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    Hi there, Krystal!
    Oh God, make them go away.
    Yiff Yiff Yiff
    We're sorry, Minerva. We're sorry for all of this.

    Furry-Furry.com (now known as furrytofurry.com) is another "adult lifestyle" site for furries, which basically boils down loads of Krystal porn and OL yiffing. Like every other mature furry site before it, most threads are full of bitching about how the hyoomans don't understand them, roleplaying that involves a lot of wolf-sheaths and giant manatee bagina, and tips on how to spot fellow likeminded doghumpers in public areas (TIP: they're the ones also humping dogs). 90% of the user population is gay male or bi-curious male and the rest is made of guys pretending to be sexy female foxes.

    You can set up your profile with your user identity, "species", gender, and sexual "pre-fur-ence", all of which in no way defies the furry-spouted notion that being furry is NOT ABOUT SEX.

    It Ain't Jak Without the Yak

    F2F is run by a self-proclaimed internet celebrity named Jangbu, who is so desperate for attention that he actually puts his own logo atop the rest of the page so his entire forum of basement dwelling yiff lovers can revel in how awesome he is. We're almost certain he'll end up posting his cock on the forum at some point.

    before I start to inundate you with information and instructions; I figure we should decide what sort of plushie you want. I make two different kinds. The first type I make has an armature inside so he can stand up and be posed; he also has a custom made opposable penis that also has an armature inside so you can bend it in all directions. The other type I make is basically the same without the armature and the penis is a store bought item. The one with out the armature has a canvases leave that the "butt" goes into; so basically he can be cleaned up after a good yiffin. The one with the armature doesn't. You can also use the same technique to create a female plush as well.



    There are no words to describe the horrors of furry adult sites. Those who have seen wish they had not seen as well as actually googled furry to find this site. Those who have not seen must simply be thankful for that. The only way to adequately describe this kind of site is to quote its own members and threads.

    In the Bedroom Forum

    "How Do You Masturbate" is, amazingly enough, the longest thread in this forum. Because furries are so very ronery. Riku-San: What position do you masturbate in?

    brainsickness: I usually sit down, but I'm gonna try upside down in a few minutes

    (second post ten hours later)

    brainsickness: OK it didnt work. You guys have any suggestions on how to get upside down

    (third post one hour later)

    brainsickness: I haven't used any unusual positions, but i have recently started to use a homemade cockring (just a rubberband) which feels pretty good. Although this could get a bit dangerous. Once I wraped it around myself one too many times i guess and couldn't get it off. I finally used some scissors... very very carefully

    (fourth post two hours later)

    brainsickness: i still don't get the physics of doing it upside down

    I use to be able to suck myself off but now I'm really fat.

    I prefure to hump my dogs instead of masturbating.


    —YoshiPrower. Straight from the horse's mouth dog's ass

    When I was much younger I used to give myself a blow job and now I can barely touch my cock and I mostly masturbate standing up in front of the toilet.


    —Black Foot

    I used to have a big bear that I humped but I think I sold it. lol


    —LoneStallion69. LOL at whoever bought it

    Now, I'm sure you've experienced this: Your pawing off and you say to yourself "this time, I'm going to drink my own cum!"


    —WillOtheWolf. Yeah, we've all said that before

    Left hand green, right hand yellow, left foot blue, right foot green.



    Babyfur Forum

    A place for babyfurs to congregate and talk about sippy cups and shitting themselves.

    I have been an AB since I was 5, so I guess technically I was a PreTeen Baby, then a Teen Baby, and now, I'm an Adult Baby (Almost 22!). I discovered it when my baby brother was born, and thus Diapers were reintroduced to my life. My earliest childhood memory is that of actually getting a diaper change by my mother, and the overwhelming amount of love and care that I received.


    —Luparis refuses to grow up and take responsibility for his life

    Unless you are my AC roommate who did shit his diaper and wear it to bed all night long then put it in the unlined hotel wastebasket instead of trying to at least dispose of it properly. I feel so sorry for the poor cleaning lady.


    —AidenIsHot haetes his roommate. WTF

    Furry is not sexual in itself and therefore any kind of other attributes can be combined. I am sure there will some day be a furry serial killer. A BabyFur is not a pedophile, but there have been cases where RL pedophiles have gone after BabyFurs. I like the analogy that a pedophile wants a child, while a BabyFur wants to be a child. Taking this further a heterosexual male wants a female, while a transvestite wants to be a female.

    This means that "heterosexual male" is a pedophile. I am annoyed with the legal decision to make human child drawings illegal in Germany in an attempt to to make law enforcement's job easier. This is why I had to ban all human child AV's from my SL club.


    User:GrumbleLion is full of lies and trying to divide by zero. LOL WUT?

    Originally Posted by fritzywolf:

    It should be noted that babyfurs do not, in fact, smell like shit. If anything they have heightened hygene and smell like baby powder.

    Hardly. I'm going with, "Like every other furry, there are some that smell normal, some that smell like baby powder, and some that smell like shit."


    —Husky begs to differ

    Otherkin Forum

    Where the highest amounts of self-delusion go down. Otherkin share their experiences 'shifting', i.e. pretending they TOTALLY OMG TURNED INTO AN ANIMAL, NOBODY SAW BUT I SWEAR IT HAPPENED.

    MY first was a rat. I got board in 6th grade math. I shifted, and went under the door.



    I had my first shift when I was quite young (I think about 5). At the time, I didn't really understand what was happening. I was able to communicate with the family cat at the time... and followed him around on all fours "mewing".


    —timoeprofessor had a magical shift, not a moment of being a fuckin five year old

    Originally Posted by Thywolf

    Do any of you try to summon spirits, demons, dragons ect.?

    yes did a lecture on it as well mainly dragons and spirits i have been intrested in demons but have not tried yet


    —Ratmage, who is a real professor, can totally summon dragons and spirits to do his history homework for him.

    learn to do banishings first might i sugest the golden dawn lesser pentagram banishing method.


    —Ratmage also knows l33t banishing spells that he learned at Real Professor College

    No one can quiz you to see if your otherkin no more than I can decide if you believe in god. Its a total self essence, usually one comes into a realization of such through actions happening in ones life, via an astral dream/ "awakening"/ or even a joining of ones self with the animal world *pagan and native american practices* Ill tell ya this though, if your trying to look for it in others...most likely your not.

    Personally I believe were all part of the earth and animal "circle of Life" Seems Otherkin has just become a title that people flaunt around to make them feel abit less insignificant.. its all in you ma'friend, till then eh, ahsta.


    —In the same way that believing you're a millionaire makes it so.

    Plushie Forum

    Filled with furries validating their plushophilia by saying that if not for the plushies, they would literally have no one else in their lives:

    I just took my tiger toy this morning in my intimate female part while my boyfriend took me in the rear this morning. He did play with the slider inside my butt and wow, it was somethin' else. Coming from someone who has had plenty of sex with a well endowed partner, the tiger is a bit of a challenge on the vagina, but feels incredible. I've yet to take it in the butt, and I wager it'll be a while.



    I'm allergic to dogs and I have no RL girlfriend at this time, so my plushies are pretty much all I have.



    Before I became a furry I had no plushies and used to sleep with extra pillows and hug them. I don´t feel so alone with plushies.



    I slept with my white teddy from when I was 6 months old, to about two years ago. I still do when I feel really empty... Which happens to be about once a month...



    Last night, I lost my plushie virginit to a huge stuffed wolf that I've had for ages... I made a little hole in the bottom and had to tear it open even more so I could fit. I loved it! I was almost screaming after five minutes and went at my plushie again and again...


    —Wolfin on raep

    Anyone have any suggestions on cleaning the sticky spooge off my plushies!
    • growls* I have to lick them clean each time and still have a hard time getting the fur from sticking together.




    Okay, good people or whatever you are, I have a dilemma. To put it simply, my mom's boyfriend has a "secret" e-mail account. On this e-mail account, nudes has been found. Nudes of my 15 year old sister. I am not generally someone who cares about a pedo and his interests, but this is a bit personnal. I don't really feel much about it at the moment, though I think anger might set in at some point. What should I do?



    While I dont support Pedophilia, I have to ask, If these pictures were taking with your sisters knowledge, I would ignore them. I feel particularly that 18 is such an arbitrary age to label someone as an adult, and I feel that what you know about your sister should be taken into account here. If you believe that your sister was taken advantage of, snooped on, photographed without her knowledge etc or there are pics of much younger kids then yes defiantly call the police. However, if it was consensual I think that this should be something dealt with within the family.



    well it depends...is your sister hot and take it in the ass?



    Art Board

    Typical art forum where half the posters are whoring their crappy animal porn and the other half are begging for crappy animal porn.

    User bloodwolfe does not know how to use teh Google:

    i cant find a good site for dragon yiff plz help me out?

    send the site name to [email protected]

    thank you


    Ragnarok, I have no idea who could possibly help you on this crazy mission of yours. It just sounds like a pipe dream to me:

    Does anybody know where to find yiffy stories about that hot blue fox "Krystal" from starfox?


    ZimbabweYiffy86 is too much of a lazy fuck to even google his own porn, so he makes other users bring it to him. And they do.

    I wanna see your hottest yiff pic. It doesn't matter what it is, if it apeals to you, show it to the world!


    Reaux replied:



    Yeah, that definitely is the hottest damn thing I've ever seen.

    Roleplay Examples

    Users CrossedOut and Tay are very tactical lovers who love to do some action!

    Tay: She smiled and said: "Finnaly, there is no shame of loosing against you. You are a really good fighter. I'm honnored to serve you." She bowed politly.

    CrossedOut: "Thanks, you're very tactical when it comes to fighting." He said smiling, bowing back. "I suppose we should both clean ourselves."

    Tay: "Well..I kinda like being covered by mud before or after doing some..action.." She smiled seductivly.

    CrossedOut: Well, it's not fun having dried mud on your fur." He said shrugging, noting the tone to her voice and smiled. "Action you say?"

    Tay: "Yup. Action. You like that?" She crossed her arms in her back, exposing her breasts.

    CrossedOut: "Maybe." He said, walking over to her, looking at her body covered in mud, now his sheath throbbing.

    How Furries Feel About Humans

    The fags actually think they're animals.

    I'd hate to be around them especially they like killing animals for food and or for there hide to use on clothing. *SIGH* can't they do something else that will make us like them because right now I wanna kill all of those mundanes because some of them won't except us for who we are and what we like to do and all they wanna do is insult us and make us look like the bad guys.


    Well humans are a difficult species. I really like some of them but I do not like the human race in general. Humans are cruel and they are the only species that likes killing others just for fun.

    OK, when I take a look in the mirror I see a human being too, but unfortunately I had no choice to choose....


    well humans are ok, even my mate is a human. she nice, but talks a little to much for my liking. but with some luck i could "convert" her, but who knows.


    you mean those smaller, crunchy pink creatures?

    <.< >.> <.<


    I mean... umm... them lovable...little things...


    So how well do you get along with those of us who consider ourselves spiritually human? And are human-spirit furs any different from your everyday "mundane" human?

    Just something I've been curious about for a while.


    —User:RaptorianOne asks a question noone can answer.

    Humans suck ass, didn't you get the memo?


    —User:Epic telling it like it is.

    General FurFaggotry

    [-+]Personal Ad 1

    Just looking for male friends to rp with. Not looking for a yiff partner, just a few friends. I'll only yiff
    with someone my char is comfortable with, which wont be easy...so if you are just wanting me as a yiff partner, just leave now. I'll repeat,
    only yiffing with guys who she gets to know real well. Then even if you do get to yiff with me, don't expect a full commitment
    unless you are welling to do that same. All the following is the basic info about my char.

    Update*- I've been getting a few guys who just want to talk. Yes, thats very nice, but thats not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for guys to
    RolePlay with, not for just a chat. Maybe after we rp for awhile then maybe we can simply chat on pm or yahoo. Okie dokie?
    Update*2- Ok, I just realized something else that I shoud have added. I ONLY rp on this site. No one is to know my email or messenger unless
    we've rped for awhile, then talk alittle through pm. Sorry that I'm pretty picky, but eh, thats me.
    Name: Kayla
    Age: 120 years old...but with a 20 year old's body
    Species: White Saber Vampire Tigress
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Status: Single
    Sexual Status: Straight
    Weakness for: Felines and Canines
    Personality: Very mysterious, takes a little while to get to know, not really all that social because shes afraid to hurt the ones she loves.
    Body Type: beautiful and graceful, somewhat short, body is somewhat toned but is still soft
    My physical appearance:
    Fur Color - Snow white with black strips scattered all over her body
    Eyes - very light blue when shes 'normal' but when she gets hungery they get darker
    Nose - pink
    Ears - black with a white spot on the back
    Tail - longer and slightly fluffier than the average tiger
    Other Bodily features - two sabers sticking out from her jaws
    Attire: mostly dark colored tshirts...always blue jeans and her old sketchers
    Abilty- able to move at incredible speeds, scence of smell and hearing is inconceivable
    Miscallanious facts about me:
    Favorite color(s) - black and dark blue
    Hobbies & Talents - loves to read and draw
    Weaknesses - your blood
    Personal facts - she only feeds on wild animals (not the Furry kind of course, unless she cant resist.) ..shes also a virgin
    Friends - still looking for official friends.
    Dislikes/Least Favorite activities - she hates being a vampire
    Gourmet of choice - blood...only thing she can eat
    Bevrages of choice - blood...only thing she can drink
    If you have any quesions, feel free to leave me a PM. If you are interested in a rp, pm me as well with your char's info.
    Thank you for your time.

    [-+]Personal Ad 2

    Well I was posting this cause I am looking for friends and maybe a mate. A little about me:

    Im 20
    I work at Petco
    I live in Lake Forest
    A music, video game, movie, anime fanatic
    I am a smoker and drinker...I am also a party stoner coon :3
    So yeah if you are straight edge we SO wont work XD
    So yeah just some friends to smoke with and watch anime and talk with and hey we shall see...But random sex is also yummy XDXDXD
    Contacting Me:
    YIM - rockyraku_n
    AIM - r0ckyrakun
    So yeah email me, message me whatever ^-^


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