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    Furry News Network

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    The Furry News Network is furfaggotry's latest attempt, after a string of hundreds of thousands of other failed attempts, to mainstream furrydom and to make people rethink what it is to be a furry. Surprisingly, these stabs at mixing FURRY PRIDE! with mainstream sensibility fall flat, resulting in a confused, nonsensical mash-up of furry tidbits mixed with a bitter hatred of mundanes, none of which helps their furry cause.

    Furry Huh What?


    Furry News Networks mission statement is to "[strive] to be a socially driven source for Furry news, entertainment, and services". By compiling and presenting furry news stories from around the globe, FNN intended to be your one stop shop for all things furfaggotry; conventions, big name fursuiters, mainstream media coverage, anything and everything that would help propagate the furry cause.

    Oddly enough, furry culture by and large really isn't that interesting, and most stories submitted are either (rave) movies reviews about films that have animals in them, stories about animals doing animal-like things, coloring books with animal people in them, stories about Hot Topic selling jackets that have animal ears on the hoods, and stories about the new season of My Little Pony starting up. To counter-act this vortex of disinterest, FNN offers its user to write up the occasional op-ed piece, which are usually submitted by disgraced furfags looking to regain e-credibility and therefore the funniest and most interesting part of the entire site.

    The Bitter Lake Bombshell

    File:Bitter Lake poster.jpg
    "Guys, seriously, start filtering comments or nobody is going to take this seriously..."

    Desperate as ever for stories, Furry News Network happily pimped out Bitter Lake, a 45 minute long short film touting its realistic looking fursuits and the serious handling of its subject matter. Naturally, FNN posted every single detail about the film as news became available, and encouraged furries to support the budding fur-film industry by backing the film, even trying to help the films producers by mirroring the trailer on YouTube. Anything to help the cause, right?!

    Unfortunately for FNN, director and film star EZWolf was shocked and appalled to discover the YouTube mirrored trailer, courtesy of FNN, was not having it's comment section filtered for negative responses! Enraged by this obvious miscarriage of justice EZWolf did what any good and decent furry does; make his indignation as public as possible via an open letter on Fur Affinity! EZ gave FNN an ultimatum; crack down on unflattering comments and monitor them in the future, or have the video DMCA'd altogether.

    "Because fuck you, that's why...

    A few days after we published the trailer of Bitter lake on YouTube, you put a copy of it on your own FNN account... We understand that this trailer creates a tremendous amount of views to your account, which we can live with, if however you take your responsibility and MONITOR what is actually happening on your account. In case you haven't noticed; there is currently a lot of flaming, trolling, bitching and throwing around death threats going on there.


    —EZ is quite upset.

    If you decide to use -or piggyback on- other people's artwork or intellectual property and publish it on YouTube, then at least have the decency to monitor the comments made there and delete what is not a valid and on-topic reaction or constructive criticism.


    —Because our 45 minute furry movies will be just as successful without you!

    • 1. Remove this video from your account
    • 2. Start monitoring the comments. Remove anything that is not a valid and on-topic reaction or constructive criticism and keep monitoring it as long as the video is available.
    • 3. Remove anything that is not a valid and on-topic reaction or constructive criticism and disable the 'Reply' option.


    —EZ handling dissent like a grown up

    We do however have a problem with people (no matter who) who are spreading hate and throw around death threats to the people who worked on this project. Those being people we love and care for. Oh, and we have a problem with news networks not responding to serious issues, but that aside.


    —You bitches


    All we ask is that you to respond to this letter and act fast on what we have made you aware of yet again. If one of the requested acts is not executed before the 9th of September however, we will inform YouTube that FNN uploaded allegedly infringing content.


    —the DMCA; blank check for every butthurt furfag

    And then a funny thing happened that EZ obviously didn't expect. Responses on his journal pilled up, but these weren't the usual furries contributions of "Yeah, that's right!". Oh no, these furfags were commenting in flocks to inform EZ that none of those comments he took such offense towards were even being posted. As it had turned out, EZ appeared to be lying about the extent of the abuse being hurled at him as an excuse to take casual mockery and blow it up into a big deal. Can you believe it?! EZ sure couldn't; the journal was scrapped not 24 hours later, with EZ DMCAing the FNN video anyway.

    That'll show them!

    FNN Interviews A Retard; Is Shocked When He Reacts Like A Retard

    On a particularly slow news cycle, FNN for whatever reason decided shining the spotlight on notorious furry retard Conner Hemming. Approached by a friend via Skype, Conner was asked several questions of no particular topic and his answered complied and posted as a featured slot on the site. Conner, surprised that the general consensus to the piece was "Lol what a stupid faggot", flew into an autistic rage and began to sperg out at his friend that conducted the interview, the website for allowing it to be posted, and the commentators for looking at it, his rationale for the outbursts being over his words to the questions asked being posted verbatim with no editing.

    The interview added even more notoriety to the dog banging Conner, and resulted in enough of the delicious drama to warrant an FNN affiliated podcast to dedicate to mocking Conner and his reaction. Furry journalism at it's best!.


    Just a sample of the expert journalism you'll find at Furry News Network.


    Fur series.jpg

    Furry News Network is part of a series on


    Visit the Furfaggotry Portal for complete coverage.

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