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    Don't let this guy or the NDA get your keys!

    GPG4Win is an open source package of PGP for Windows. The lulz generated by the open source movement for PGP is quite funny. People shake their heads in disbelief when someone mentions conspiracy theories about the source code being compromised by the NSA. They suggest that precompiled binaries cannot be trusted. Displaying even greater levels of paranoia, these same nuts claim that compilers have also been compromised, meaning that new GPG/PGP builds are automatically reinfected by compilers.

    Encrypt your emails

    Basically, PGP emails are an awesome way to attract the attention of the Partyvan because they can't read your emails unless you're stupid enough to send your secret key out, provide your password to someone, or something like that, because even with all of the supercomputers the NSA has it would still take about 9,000 years for them to break a PGP encrypted message with basic 1024 bit encryption.

    Encryption always attracts the attention of the Partyvan because obviously you're encrypting emails and files for nefarious purposes. You're not trying to protect your privacy or your anonymity, you're obviously trading CP or plotting Terrorist attacks. Just like Tor, the NSA hates private citizens encrypting their stuff because they can't read it.

    Now, you might think SSL is secure, but no, it's not anymore moron. Per the Snowden revelations, the NSA broke the 128-bit TLS encryption of SSL, which is weak sauce anyway. Do yourself a favor and don't do stupid stuff over SSL, SSL is supposed to be used to verify the identity of a website via a certificate, you then encrypt the traffic with something stronger.

    Go ahead and download it, you know you want to: http://www.gpg4win.org/download.html and generate a 4096-bit key to send emails through Claws Mail and K9 Mail on your Android device. Don't be stupid with the keys, but more than likely you probably will be. Teaching you how to encrypt your stuff is a pointless endeavour and I'm not even sure why you should be educated about it, it's not like you understand it or anything. You just understand crap like the grand United States Area 51 Alien Conspiracy that involves the regenerated head of Richard Nixon.

    Oh, GPG4Win is free, so you don't have to pay for it, not like you can pay for it anyway because you never have any money because you've wasted all your money on buying that new Fleshlight and a subscription to some random Pedobear website you Sick Fuck.

    Anyway, support free speech and privacy, encrypt your emails, use PGP to ensure that no one other your intended recipients are able to read your emails. Of course it's not like you email anyone anyway, loser.


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