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Imagine The Simpsons with more science fiction wankery, slutty women, and set in the year 3000, and you've got Futurama. The show turned out to be so bad Fox purposely let football games run into their time-slot to spare people from sitting through another batch of Matt Groening's eye-rape. Even though Fox canned it in 2003, Comedy Central decided to revive the series by releasing four straight-to-DVD movies and airing 26 episodes in mid-2010, keeping them well away from ratings week. Thus, the show is still alive and worse than ever. In 2013, Comedy Central canceled the show for the 9,001th time. Oh yeah, and at one point Futurama was on Adult Swim.

The Show

On New Years Eve, 1999, Downs Syndrome patient-turn-delivery-boy Philip J. Fry falls into a cryonic tube and is frozen for a thousand years. This spawned a raging fanboy base from the very beginning because the target demographic is losers and fags aching to escape their own shitty lives. After Fry wakes up, he gets a job at the Planet Express Delivery Company with his nephew, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. Every episode begins with the Professor walking into a room and saying "[Blank] news, everyone!" before sending them on an incredibly dangerous and near-fatal (but still boring for the viewer) mission. The writers run with the premise that the future is different than the present where even making a phone call is painfully ironic.


Futurama characters.jpeg

Name Description Picture
Philip J. Fry In case you have dementia, the show reminds you every single fucking episode that Fry is from the 20th century. Later we find that Fry is his own grandfather, having gone back in time and fucked his grandmother. That sex scene being the only notable thing about the entire series.
Philip Fry.png
Bender A lazy, alcoholic, chain smoking, kleptomaniac robot. Unsurprisingly, it was revealed in the third season that he is actually Mexican. Dreams of one day killing all humans, although he is too lazy to ever get around to it. Again confirming he is Mexican.
Bender Rodriguez.png
Turanga Leela The bitch necessary to drive the plot forward. She's a karate master, cyclops-mutant-human with a good body, however, she cannot find another man for the life of her. Fry wants to fuck her brains out through early seasons but she friend-zone's him harder than the average ED user until after the movies. Voiced by Peggy Bundy, a fact which the show never gets tired of reminding us.
Turanga Leela.png
Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth Fry's 160-year-old nephew and owner of Planet Express. Most of his waking hours are spent sleeping, though he also invents pointless gadgets such as the Smell-O-Scope and the 'What-If' machine. "Boring plot device, Everyone!"
Amy Wong A skanky AZN as rich as she is easy. Born on Mars, dating alien ladyboy, Kif Kroker. She had sex with Fry, was seduced by the uninspired William Shatner parody Zapp Brannigan, and pretty much fucked everyone else except for the one person the fans would most like to see her fuck. Leela. Like so many shows with one word character descriptions they forgot about actually establishing Amy as the whore, favoring to put her in a relationship with girl/boy Kif while having Leela take up the role of Whore. Seeing their strong female lead fuck everything with two legs and a dick they went back to reestablish Amy as a whore in the new episodes by breaking up with Kif and fucking Zap Branningan and Bender.
Amy wong.jpg
Any sailor moon.jpg
Cast futurama amywong 0.jpg
Zoidberg A Jew, alien crustacean doctor with only four jokes on the entire show: being a bad surgeon, being poor, eating garbage, and being disliked. Starting in episode three, they added a fifth joke. Zoidberg now goes, "Woop woop woop!" occasionally. A powerfully unfunny character gets a powerfully unfunny catch phrase!
Dr. John A. Zoidberg.png
Zapp Brannigan An egocentric tub of lard that somehow got to be a manwhore spaceship-captain. In short, pot-shots at Captain Kirk, just not as well written.
Futurama zapp.gif
Kif Kroker Zapp Brannigan's cabin boy and general comic foil, if "comic foil" means reacting to every line from every character by sighing. Somehow gets pregnant and has tadpole babies.
Lieutenant Kif Kroker.png
Hermes Conrad Jamaican bureaucratic fuck needed to round out the collection of racial stereotypes and make stoners laugh.
Mom Generic corporate overlord in the guise of a sweet old lady. Mom had copious amounts of sloppy, old-people sex with Professor Farnsworth in the past but harbors hate since he never called back (who would?). One of her three kids, the retarded one, is Farnsworth's.
Futurama mom.png
Nibbler Leela's pet. Secretly an ancient alien spy who allowed Fry to get frozen so Fry could kill giant brains in the future.
Lord Nibbler.png
Scruffy The janitor. He ain't seen anyone before.
Futurama scruffy.gif
Washbucket A sentient mop bucket that has the hots for Scruffy. Fantards at DeviantArt like to draw this romance.
Scruffy and washbucket.jpg
Washbucket drawn as a loli

Among the pissload of secondary characters that nobody gives a fuck about include Richard Nixon's head, Dr. Ogden Wernstrum, cookie-cutter crazy cat lady, and some dude with a 9 on his shirt.

The straight-to-DVD movies (aka Season 5)

The only reason anyone saw Beast With A Billion Backs
  • Bender's Big Score: Professor Farnsworth finds out the Fox executives have been fired and beaten to death for canceling Futurama, Hermes gets decapitated, everyone gets scammed and Bender creates a shitload of time paradoxes. Because every paradox creates a duplicate of the character, Bender ends up raping the universe and creates over 9000 copies of himself. Reality implodes under the weight of retardation and the universe turns into goatse.
  • The Beast With A Billion Backs: After Bender tore space-time a new asshole in Bender's Big Score, a shemale Spaghetti Monster called Yivo tentacle rapes everyone by making them deepthroat him/her/shkler in one giant gangbang. Fry becomes the leader of Scientology, Zapp fucks Amy after KIF DIES! and Bender becomes a pirate.


Futurama holds the record for the most, and worst, memes spawned from a bad cartoon show. Among its viral fecal-matter are Hypnotoad, Shut up and take my money!, I see what you did there and Not Sure Fry (the latter two were conceived from the same image, a testament to the Internet's creativity). This wretched vat of fail boiled over into the marketing department at Comedy Central, who used them to advertise the show and draw in the Internet-savvy.

Zoidberg sums up all of the previous Comedy Central promos


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