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    GOBBLES is the greatest group of trolls that have ever existed. Their drama-generating techniques used were truly of far greater magnitude than anything that has been seen since. The skill and grace with which they whipped the entire whitehat security industry into a frothing, hateful rage make even hardened masters of trollery like the GNAA look retarded and inefficient.

    GOBBLES was such a master of trollery that songs will be sung of their feats for many generations of trolls to come.

    Who is/are GOBBLES?

    GOBBLES Security is an off-again on-again group of about 20 hackers who look for exploitable code and security flaws with all sorts of internet related programs. GOBBLES has found critical flaws in many different programs, including:

    GOBBLES is infamous for their no-heads up "Vendor Notifications" which serve as a massive "Fuck You" to the company who's product is being worked around:

    The professional staff of GOBBLES Security believe that by releasing our advisories without vendor notification of any sort is cute and humorous, so this is also the first time the vendor has been made aware of this problem. We hope that you're as amused with our maturity as we are. ;PpPppPpPpPPPpP


    —GOBBLES Security

    MP3 Hydra

    In 2003, GOBBLES caused an internet-wide panic when they announced that they were working with the RIAA to make a hydra that had already propagated to all corners of the internet, infecting some 95% of p2p networks. Furthermore they said that the exploit was totally uncatchable using normal means.

    Security Faggots the world over proceeded to shit bricks and delete all their music from their computers, only to have GOBBLES come out a week later saying that it was all an elaborate hoax. They also pointed out a security vulnerability in the file format itself that allowed for the insertion of code to delete things from Unix-based systems.

    The only excuse we can offer for our immaturity is that we like the fame


    —GOBBLES Security talking to Wired

    This has also served to smear GOBBLES name through the muck, so that when they release their next security warning the world will ignore them and pay the penalty.

    Trolling the Securifags

    First issue of GOBBLES webcomic.

    GOBBLES' more infamous troll targets included Theo de Raadt, Alfred Huger, and Michal Zalewski (aka lcamtuf). He asked whitehat 'security expert' Raven what she was doing working in security when she couldn't even keep her own laptop from being pwned at schmoocon.

    drunken.fi.st hax

    Apr 24 08:20:13 <rave> im about to release my httpd
    Apr 24 08:21:01 <rave> yes yes opensource
    Apr 24 08:25:20 <rave> fixing the release of the httpd
    Apr 24 08:27:50 <rave> does this look 1337 or what
    Apr 24 08:27:51 <rave> chmod 777 $install/sphiro/{icons,errors}
    Apr 24 08:29:10 * rave is working on the install .sh script that
                            works with ./configure and the makefiles
    Apr 24 08:37:27 <rave> ilja #rosiello misses you
    Apr 24 08:38:32 <ilja> no 1 in #rosiello
    Apr 24 08:39:35 <rave> i do
    Apr 24 08:39:40 <rave> im rosiello
    Apr 24 08:39:46 <rave> with 21 others
    Apr 24 08:40:02 <rave> at tops since whe linked with 0x557 securitu
    Apr 24 08:40:05 <rave> at tops since whe linked with 0x557 security
    Apr 24 08:40:42 <rave> <-- mercy heeft verlaten (Ping timeout)
    Apr 24 08:40:46 <rave> hmm
    Apr 24 08:41:07 <rave> he died
    Apr 24 08:41:16 <rave> on rosiello i think here as well
    Apr 24 08:41:25 <rave> my knife actualy worked
    Apr 24 08:41:30 <mercy> O_O
    Apr 24 08:41:32 <mercy> right
    Apr 24 10:09:22 <rave> http://www.taintedknowledge.net/images/people/rave.jpg
    Apr 24 10:11:30 <rave> http://www.taintedknowledge.net/images/people/rosiello/
    Apr 24 10:13:01 <ilja> nraziz is a member of rosiello ?
    Apr 24 10:13:24 <rave> no
    Apr 24 10:13:29 <rave> a visitor
    Apr 24 10:13:33 <rave> mercy is a member
    Apr 24 10:13:34 <rave> me
    Apr 24 10:13:39 <ilja> mercy is ?
    Apr 24 10:13:43 <ilja> didn't know that
    Apr 24 10:13:50 <rave> ex w00w00 what his name again
    Apr 24 10:13:55 <rave> and angelo
    Apr 24 10:14:10 <rave> ex w00w00 napster
    Apr 24 10:14:26 <rave> angelo,rave,napster,mercy
    Apr 24 10:14:38 <ilja> mercy is really in rosiello ?
    Apr 24 10:14:42 <ilja> i though you were kidding
    Apr 24 10:15:06 <rave> no im not
    Apr 24 10:17:23 <rave> no
    Apr 24 10:17:33 <rave> angelo has some lag in updating the site
    Apr 24 10:17:48 <rave> i was like 3 months in rosiello and still the site sayed
    Apr 24 10:17:52 <rave> angelo,phinix
    Apr 24 10:17:58 <rave> *phunix
    Apr 24 10:18:07 <_demiurge> hey rave
    Apr 24 10:18:19 <rave> in the mean while i released 6 remote exploits
    for windows
    ... a few hours later ...
    ... rave finds out GOBBLES hacked drunken.fi.st ...
                            STUFF IS GONE!!!!!!!!!
    Apr 24 13:25:19 <rave> ty
    Apr 24 13:25:45 <rave> eted
    Apr 24 13:25:45 <rave> <calibre> hmm
    Apr 24 13:25:49 <rave> oops
    Apr 24 13:26:02 <rave> /usr/X11R6/bin/xauth: timeout in locking authority file
    /home/rave/.Xauthorityhi from GOBBLES
    Apr 24 13:26:02 <rave> rm: /home/GOBBLES_rave: Permission denied
    Apr 24 13:26:02 <rave> cp: /tmp/suid_shell_rave: Permission denied
    Apr 24 13:26:02 <rave> chmod: /tmp/suid_shell_rave: Operation not
    Apr 24 13:26:02 <rave> ravedrunken:~ $ls
    Apr 24 13:26:03 <rave> ravedrunken:~ $ls
    Apr 24 13:26:04 <rave> ravedrunken:~ $dir
    Apr 24 13:26:06 <rave> -bash: dir: command not found
    Apr 24 13:26:08 <rave> ravedrunken:~ $ls
    Apr 24 13:26:12 <rave> ravedrunken:~ $
    Apr 24 13:26:16 <rave> where is my research
    Apr 24 13:26:59 <rave> who the fuck has bee g00fing on that box ?, report to me
    and ile show u how mad i am
    Apr 24 13:27:16 <rave> that is like 2 years of research missig stupid
    Apr 24 13:27:24 <rave> bah
    Apr 24 13:28:58 <rave> sorry i didnt realy intended to react like that
                            but im mad i hope there are backups some where 

    Weev Gettin' "Tree'd" (though not really...)

    On Sept. 15th 2009, weev was semi-dox'd on the notorious Full-Disclosure mailing list.(link)

    lol buddy i put my name in my own fuckin' blog its not like youve discovered some big secret

    also, i lol that it took the worlds most well funded law enforcement agency working at the behest of the one true arm of satan just to dox me.

    you dudes are sad.

    lets smoke crack and kill jews.


    —weev's responce

    In essence, GOBBLES gets their name from what they like to do to boys cocks, just like those faggots in zf0. It's not even really a "tree" because his dox are not in a tree format.


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