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    File:David the Gnome.PNG
    Look around you.
    There are many things to see,
    that some would say could never be.
    These things I know.
    It's true and I will tell you so.
    They are there to see,
    if you believe.
    Trolls and wizards and fairy kings!
    Birds that talk and fish that sing!
    And if your heart is true,
    you will find them too.
    In every wish and dream and happy home,
    you will find a Kingdom of the Gnomes.
    kde, a similar project attempting to copy Windows.

    GNOME (GNU - Overtly Metrosexual Environment) is an ugly rip-off of the Mac OSX GUI, proving once again that all open source applications are made from stolen source code rearranged randomly with gay little scripts. GNOMEs development philosophy is our users are stupid and thus every new release is actually smaller than the last, [1] proving the developers are just removing features in the name of "usability" and instead use donations to buy Prozac and Microsoft stocks. All this and yet somehow, GNOME manages to remain slow and bloated, thanks to the over 9000 dependencies and libraries GNOME needs to function.

    GNOME is known for being so ugly that it takes 30 hacks to, at least try and make it not look like shit. That means font fixes and manually editing configuration files. What is this, the 90's? Also, the file chooser can't have a thumbnail view because the asshat gtk/GNOME devs can't imagine anyone needing it, which means if you're an imageboard user, you're pretty much fucked.

    The only people successfully producing anything using GNOME is Ubuntu, because even Jews and your mom can use it, since Firefox and the Solitaire games are easily reached from the menu.


    Ever since Linus Torvalds (who created Linux), started exposing GNOMEs inherent gayness, kewl kidz started using GNOME to defy the God-king of Linux. Little did they know that using GNOME for too long will give you a variant AIDS called GNAIDS. This rare disease will take over your brain and render you unable to refer to Microsoft as anything but 'M$' and force you to use shitty gtk-apps such as Eye of Gnome, Nautilus and Totem. Also, GNOME devs got so butthurt by Torvalds' statements, they actually wrote a 3,000+ page rebuttal, instead of doing something productive like coding a media player and file browser with more than 7 features.

    GNOME developers have always focused all their efforts to kill KDE, but GNOME finally progressed a little when they started focusing their attention towards killing Torvalds. Time will tell if they ever reach Finland without dying of starvation.


    Gnome provides excellent features such as:

    • Windows you can move around and shit.
    • Buttons and menus with no more than 3 frames of animation.
    • Beautiful Minimalistic GUI.
    • G-T-Gay apps!
    • Now with less buttons so users won't get confused...how do i installed themes?
    • You can always use the superior qt-based apps such as k3b and Amarok in GNOME. (never mention this to a GNOME developer or he will kill you in your sleep.)
    • Since 2.16 was released you can actually install fonts with a GUI now! (although you still have to run sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig)
    • Cute little dev-comments in the source code such as "M$/KDE - gay lovers" or "2310 Brooklyn Street for free buttseks".
    • More newbies, since Ubuntu users are too stupid to install Gay-Dee-Eee.
    • You can remove it and install another desktop environment.


    GNOME is strictly for ex-Mac users and emo fags. Always use protective eyewear to avoid being chronoshifted back to the 90's.

    GNOMES are taking over Mexico.
    No really, they are.
    They also know some sweet dance moves.

    See Also

    • Here is a Jewgroundian named misterchees0 invented the concept of gnoming to become a way of trolling.

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