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    A furvert faps to furry porn, and quite often the kind with vore and inflation art. If he has money, he'll buy a fursuit for gay sex. If he can draw better than Chris-chan, he will draw furry porn. He may write yiff sex stories. And his favorite types of furry porn, shown in the images in this article, are the most unspeakable horrors that deprive people of their sanity and laughably ridiculous furry porn that no sane person can fap to. Plus they engage in group orgies called furpiles and they scritch other furries till they draw blood.

    Most furries are always saying, "most of our fandom aren't into that sexual stuff, just the furverts," "Most furries aren't furverts", "furverts are rare among the fandom," etc. Do you believe it? Now it's true most furries are not furverts. No, we're not shitting you.

    What is the difference between a furvert and a regular furry?

    Simply put, a regular furry is exactly like a furvert, except... A regular furry will hide and lie about their yiffiness. They make endless ridiculous and wild claims covering this up and sometimes even become closet furries. They will also cry fursecution endlessly, especially when the truth about furries is exposed. TL;DR: A furry and a furvert are the same exact thing except a furvert is honest.

    Furverts are also hated much less than regular furries. Partly because they're honest and partly because of this... Have you ever heard someone say, "I don't mind furry porn because it's cute." Now the thing is that furry porn being cute is the whole reason why people do mind it. Its cuteness hides its nature. Its cuteness tries to seduce impressionable children into becoming furries. In comparison, a furvert will only go with the most disgusting porn, MicahFennec level digusting.

    Another reason why furverts are hated less than the furries who aren't is that if furry was just a disturbing sexual fetish, it wouldn't be that creepy. But take away that sexual stuff from furry and rather than a sex fetish where all the antics makes sense within this context, instead what's left over is something incomprehensibly disturbing.

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