play a ROM for a few hours. Vast amounts of new codes spewed forth in updates like a never ending fountain of ambrosia into the mouths of awe-struck gamers. Suddenly there was a place where all could unite, to work together to build something of greater quality than what you might find in some ham-fisted, half-assed codebook at Wal-Mart, or even on the official Gameshark website itself.

    The original site was extremely Web 1.0, and was forged in the elven fires of SSI and perl.

    A time of ruin Rune and frunz

    Sometime last Thursday, Rune decided to squat http://gscentral.org and wait until the original mods at GSC left so he could squander the skiddie sheeple left over from the great falling-out of 2001. Rune's "carrying of the torch" pissed off the creators of GSC, there were many well-knowns ragequitting, and to this day Viper187 still has an, albeit forgotten, Anti-Rune version of GSC.

    To this day, the Rune dictatorship still reigns upon the psuedo-Web 2.0 fork.

    External Links

    • bsfree.7z 7zip compressed PHP source for the original bsfree, see how shit it really is (no search)
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