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    FurryOps is was a sekerit furry forum ran by wolfeedarkfang for the purpose of trolling trolls. While many in furry land saw this as good, Darkfang’s actual purpose was to gather his dream Gestapo and reeducate the unwashed masses of the Fursecution. As with most Wolfee Darkfang ventures, it ended in catastrophe for him, and when forced to defend himself, he immediatly went into Beast Forum mode; claiming all of the talk was planted there by trolls and that he tried to stop them.

    Other goals of FurryOps included getting strippers, alcohol and national health care for all furries.

    Standard ”Combat” Pattern

    The pride of the service. Water pistols contain animal semen.

    Ok, I will look into this, thank you for bringing this to my attention, I will take a look at this site, assess it, then make the decision whether or not we should invade them, flood them with clean art because they would be expecting furs to post yiffy art which is something trolls hate, so post clean art and they will be unable to properly react to it, if they do not have a forum, then deploy the resident hackers and have them plaster clean furry art on their site.


    Kathera Lockharte’s idea of a good time.

    FurryOps has a standard attack pattern of DDOSing, lame raids and slow strafes. At the time of the attack, they were researching the Barrel Roll. Fortunately the orbital bunker lab was sprayed by napalm before they could deploy the prototype.

    While their troll activity was minimal, they did discharge some anti-lulz on YouTube in the form of copyright claims over crappy wallpaper theft and video flags on troll accounts. In summary, the entire site was the absolute definition of epic fail.

    Report Center


    Some trolls are getting too far now, and are using the pictures in my website, my pictures, as a background along with insulting remarks…. Please, help me report them and get their asses out of YouTube, I really want these pics out.


    —Superstarwolf can’t handle the fact that he is SO POPULER.

    The gayest part of the forum is the Report Center. This board is used by furries who bawww about anyone who dares to say anything mean or hurtful about them and their ”hobby". It is here the true Gestapo nature of Furry Ops is revealed.

    Notable Events

    Every bit as threatening as it sounds.

    During it's brief life, FurryOps made sure to reach for the stars. Going all or nothing, the group made several plans to attack their enemies. Such attempts included:

    9/11 plot on 4Chan

    This day will be 4chans last day. (until they fix the server) But on 911, my birthday :P Me and a few furrys from my neighborhood will gather to my house to crash 4chan and all of those /b/tards. I urge you to watch as there whole pedophile, furry hating infested domain crumbles before them :twisted: And if you wish to help, well you know were to go :)

    btw, the guy pissing his pants is 4chan, the troops are my friends server hack :3


    —brich94 and his L33T CSIII imaginary friends.

    While many agree that 4chan’s faggotry has far exceeded national safety levels, FurryOps' plot on 4chan was nothing but a disappointing DDOS. (Cum on guis!) Many /b/tards and PNs cried, as using even a fucking Cessna 152 to take out the 4chan server would have not only taken out 4chan but also other shitty websites such as MegaTokyo. Also, don’t forget the priceless taxidermy tapes.

    Attack on Encyclopedia Dramatica

    You all know they need taken down and destroyed. TOR is your friend. :D I still need to install mine. o.o


    —Wolfeedarkfang, on the mission plan.

    For those who don't know what ED is, it's a Wiki site created by trolls. It's purpose is to create articles on people to troll (sic) them and create a false image of that person. To us we know it's nonsense but to others ignorant enough to believe it, it poses a threat.


    —Wolfeedarkfang, upset about being on ED.

    Being long time victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica, FurryOps decided, with their newfound hacking experts, to bring down the infamous wiki.

    we must spy on them, get whatever info we can, then use it against them, it might end up filling up a bunch of prisons, but frankly, I could care less if their stuffed in to their cells like sheep, because maybe then they will realize that these lulz are not worth getting stuffed in to a cell


    —Kathera_Lockharte, explaining how ED is illegal, so hacking it will be awwright.

    Eventually their incompetence caught up with them and the group instead relied on ED's August 2008 donation drive, praying the wiki did not get the funds in time to stay up. They rationalize about the sites plight as only they can.

    Stern Re-Education Policies

    Being the all-knowing Fandom Guru he believed himself to be, Wolfeedarkfang also made it a priority to try to persuade those unfortunate souls back on track, as only he could. Despite previously making a point that "There's no one way to be a Furry!" and "Anyone with an interest in Anthropomorphic animals is, by definition, a furry!", which he used to defend such popular members of his fandom as Dalhusky and TheWetRabbit, there was no doubt in Wolfee's mind there were some poor saps out there simply doing it wrong.

    The Anti-Zoophile/Anti-Yiff Furries on YouTube (chuongchosoi, vietfox, and voltagecontrolled).

    Their trying to start a movement against Yiff in general now. I smell "burned furs" being reincarnated again. Yea i know they will fail. They will fail miserably. But...I did warn them... I'm just shocked. They wil (sic) go to any lengths to justify themselves. Even to the point of discarding our very own websites.


    — Wolfeedarkfang, fucking appalled.

    The crimes these individuals were guilty of include: associating with trolls, not being keen on the amount of public sexuality for a "family friendly" group such as the furries, and, perhaps most severe of all, not listening to Wolfeedarkfang.

    OH NOES! HAX!!!11!!

    Hello, I am FrizzleFry101, the new leader of the Patriotic Nigras. You might remember me from such trollings as phishing a massive amount of furries on youtube, doxing most of you, and bringing Linden Lab to its knees. Your forum code is exploitable thus this forum belongs to me, FCTC, and the mighty Nigras.

    This board is now publicly viewable and I've already shown it to PN, FCTC and members of ED, It will be cached, backed up, and preserved.

    I almost forgot, yiff in hell, furfags.


    —A script kiddie.

    On the fifteenth of September, the year of our lord 2008, the honorable Patriotic Nigras descended upon the furry camp. Seeing the faggrtry, Saint FrizzleFry101 lifted his hands to the Holy Raptor and doth called to him. And the Lord spake and said, “though shall sit and type ‘wolfeedarkfang‘ into the field of name. Then thou shall type ‘mousefucker’ into the field of password.” And doth FrizzleFry did.


    —PN sacred texts, roll # 9036.15.F42-46

    Although Palin-theologians debate on what actual password was given to Saint FrizzleFry, records show that the victory opened new powers to him. New evidence suggests the YOULIKELOLICON created a furry sockpuppet under the not gay name of Sarah Foxtail and was able to install a keylogger made by FrizzleFry onto the computer of Wolfee. But FrizzleFry, being the clever little dick he was, decided rather than abusing his powers fully, made himself a mod, thus causing the FreeForums.org provider to think that FrizzleFry was Wolfee’s cum encrusted sock puppet. While doing this, he also added a new banner and took the archives with him.

    In an effort to restore control, Wolfee Darkfang and Kathera Lockharte attempted to speak with the admins at FreeForums. After being threatened of losing the oh-so-precious forum, the support mods explained that the site code is not easily tampered, as it is constantly updated and patched. They further noted that they were in violation of TOS for linking to L33T CSIII hacking tools.

    Confidential Information Dossier

    Making good on the boards primary objective, the furries acted quick in putting into action their infurgency. Such workings include;

    Clearly, this was a top-notch group of professionals. The trolls whom had opposed them were surely in for a fight.

    Miscellaneous Manque

    As expected of Furries, FurOps operatives weren't content to maintain fail in just the black op discussions of the board, and thus spread their musings on a number of subjects;

    Video Brief

    SylvesterFox of the FCTC kindly posted a briefing on YouTube.

    Fandom Reaction

    After the forum was uncovered, FurryOps denizens took to the tubes for public opinion, expecting full support from the furry community in their attempted guerrilla techniques to advance the fandom cause. The results were the same as with every FurryOps endeavor.

    FurryOps status

    As of 9/25/08, FurryOps has been 404’d from the Free Forums network for distribution of hacking software. An archive is available has been pulled because nobody cared enough to keep it online for years.

    The group has undergone several transformation under several different names, including RantFurryRadio and others, but have never manage to recapture the success they achieved as FurryOps. This hasn't stopped them from trying, however. To this day, both Wolfee and Kathera repeatedly downplay the hacking and doxing attempts by the group and persuades those that inquire about it to believe that the group made any subsequent attempt at such trollish behavior. The following screencaps prove all of those claims to be false;

    Compare these screencaps post 9/2008 dates to Darkfangs claims that all hacking and doxing ended with the downfall of the forums. Darkfangs epic struggle with honesty rears it's head again.

    Wolfee Darkfang Debunks the Misconceptions

    Gee, now why would that be?

    A year after the downfall of the forum, Wolfee Darkfang sought to dispel the rumors that had spread regarding the groups activities. Darkfang insisted that, despite the forums military theme, the board was only about discussing the possibility of hacking and that there was no real intention to go through with any hacking threats. Then after realizing that was unconvincing, he proceeded to outright lie about the entire ordeal, stating that no members, at any time, had ever put forth ideas of raiding 4chan, Encyclopedia Dramatica, or any other site; insisting all such rhetoric came from the troll planted member. He also mentioned in the video that he was infected with a keylogger, the one that lost him control of the forum, due to attempting to download hacking tools, but this was only due to his curiosity, not because he wanted to sincerely hack 4chan. Despite overtly stating previously that he sincerely would like to hack 4chan.

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