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    Fuzzy mazza

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    Is fuzzy_mazza a man or a woman? One thing's for sure; she's a helluva dyke.
    fuzzy_mazza, or "Roger", is also speculated to be Ben Vodden's long lost brother/sister. Hopefully he/she follows in Ben's footsteps.

    Fuzzy_mazza (a.k.a furry merkin) is a gender-confused batshit crazy lesbian rapist and internet stalker. He/she/it scopes out potential victims on the internets via lesbo dating site GaydarGirls.com and has been spotted over at LiveJournal on occasion.

    Is it Male or Female?

    It is understandable that, as a woman, fuzzy_mazza has a tenuous grip on reality at best. It is also understandable that, as a woman, fuzzy_mazza should hate all women and envision herself as a man. As such, she's more than qualified to become a Wikipedia admin.

    So despite her vag, fuzzy_mazza, decided that she was a man and that her name was Roger. Which meant she was straight. But post on GaydarGirls she still did.

    fuzzy_mazza eventually realized that being an ugly, friendless psycho bitch is better than being a cockless he-she man thing, and decided it was a woman again after little more than half a year of pretending to be a 'man'.

    File:Roger loveletter.gif
    Fuzzy_mazza's note to lamb101; she didn't mean to rape her, lamb101 probably just "fell" on fuzzy_mazza's oversized clit or something.
    Fuzzy_mazza on GaydarGirls.com.
    LOL Green Day is punk now?

    Lesbian Rape you Say?

    Lamb101 was a sometimes-lesbian and fellow GaydarGirls luser guilty of the insane and horrifying act of craving fuzzy_mazza's hatchet-wound cunt. Yes, there are still people out there who don't know that you can't trust the internet, in this instance because it is full of crazy lesbian rapists.

    As it turned out, lamb101 and fuzzy_mazza lived in the same city, and were around about the same age. So fuzzy merkin did what any normal person who just met sa random lesbian on the internets would - transfer to her school!

    They were an item for several months until one fateful day when it all ended in raep, well, it was rape at first anyway until several days later when lamb101 consented to the sex. While being threatened by fuzzy mazza, which means it wasn't rape at all.

    The drama that started after this was entirely too confusing and bizarre for most of it to be written here, but it includes fuzzy_mazza's old petrol-sniffing female friend dating lamb101 and continuously threatening to kill fuzzy_mazza. Lamb101 then dated a man and fuzzy_mazza threatened to kill him and all of lamb101's friends, even though she had never met them eventually forcing lamb101 to take out a restraining order.

    GaydarGirls Killer

    After breaking it off with fuzzy_mazza, lamb101 decided she was straight, and got herself a boyfriend. Although it didn't last long, it gave enough time for fuzzy mazza to develop some serious internet killer feelings. The lucky man was known only as Toblopo and lived two states away, fuzzy mazza never even met him.

    Before lamb101 went out with Toblopo, she got out a restraining order against fuzzy mazza that lasted for a year. Fuzzy mazza decided that it would be "poetic" if she killed Toblopo on the day that it ran out. He heard about this, and found it so hilarious, that he went out of his way to be in the same city as fuzzy mazza during that day.

    The day passed, and Toblopo was still alive. Two days, three days passed, with no word from fuzzy mazza. Finally, on the day that Toblopo had to fly back home, he thought he'd help out fuzzy mazza with her plans to kill him several days before. He went to the local grocery store, where she worked in the highly respected position of checkout chick, and made sure to purchase some small item from her checkout.

    Fuzzy mazza did not recognize him. Finding this all the more hilarious, Toblopo decided to pay by cheque, so he had to sign his name. He signed his name on a check, and handed it to fuzzy mazza. Fuzzy mazza still did not realize who he was, despite the fact that several days before she had been swearing that she would kill him. Nobody had realized quite how dumb she was until that day.

    LiveJournal Killer

    Way back on LiveJournal, Fuzzy Merkin had a serious FRIENDS ONLY journal, by the name of File:Lj-favicon.png roger_girl (she's since baleeted her LiveJournal).

    One day some serious business went down on lj resulting in some severe butt-hurt transgender drama caused by one of lamb101's friends who has also since baleeted her LiveJournal.

    Fuzzy mazza started a series of her usual whiny bitch posts about how much she hated lamb101's friends and in one particularly dramatic post decided that she would threaten to kill lamb101's friend File:Lj-favicon.png tara_michelle over the internet. Huge drama spawned back and forth between Fuzzy mazza and Tara regarding this threat of violence, the police were mentioned several times, as was a lawsuit. Of course, like most e-drama, it all went away quietly. In this case, because Fuzzy mazza is a giant pussy.

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