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The future of you

The future is everything that happens right after you read this article. The future also refers to things that have already happened. Many things have happened and will happen in the future. Here is a timeline.

Timeline O' The Future

20th Century and before

  • 1885 - Dr. Emmett L. Brown and Martin Seamus McFly Sr. use Locomotive 131 to push the DeLorean up to 88 mph and travel back to 1985.
  • 1947 - Aliens crash in Roswell, New Mexico. However it is later revealed that it was just a bunch of Mexicans who have traveled in a time machine from year 2144. Meanwhile, the Planet Express crew travel back in time from the 31st century, thanks to a supernova wormhole and Philip J. Fry accidently kills his grandfather and does the nasty in the pasty his grandmother so he will not cease to exist and becomes his own grandfather.
  • 1955 - Martin Seamus McFly Sr. Accidentally gets sent back in time, pwns a pine tree, almost has sex with his mother and helps his old man to not become Biff's bitch for the rest of his life. He then, with the help of the Dr. Emmett L. Brown of 1955, goes back to the future. Later, him and Doc come back because old Biff hacks the past and gets lots O' $$$. Marty then gets stuck when the DeLorean gets struck by lightning, which causes Doc to get sent back to The Old West.
  • 1985 - Dr. Emmett L. Brown and Martin Seamus McFly Sr. become the first known time travelers, and return back to the future.
  • 1997 - SkyNet, a popular Linux distribution of the US Government suffers a major core dump, causing it to accidentally deploy all American missles against Soviet Russia.
  • 1999 - Phillip J. Fry is cryogenicly frozen.
  • 2000 - Mike Nelson gets shot into space and must watch shitty sci-fi films with his gay robot slaves.

21st Century

The Oatmeal accurately predicts the future
America, shortly after dubya got elected.

22nd Century

  • 2101 - War begins. Bases are belong to CATS. Zigs are moved for great justice.
  • 2110 - Hopefully you're dead by now, rotting away like the incel cuckface you are. If you were smart, you An Heroed before this century even began.
  • 2120 - Alec Mason goes to Mars after he decided that the EDF fail at helping Earth, only have his brother killed by Pedobear.
  • 2144 - Mexicans steal a time machine, get inside while drunk on bathtub tequila and accidentally travel back to 1947 and crash in Roswell, New Mexico.
  • 2200 First dome city on Mars is constructed, Most of the solar system is colonized.

26th Century

30th Century

  • 2999 - Phillip J. Fry is defrosted and begins his life in the 31st century but is still a loser.

Far Future

  • 381724 - OP is still a faggot
  • ??? - Heroes arrive at the final endpoint of all time, defeat Ultimecia and halt time compression, but end up creating a time paradox which results in all events regarding their actions continuing to repeat- forever..

The Year 102,017

Future Human evolution

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