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This man doesn't need his Fursona. He's already a sexy beast!

The animal "alter ego" of a furry, a Fursona is usually far less obese than their real-life form. The word is a portmanteau of "furry" and "persona". Fursona is to a furry what a screen name or avatar is to a sane person.

Sadly, furfags take it way more serious than that.

The basic difference between "just a character" and a "Fursona" is how a furry reacts to any remotely insulting remark made about the furry thing represented in the image.

  • Character: sane, rational response. Well, as sane and rational as a furry can get anyway.
  • Fursona: OMG! WTF!STFU, N00b!!1!1

Kinds of Fursona

There are three basic types of Fursonas:

  • Self-insert
  • Wish fulfillment
  • Mental illness

Self Insert

Self insert for a total fag. Note the extra fuckholes + cock.

Furries lack all imagination, which is why all they ever draw are heavily sexualized popular creatures (wolf, dragon, fox, ect) having sex with one another. Unable to even come up with a character of their own, the furry sticks themself into the picture.

However, as nobody wants to see their fat, ugly asses, the furry tries to make what they think is sexy as a replacement for their bloated asses and tiny baby cocks. This typically results in sluttified Mary Sues, only, where a Mary Sue has special powers, a self-insert merely has a dog dick.

Example description. Parts that match reality will be in bold.

Pomegranate is a sexy equitaur around the age of 20. Shi loves racing, sports, Rap music, and anal sex with great big studs like yourself. Hir dick is about two feet long with large, full balls ready to explode for the right fella. Cum on over and fill hir up with hot seed to really hear hir moan.

Wish Fulfillment

Wish fulfillment for a tranny

Furries hate themselves. You would hate yourself, too, if you were a thirty-year-old jailhouse gay waste of flesh fapping in shit-stained diapers to half-animal porn in your mother's basement. To escape the eternal self loathing, these sad sacks of shit create fursonas.

The major difference between a self insert fursona and a wish fulfillment fursona are the fursona's abilities. Self inserts typically do not have special powers nor do they have fancy back stories. Many are literally the owner of the fursona with fur slapped on so people will fuck it.

Wish Fulfillment fursonas take this way into Mary Sue territories. Everyone is beautiful with a tragic past and just needs the power of love to unlock even more godlike powers! The funsona always wins the fight because they are the best and everyone loves them. Descriptions go on for pages and use really stupid words like "oculars".

Here is a short example. The truth about the player is in links.

Alessa is a very beautiful young wolf, her shapely body and perfect curves attract the eye of many an onlooker. ebony tresses cascade to just below her shoulders, and silken fur envelops her form. The cowl of a long black hooded cloak obscures her face leaving storm grey occulars to gaze out mournfully. On her back is the legendary blade the Sword of Dracon, which she compliments with a pair of beautiful, golden bracers on her delicate wrists. Incredibly, a pair of wondrous, gorgeous white dragonic wings grow out of her back, the strong, muscular wings easily capable of flight. However, all that you see now only belies her half-demoness blood... this is just one of two forms...

Mental Illness

Moar info: otherkin.

Sometimes just wishing you were sexy isn't enough. Sometimes you really think that you are a nine dicked fox dragon from Uranus sent here on Earth for a mercy mission. All those pictures of your "fursona" actually are your true form, and you roleplay to get in touch with your real self. Anyone who says this is untrue just does not know you well enough.

The line between reality and fiction has truly become blurred inside these sick fuck's minds, they have spent so long sitting in their cold dark basements that their brain has melted, causing them to honestly believe their fursonas are their true form. These batshit insane individuals probably only get access to the forums they so regularly spew stories of their fursonas gallivanting across all the beautiful made-up kingdoms, is if the nurses at the asylum show pity and give them some computer time.


The feline enchantress who dwells in in her magical garden in a quiet corner of Kasuria. Emerald does not remember her beginnings and it is rumored she is from the ancient times, the glow of her warm heart keeping her forever young. She looks to be of elven heritage, with long, flowing, auburn hair that lights like a living flame in the sun, and her shining emerald eyes can see through to your soul. It is said that to anger her, though, will bring a rain of fire and dread to your heart.

Common Fursona traits

Basically, this is what every fursona can be boiled down to.

Regardless of the kind of fursona, there are a few traits that seem to be universal.

Fursona names often show up as a screen name or the screen name will be related to the fursona in some way. For example, if the screen name says "Bunny Bitch" the fursona is actually named Bunny Bitch, or the fursona is a faggoty rabbit that loves taking it in the ass whenever possible.

All of them are animal based. No exceptions. It does not have to have fur to be a furry: raptors, dragons, eagles and other non furry animals also count. The animal must be a popular animal, however, as furries are insecure fucktards who wish they were popular.

An animal screen name does not always mean it is a fursona, however, it usually is a good warning.

What about the few people with "unpopular animal" fursonas like spiders or pigs? Those are still furries, they just are trying to be dark and edgy. It's pretty much the same principle as the Anti-Sue variety of Mary Sue. However, unlike the Anti-Sue, these anti-furries still are out to get laid as much as possible and are likely to be riddled with fetishes on top of being as hyper-sexualized as the average fursona.

Fursona "Stereotypes"

Considering that fursonas are used to "express and exemplify" traits of their owners, it's not surprising that certain animals attract certain kinds of people. Examples are:

  • Dragons are pretenious assholes who try to sound as smart as they can while still in the fandom. They're often crazier than the usual furry.
  • Horses / Equines are whores that love pony play and bondage, and are often size queens.
  • Foxes are unorignal submissive sluts, and are (if male) always faggots. No wonder the gene pool is shallowing.
  • Huskies are like foxes, but waaay more submissive. Way bigger whores, too.
  • Wolves are like foxes, but are always dominant and expect to treated like a god amongst men.
  • Tigers are like Wolves but even moar bad-ass, so obviously must be more dominant. Dress as a tiger and treat everyone else like shit.
  • Gryphons are huge into fetishes. Always. Often evolved from a dragon as they lost the rest of their mind.
  • Hyenas are Minorities, typically played by transexuals.
  • Hybrids like Folfs (fox x wolf) are undecisive lazy fucks and are low grade Mary Sues.
    • If that hybrid is some sort of demon/angel it's an excuse to slap wings on something that shouldn't have wings. Expect inuyasha grade otaku bullshit coming from this Mary Sue.

Some Acceptable fursonas

Use these fursonas in any furry forum you intend to troll in so as to leave a resounding mark.

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