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    FurNet is the IRC network for furries. Ranging in channels from babyfur to dragonyiff to Pregfur to ForcedYiff, it's the easiest to troll network out there. The lead operator of the network is ZetaWolf, who usually stays in the Zoo channel. There, everyone argues why it's either okay to fuck or to not fuck animals, whether it's love or lust and are very paranoid about anyone being underage in the channel due to legalities, while forgetting they fuck animals and oh shit, that's illegal.


    Jewbacca is a relatively new troll with a novel concept: Infiltration of the furfag community by use of a debatable fursona: The Wookie. This allows the infiltrators to not succumb to furfaggotry themselves, while allowing them to hide under the furry cloak of fursecution. Here is his work and his glory.==[-+]The Rise of Jewbacca==

    Session Start: Sat Jul 07 04:02:37 2007
    Session Ident: #softpaws
    [04:02] * Now talking in #softpaws
    [04:02] * Topic is 'Welcome to #SoftPaws. .::. Rating: Mostly Worksafe. .::. Official Channel of Anthrocon! Join us and be sociable! To anyone who can get on the PA, say "Please be nice to the protesters, we want them to come back next year."�'
    [04:02] * Set by Kogita on Thu Jul 05 09:26:53
    [04:02] <Jewbacca> sup guys
    [04:05] * firefly has joined #softpaws
    Session Close: Sat Jul 07 04:06:43 2007
    Session Start: Sat Jul 07 04:07:06 2007
    Session Ident: #softpaws
    [04:07] * Now talking in #softpaws
    [04:07] * Topic is 'Welcome to #SoftPaws. .::. Rating: Mostly Worksafe. .::. Official Channel of Anthrocon! Join us and be sociable! To anyone who can get on the PA, say "Please be nice to the protesters, we want them to come back next year."�'
    [04:07] * Set by Kogita on Thu Jul 05 09:26:53
    [04:08] <firefly> hello.. *echo echo echo*
    [04:08] <lifeline> ::bites the echo::
    [04:09] <Blueberry> :)
    [04:09] <firefly> err.. not too hard, I hope lol
    [04:09] <JB_Wook13> wow, other people are alive!
    [04:09] <JB_Wook13> how you guys doin tonite?
    [04:11] <firefly> ookies here. maybe the other's died off?
    [04:11] <firefly> how're you?
    [04:12] <JB_Wook13> I'm alright
    [04:12] <JB_Wook13> I actually had an interesting day
    [04:12] <JB_Wook13> you up for a bit of a story?
    [04:12] <firefly> sure! :)))
    [04:12] <JB_Wook13> Well, this story has a fair bit of hospital detail.
    [04:13] <JB_Wook13> You see, I suffer a strange condition.
    [04:13] <firefly> oh?
    [04:13] <JB_Wook13> blood vessels in the back of my head and neck are permanently constricted.
    [04:13] <firefly> ooh :(
    [04:13] <JB_Wook13> this means that when my blood pressure increases from excitement or from anger
    [04:13] <JB_Wook13> it hurts passing through the neck
    [04:14] <JB_Wook13> however recently, It's gotten worse due to IRL stress
    [04:14] <JB_Wook13> and now cinches off almost entirely for short periods of happiness and anger
    [04:14] <JB_Wook13> emotions are like the gates to the vessels in my neck
    [04:14] <JB_Wook13> and blood is what goes through
    [04:15] <JB_Wook13> Well, I also have another problem that works synergestically with this.
    [04:15] <JB_Wook13> I have dangerously high fluctuations in blood pressure.
    [04:15] <firefly> omg
    [04:15] <JB_Wook13> well what this means
    [04:15] <JB_Wook13> is that whenever my blood pressure increases, it hurts.
    [04:15] <JB_Wook13> not bad
    [04:15] <JB_Wook13> on either case
    [04:15] <JB_Wook13> but I recently found out a combination of the two is BAD.
    [04:16] <JB_Wook13> name an activity you can do by yourself or another that gets you excited and gets your blood pumping.
    [04:16] <firefly> wowzer. how bad?
    [04:16] <JB_Wook13> Oh
    [04:16] <JB_Wook13> that comes in a bit
    [04:16] * ZetaWolf has joined #softpaws
    [04:16] * FurBot sets mode: +o ZetaWolf
    [04:16] <JB_Wook13> just humoar me
    [04:16] <firefly> dancing?
    [04:17] <JB_Wook13> eh, close enough
    [04:17] <JB_Wook13> I was thinking of "dancing with myself"
    [04:17] <lifeline> robbery
    [04:17] <JB_Wook13> anyways, so I was, and my head started hurting
    [04:17] <JB_Wook13> normally i ignore it and it goes away
    [04:17] <JB_Wook13> but it got real bad
    [04:17] <JB_Wook13> real fast
    [04:17] <JB_Wook13> I was just about to finish the dance
    [04:17] <JB_Wook13> and all ofa sudden
    [04:18] <JB_Wook13> it felt like someone had blackjacked me with a ballpeen hammer.
    [04:18] <JB_Wook13> Think of what a blood vessel popping might feel like.
    [04:18] <firefly> holy-- ouch
    [04:18] <JB_Wook13> yeah.
    [04:18] <JB_Wook13> so anyways
    [04:19] <JB_Wook13> There I was, with a raging hardon lying on the ground screaming in pain and pleasure at the same time
    [04:19] <JB_Wook13> and my mom came running in
    [04:19] <Blueberry> o_o
    [04:19] <JB_Wook13> and she got scared
    [04:19] <firefly> o.O
    [04:19] * TerrorBite has quit IRC (Quit: TerrorBite extends a paw directly upwards and declares, "TO THE BAR!" Then he dashes out of the channel, intent on one goal - beer. :3�)
    [04:19] <JB_Wook13> and then said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel-air"
    [04:19] <JB_Wook13> lol j/k
    [04:19] <JB_Wook13> no
    [04:19] <JB_Wook13> she raced me to the hospital
    [04:20] <JB_Wook13> and the doctors thought I had an aneurysm
    [04:20] <JB_Wook13> they were assfuck shitting themselves
    [04:20] <JB_Wook13> so there I was
    [04:20] <JB_Wook13> with a tube up my butt on a cat scan
    [04:20] <JB_Wook13> and I started thinking "That was some really good pr0n"
    [04:20] <ZetaWolf> That's not a cat scan
    [04:20] <JB_Wook13> actually
    [04:20] <firefly> in ur butt?????????
    [04:20] <ZetaWolf> if you have a tube in your ass
    [04:20] <JB_Wook13> it was a triple contrast test
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> they shot iodine up my ass
    [04:21] * koalacuddles has joined #softpaws
    [04:21] <ZetaWolf> So..your brain is in your ass??
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> no, let me finish.
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> they had no clue what it was
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> a head ct scan came up clear
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> so they were doing the test
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> and went to draw some blood
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> well the first time they couldn't get a vein
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> so they went to my hand
    [04:21] <JB_Wook13> and hit a valve
    [04:21] <ZetaWolf> wiat.. your head hurts so they stick a tube up your ass??
    [04:22] <lifeline> ::blinku::
    [04:22] <JB_Wook13> sure. to check digestion tract.
    [04:22] <JB_Wook13> some weird thing about leaked fluids
    [04:22] <ZetaWolf> Whats that have to do with your ass?
    [04:22] <ZetaWolf> oh
    [04:22] <ZetaWolf> Well still
    [04:22] <JB_Wook13> yeah
    [04:22] <JB_Wook13> that was my reaction
    [04:22] <JB_Wook13> anyways
    [04:22] <lifeline> thats freaky
    [04:22] <JB_Wook13> they hit the valve
    [04:22] <JB_Wook13> oh it's about to get worse
    [04:22] <ZetaWolf> I think you had a kinky doc
    [04:23] <lifeline> go on
    [04:23] <JB_Wook13> when they hit the valve I saw my nurse mouth the words "Oh fuck"
    [04:23] <ZetaWolf> you do know this is an all ages channel right?>
    [04:23] <JB_Wook13> really?
    [04:23] <ZetaWolf> yes :)
    [04:23] <ZetaWolf> keep that in mind :)
    [04:23] <JB_Wook13> well 'll keep the swearing to a minimum
    [04:23] <ZetaWolf> Well you can sware just try not to get TOO graphic
    [04:23] <JB_Wook13> but basically a valve is a high pressure area that kind of keeps the blood flowing fast
    [04:23] <JB_Wook13> ok
    [04:23] <JB_Wook13> well they pierced the valve and it started bleeding.
    [04:24] <JB_Wook13> A lot.
    [04:24] <lifeline> dang
    [04:24] <JB_Wook13> as in my hand was drenched and flooding the ground in 3 seconds.
    [04:24] <JB_Wook13> however
    [04:24] <JB_Wook13> keep in mind my other problems
    [04:24] <JB_Wook13> this sudden loss of blood cured the headache!
    [04:25] <JB_Wook13> so we eventually discovered all the problems and shit
    [04:25] <JB_Wook13> and now I have a real good reason to donate a lot of blood to the red cross.
    [04:26] <JB_Wook13> anyways
    [04:26] <JB_Wook13> that was my day.
    [04:26] <JB_Wook13> how was yours?
    [04:27] <firefly> wow... I thought I had a crappy day :\
    [04:27] <firefly> I went to go see this band play.. and it rained and rained.. so they started late
    [04:27] <firefly> and the opening bad was horrible!
    [04:27] * Srakha is now known as Srakha-work
    [04:28] <JB_Wook13> they should make a death metal song about that.
    [04:28] <lifeline> what was wrong ?
    [04:28] <JB_Wook13> I have constricted vessels in my neck
    [04:28] <JB_Wook13> and highly fluctuating bloodp ressure
    [04:28] <JB_Wook13> and I got a raging hardon
    [04:28] <lifeline> ahh...
    [04:28] <JB_Wook13> :-/
    [04:28] <JB_Wook13> morning wood = bad news for me
    [04:28] <JB_Wook13> ANYWAYS
    [04:28] <lifeline> so the sudden loss of blood got  the constriction resolved
    [04:29] <JB_Wook13> well it doesn't hurt normally
    [04:29] <JB_Wook13> but when you get excited
    [04:29] <JB_Wook13> your neck tenses up
    [04:29] <JB_Wook13> and makesi t constrict more
    [04:29] <JB_Wook13> and when you get goin, your blood pressure increases
    [04:29] <Srakha-work> that makes for a lovely experience
    [04:29] <firefly> 'dancing with yourself' *giggle*
    [04:29] <JB_Wook13> :D
    [04:29] <JB_Wook13> Most intense fap session I've ever even heard of.
    [04:29] <lifeline> hahaha
    [04:30] <lifeline> oh god..friggin hairspray
    [04:30] <lifeline> a remake of a movie that has one character still from the original production
    [04:30] <JB_Wook13> wow.
    [04:30] <JB_Wook13> that's enough to make my day even crappier.
    [04:30] <lifeline> err one actor
    [04:30] <JB_Wook13> thanks a lot :(
    [04:30] <lifeline> what..a remake of hairspray?
    [04:31] <firefly> I hate it when they remake movies that weren't even good the first time. :(
    [04:31] <JB_Wook13> exactly
    [04:31] <lifeline> i liked the original it was neat
    [04:31] <lifeline> i just hate remakes
    [04:31] <JB_Wook13> well guys
    [04:31] <JB_Wook13> I'm in a debate-y mood
    [04:31] * Blueberry likes charlie and the chocolate factory..
    [04:31] <JB_Wook13> IMO the remake of that was better
    [04:31] <firefly> blueberry: the new one?
    [04:32] * Blueberry nods
    [04:32] <lifeline> the remake of hairspray?
    [04:32] <JB_Wook13> in the new one they give wonka such a perfect pedo smile
    [04:32] <lifeline> i dont think its even came out yet
    [04:32] * Blueberry shakes her head
    [04:32] <lifeline> or do you mean willy wonka
    [04:32] <firefly> hmmm... in my opinion.. you can't upstage gene wilder.
    [04:32] * Blueberry nods
    [04:32] <lifeline> ditto to firefly
    [04:32] <lifeline> love the original, wonder n such
    [04:32] <lifeline> and real midgets
    [04:32] * Blueberry didn't like the original
    [04:33] <lifeline> it was good for its time
    [04:33] <firefly> agreed
    [04:33] <JB_Wook13> you know what else was good for it's time
    [04:33] <JB_Wook13> Team America
    [04:34] <lifeline> its like i spit on your grave was good for itss time(i had fun too)
    [04:34] <firefly> oooo.. that movie is awesome
    [04:34] <lifeline> team america world police??
    [04:34] <JB_Wook13> yep.
    [04:34] <lifeline> ...
    [04:34] <JB_Wook13> You couldn't have had that 10 years ago.
    [04:34] <lifeline> i did not know they made a remake of that
    [04:34] <JB_Wook13> no tehy didn't
    [04:34] <JB_Wook13> I was talking about the one and only
    [04:34] <lifeline> kk
    [04:35] <JB_Wook13> if they had done it after the original gulf war
    [04:35] <JB_Wook13> everyone would be butthurt because we pwned in the gulf war
    [04:35] <JB_Wook13> now that we are getting owned back east
    [04:35] <JB_Wook13> IRL trolls have it easy when making fun of us
    [04:36] <lifeline> thank goodness comedy central wasnt really around at the time
    [04:36] <JB_Wook13> yeah
    [04:36] <firefly> well.. the US has done that itself. With the attitude they (er, we) own the globe.
    [04:36] <JB_Wook13> but you gotta admit
    [04:36] <JB_Wook13> initially
    [04:36] <JB_Wook13> afghanistan was justified
    [04:36] * Randall_Tark has joined #softpaws
    [04:36] * Blueberry isn't a part of your we o..
    [04:36] <Blueberry> o..o
    [04:37] <JB_Wook13> it got quiet.
    [04:37] <JB_Wook13> is the war a do-not-talk subject or somethin?
    [04:37] * Aproksin has quit IRC (Quit:  Klaniam sie panstwu ide fagocytowac�)
    [04:37] * ZetaWolf has quit IRC (Input/output error�)
    [04:38] <lifeline> we?
    [04:39] <JB_Wook13> :(
    [04:39] <JB_Wook13> well what is your stance on ze war?
    [04:41] <firefly> er, I just said 'we' in there cuz I live in the US.
    [04:41] <firefly> the war is crap. :(
    [04:41] * Worcana sings happly ^_^
    [04:41] <JB_Wook13> why do you think so?
    [04:43] * Shadowrunner has joined #softpaws
    [04:43] <firefly> because we should have gotten the job done by now!
    [04:44] <JB_Wook13> you think we can win this?
    [04:44] <firefly> I know we can. I believe in my country and I know we're doing the right thing.
    [04:45] * Blueberry thinks the war thing is rubbish, its quite clearly not a "new kind of war", they just wanted to take over a country. Its not a war, its an invasion, just like germany did
    [04:45] <JB_Wook13> blueberry
    [04:45] <JB_Wook13> you think we are nazis?
    [04:46] <firefly> I don't think it was for the sake of taking over a country so much as keeping ours safe.
    [04:46] * Blueberry didn't say that, just that you did the same thing, aside from the genoside.. so far..
    [04:46] <lifeline> mrow i just think its because he have a stupid pres
    [04:46] * Worcana nods at Blueberry, a war has a just reason for it, and a honest end. We happened was nothing more then bloodshed and backstabbing.
    [04:46] <lifeline> err we have a stupid pres
    [04:47] * Blueberry doesn't think the right reaction to one group hurting some people in your country is to invade what /might be/ their country o_o
    [04:47] * Fated is now known as FatedAFK
    [04:48] <Worcana> Its kind of like shouting 40 people for something 1 man did.
    [04:48] <firefly> I don't see why people hate bush so much
    [04:48] <lifeline> mrow
    [04:48] * Blueberry doesn't hate bush. hates the american government for sure though
    [04:48] <firefly> and the war isn't about 9/11. it was about the things saddam had going on.
    [04:49] <Worcana> Becouse he's a moron, arogent and has cost the lives of MANY people becouse he dosn't have the power of mind to do something about all this, like help them now he's screwed up -_-
    [04:49] <lifeline> i just think it would've been nice that we would come out of iraq/iran etc after we took saddam down
    [04:49] <lifeline> we've stayed there long enough
    [04:49] <JB_Wook13> I think that if we leave now
    [04:49] <lifeline> ::resting on blue, petting her mane::
    [04:49] <JB_Wook13> they are gonna all come for the US
    [04:49] * Blueberry thinks if sadam wants to run his country like that, america should stay out of it.. its like a fricking religious war converting the world to their paticular style of politics and life
    [04:50] <StarShadow> that doesn't say much of the iraqi people's prospects
    [04:50] * Blueberry nestles in to lifeline
    [04:50] <lifeline> oh well, he's dead now...what wild is the government there gladly killed em
    [04:51] <Worcana> The case is that now we will never beable to leave there since if we leave, it gives too much space for people to attack the UK/US
    [04:51] <JB_Wook13> they are like sheep that need herding
    [04:51] <firefly> he murdered his own people
    [04:51] <JB_Wook13> IAWTC worcana
    [04:51] <JB_Wook13> we need to stay there
    [04:51] <JB_Wook13> until they are stable enoguh to not come after us
    [04:51] <firefly> you want to talk about genocide.. that's exactly what sadam was put to death for.
    [04:51] <firefly> JB: ur paranoid
    [04:51] * Blueberry nods, because a dictatorship killing people is /sooooo/ much diffferent from an unfair court trial killing people
    [04:51] <JB_Wook13> to be honest
    [04:52] <Worcana> Um. whats IAWTC? :D
    [04:52] <lifeline> it was by the people he reigned over..
    [04:52] <JB_Wook13> i agree with this comment
    [04:52] <Worcana> Ah
    [04:52] * Liero has quit IRC (Quit: "Evolution has seen fit to equip the human form such that our fingertips dangle enticingly at roughly the same height as our crotches"�)
    [04:52] <StarShadow> Just because the current situation is bad does not make the former situation good.
    [04:52] <Worcana> The thing is, they wont attack ANYONE ELSE but the US/UK. Becouse we were "The ringleaders". The cause of the issue and there for the END to it
    [04:52] <JB_Wook13> To be honest
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> I feel that saddam wasn't that bad
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> in the long run
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> it's better his people than ours
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> and WE put him there
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> remember?
    [04:53] <lifeline> its mostly revolutionaries as is, we've stayed our welcome
    [04:53] <StarShadow> well
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> saddam wasn't such a bad guy
    [04:53] <StarShadow> im sure the kurds wouldnt agree with you
    [04:53] <Worcana> The CIA gave him weapons too -_-
    [04:53] <StarShadow> or those people that were never seen again
    [04:53] <StarShadow> of course, they can't disagree, coz they are dead
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> well they can't agree
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> because they are dead
    [04:53] <JB_Wook13> lol hive mind
    [04:54] <lifeline> at least its better than what my friend was saying
    [04:54] <JB_Wook13> but honestly, ask the people who MIGHT die because we put a bad dictator out and replaced him with WORSE people
    [04:54] * Blueberry doesn't think the people given the death sentence in america are ever seen again either..
    [04:54] <Worcana> Simple end to this all :- We have to accept the punishment that they will no doubt give us.
    [04:54] <lifeline> which was sending all our troops to the middle east then having  another nation raid the us while we're defenseless
    [04:54] <JB_Wook13> HELL NO! We are better than them
    [04:54] * Ukki-kun has joined #softpaws
    [04:54] <StarShadow> jb: as i just said
    [04:54] <JB_Wook13> they started this war by bombing us
    [04:54] <lifeline> shes a conspiracy theorist
    [04:54] <StarShadow> just because the us are bad doesn't make saddam good
    [04:54] <Worcana> In all honesty, it will only take 1 single thing to start it up again. They will do a attack, and we shall go RIDING off trying to find who did it
    [04:55] <StarShadow> you can't justify not removing saddam because the outcome may be worse
    [04:55] <Ukki-kun> :3 Hello.
    [04:55] <JB_Wook13> I can, it makes sense to me
    [04:55] <JB_Wook13> I'm an objective person
    [04:55] <JB_Wook13> where the ends justify the means
    [04:55] <JB_Wook13> always
    [04:55] <JB_Wook13> thats how countries are run
    [04:55] * Worcana tailfin waves to Ukki-Kun. "Welcome to Politics"
    [04:56] <firefly> ukki: hi hi :)
    [04:56] <StarShadow> im not sure i understand how you can argue what you're arguing
    [04:56] <firefly> lol politics
    [04:56] <Worcana> Meh, basicly put :- "Its over, now lets just wait for it to end"
    [04:56] <JB_Wook13> they should not be allowed to end it
    [04:56] <JB_Wook13> they STARTED it
    [04:57] <Worcana> Firefly :- MOre "Govermental Ranting"? :D
    [04:58] * Blueberry doesn't see how a country started it.. thats so moronically biggoted.. some people started it. �people�, not a country. It was not an act of their government.
    [04:58] * FatedAFK has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving�)
    [04:58] <StarShadow> i have no problem with people kicking saddam out
    [04:58] <lifeline> she has a point
    [04:58] <StarShadow> the afterwards.... thats when things get messy
    [04:58] <lifeline> ::gives blue an apple::
    [04:58] <firefly> I was thinking jb being paranoid and other people blanketing problems with "easy outs"
    [04:58] <JB_Wook13> people are responsible for government.
    [04:59] <lifeline> the matter was an excuse for us to send troops
    [04:59] <JB_Wook13> besides
    [04:59] <JB_Wook13> everyone knows
    [04:59] <Ukki-kun> o. o
    [04:59] * Blueberry has no problem with america going after the people who were responsible and making them suffer or whatever, but invading a country over it is crazy! she can only think its a weak justification for ulterior motives, whatever they may be.
    [04:59] <JB_Wook13> that it was the US who bombed WTC
    [04:59] <JB_Wook13> I bet that in all reality
    [04:59] * Blueberry nibbles apple
    [04:59] <Ukki-kun> Ah, I'm not one for politics.
    [05:00] <JB_Wook13> this is all some scheme to bring the country down internally
    [05:00] * Ukki-kun eats cookies.
    [05:00] * Worcana ::- Buffy :- Once More, With Feeling :- Going Through The Motions.
    [05:00] <JB_Wook13> some jerkoff in politics thinks it's high time we get toasted
    [05:00] <StarShadow> .. ok now we're getting to conspiracy theories
    [05:00] <lifeline> ahh..your going off the theory about the missiles hitting the trade center right before the airplanes hit and that there wasnt a plane that hit over at the pentagon
    [05:00] <JB_Wook13> no
    [05:00] <JB_Wook13> I think that we c4d the WTC
    [05:00] <lifeline> and the bombs that were in the trade center at the time
    [05:01] <JB_Wook13> I think that some money mongling guy higher up made sure we got nice and riled up
    [05:01] <JB_Wook13> that's what I believe
    [05:01] <lifeline> makes sense too
    [05:01] <StarShadow> do you have any proff?
    [05:01] <StarShadow> or is this just a theory?
    [05:01] * Blueberry thinks some jerks flew two planes in to them and america used the excuse to start some expansion scheme or whatever they're trying to do
    [05:01] * Wookie_Slyfox has joined #softpaws
    [05:01] <JB_Wook13> no, there is plenty of proof
    [05:01] <JB_Wook13> the proof is in the pudding
    [05:01] * Ukki-kun loves eating cookies.
    [05:01] <lifeline> a majority of proof  wihen it comes to the center was destroyed in the crumblin
    [05:01] * Blueberry isn't surprised some jerks flew planes in to american buildings.. a lot of people were expecting it to happen one day
    [05:01] <JB_Wook13> they have had engineers and chemists run perfect simulations and it wouldn't happen that way IRL
    [05:02] <StarShadow> heh
    [05:02] <StarShadow> im an engineer
    [05:02] <StarShadow> one of the first things we're taught is: dont trust simulations
    [05:02] <StarShadow> because they're never perfect
    [05:02] <JB_Wook13> I think some real affluent jew high up wanted to get revenge on the middle east for the persecution on his israeli brothers
    [05:02] <Leik>  lololol
    [05:02] * Liero has joined #softpaws
    [05:02] <StarShadow> and in some cases aren't even close
    [05:02] <Leik>  Stop beating a dead horse, honestly.
    [05:02] <Ukki-kun> I'm bored. let's not talk about politic crap. Dx
    [05:02] <firefly> a jew?
    [05:03] <lifeline> whats odd is the center  completely collapsed from getting  hit at the top
    [05:03] <JB_Wook13> suer
    [05:03] <StarShadow> actually its not
    [05:03] <Blueberry> Neigh o..o
    [05:03] <lifeline> well unless going off of like... you hit it at the top and it falls down
    [05:03] <StarShadow> its fairly easy to explain
    [05:03] <lifeline> but then it took too long for it to go down that way mrow
    [05:03] <JB_Wook13> bingo
    [05:03] * Leik beats Blueberry :P
    [05:03] <Leik>  I don't think you're dead though
    [05:03] <lifeline> mrow no beating the pony
    [05:04] * Blueberry tears Leik's trachea out and feeds it to the canids
    [05:04] <lifeline> ::blinku::
    [05:04] <Blueberry> o..o
    [05:04] <JB_Wook13> it had to be some rich jew of a politician... they are the only one with a real motive outside of a real terrorist bombing the WTC
    [05:04] <Ukki-kun> Baah...
    [05:04] * Ukki-kun has left #softpaws
    [05:04] <JB_Wook13> somoene with the money
    [05:05] <JB_Wook13> someone with the power
    [05:05] <JB_Wook13> and someone with a reason
    [05:05] <StarShadow> yeah
    [05:05] <lifeline> ::wonders how many times bush was dropped on his head::
    [05:05] <StarShadow> like usama bin laden
    [05:05] <StarShadow> that sorta person?
    [05:05] <JB_Wook13> osama had the last two
    [05:05] * Aproksin has joined #softpaws
    [05:05] <StarShadow> and the first
    [05:05] <JB_Wook13> tell me then
    [05:05] * Traduce has joined #softpaws
    [05:05] <JB_Wook13> how did he get the first?
    [05:05] * Blueberry wonders how many times people will have to complain about political talk in what is usually a friendly channel before JB will actually be quiet
    [05:05] <Wookie_Slyfox> nah, I mean Bush Senior gave em the means and shit when he was in office, why would he wanna kill his buddy?
    [05:05] <StarShadow> people tend to forget that osama is a millionaire
    [05:06] <StarShadow> he was a business man before he became a nutjob
    [05:06] <JB_Wook13> what'd he sell?
    [05:06] <lifeline> kill his buddy??
    [05:06] <JB_Wook13> and frankly
    [05:06] <JB_Wook13> if he was a dangerous nutjob
    [05:06] <JB_Wook13> with MONEY
    [05:06] * Traduce has left #softpaws
    [05:06] <lifeline> i think  the young bush had a vendetta to settle
    [05:06] <JB_Wook13> he would be number one on the radar
    [05:06] <JB_Wook13> they would freeze his assets in an instant
    [05:06] <JB_Wook13> because unlike some rich crazy guy
    [05:06] <StarShadow> his family does construction
    [05:06] <JB_Wook13> we have the power to do that
    [05:07] <lifeline> finish what father started etc etc
    [05:07] <JB_Wook13> @lifeline: IAWTC
    [05:07] * Blueberry invites you to join #politics
    [05:07] <JB_Wook13> i think bush took the opportunity to whack them
    [05:07] <lifeline> i havent a clue what the abbreviation is
    [05:07] <JB_Wook13> i agree with the comment
    [05:07] <StarShadow> the bottom line is
    [05:07] <lifeline> ahh
    [05:07] <StarShadow> laden has all the things you said
    [05:08] * BigBastardingGrizzlyBear has joined #softpaws
    [05:08] <StarShadow> and conveiniently, took responsibility
    [05:08] <JB_Wook13> well I got another question
    [05:08] <StarShadow> unlike your mystery man
    [05:08] <JB_Wook13> doesn't osama hate jews/
    [05:08] <lifeline> israelies 
    [05:08] <StarShadow> id assume so, why?
    [05:08] <lifeline> or however you spell it
    [05:09] <JB_Wook13> why would osama help the jews?
    [05:09] <JB_Wook13> UNLESS
    [05:09] <firefly> I don't think osama would help the jews
    [05:09] <JB_Wook13> the jews and osama are actually working together
    [05:09] <JB_Wook13> like
    [05:09] <Leik>  Lol....
    [05:09] <lifeline> ya..
    [05:09] <JB_Wook13> what if they were helping finance
    [05:09] <Wookie_Slyfox> Like business men ;x
    [05:09] <lifeline> im gonna head to sleep 
    [05:09] <lifeline> need it
    [05:09] <JB_Wook13> that would explain the assets not getting frozen
    [05:09] <Leik>  nini Li2FenE
    [05:09] <lifeline> ni ni 
    [05:09] <Leik>  Ne*
    [05:09] <JB_Wook13> and that would explain BOTH theories!
    [05:09] <JB_Wook13> guys
    [05:09] <StarShadow> how exactly is osama helping the jews?
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> he bombed the building.
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> I think jews facilitated it.
    [05:10] <Leik>  The Jews love money
    [05:10] <Leik>  Why would they pwn something commerce related?
    [05:10] * Zakarius has joined #softpaws
    [05:10] <Zakarius> Yo
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> hopefully to pull another black friday
    [05:10] <StarShadow> more to the point, why would they pwn anything?
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> err
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> black tuesday
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> or whatever
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> so taht everyone sells in a panic
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> and they keep their stock
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> when things even out
    [05:10] <JB_Wook13> RICH RICH RICH
    [05:11] <firefly> what's black tuesday?
    [05:11] <StarShadow> .....
    [05:11] <StarShadow> im not an ecomomist
    [05:11] <StarShadow> but im pretty sure that's not how it works
    [05:11] <Zakarius> Its the reverse
    [05:11] * Chloe is now known as ChloeAFK
    [05:11] <JB_Wook13> then why did hitler blame jews for the great depression?
    [05:12] <StarShadow> because he hated jews
    [05:12] <Zakarius> People buy shares low, then circulate rumours about how good the company will become soon. People buy loads of shares, stock price increases, the scammers sell, then it all falls down
    [05:12] <StarShadow> also: he wanted to unite the people behind a common cause
    [05:12] <StarShadow> also: it gave him the authority to cease their assets
    [05:13] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> >=o
    [05:13] <Zakarius> Eh, its nothing new. People have been balming other people for things for centuaries
    [05:13] <Zakarius> blaming even
    [05:13] <JB_Wook13> yeah, don't even get me started on hitler.
    [05:13] <firefly> hitler was just a big troll. *wrinkles her nose*
    [05:14] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> >=o
    [05:14] * man_of_kashyyyk has joined #softpaws
    [05:14] * lifeline has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
    [05:14] <Zakarius> Hitler was many things. People usually concentrate on the negative stuff though.
    [05:14] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> He was an artist.
    [05:14] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> A shit one at that.
    [05:14] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> >=o
    [05:14] <Zakarius> One thing was certain, he was a genius when it came to leading people
    [05:15] <Zakarius> I mean, he got a whole country, and raised it up out of the crap initially
    [05:15] <StarShadow> in any case, i think your theories, JB, are baseless without any shred of meaningful evidence
    [05:15] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> Nah. Not really. Because if he was a great leader.
    [05:15] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> His people wouldn't hate him at the end of the war.
    [05:15] <Zakarius> Its just a shame he became over-confident and did what he did
    [05:15] <firefly> he was a very very very influential speaker, even though he was a jew troll.
    [05:15] <JB_Wook13> well, now you are telling me my opinions are meaningless.
    [05:16] <JB_Wook13> I think you are just a fascist in capitalist clothing.
    [05:16] * man_of_kashyyyk yawns.
    [05:16] <JB_Wook13> ANYWAYS
    [05:17] <Wookie_Slyfox> JB I think that's called opression, that's call for a revolution.
    [05:17] <JB_Wook13> no kidding
    [05:17] <JB_Wook13> maybe what the jews/osama did was the right thing to do
    [05:17] <StarShadow> your opinions are meaningless... in that they dont have much meaning
    [05:17] <Zakarius> Everyone is a politician, everyone has their own opinion, and no-one will ever condede that someone else might be right. 
    [05:17] <Wookie_Slyfox> Redundancy.
    [05:17] <StarShadow> i haven't seen any justification of any of the claims you make
    [05:18] <man_of_kashyyyk> wait, what are we arguing about?
    [05:18] <JB_Wook13> I justified them, but they weren't good enoguh for you, fascist.
    [05:18] <JB_Wook13> I claimed that jews and osama worked together to blow up the WTC
    [05:18] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> Starshadow, I'd like you to say that to Pope. 'Your oppinions are meanless, prove god.'
    [05:18] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> I bet he'll bitch slap you across the face.
    [05:18] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> ANd make you his bitch.
    [05:18] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> And+
    [05:18] <JB_Wook13> yeah.
    [05:18] <man_of_kashyyyk> I think I've heard that theory, what backing do they have?
    [05:18] <JB_Wook13> I'm the wookie pope.
    [05:18] <JB_Wook13> well
    [05:18] <ChloeAFK> JB_Wook13�:� kindly drop the subject
    [05:18] <Zakarius> Oooh, thats a new one. Jews and Muslims working together to blow up the WTC? 
    [05:18] <JB_Wook13> ok chloe.
    [05:18] <StarShadow> how exactly did you justify them
    [05:19] <StarShadow> you haven't even given any evidence
    [05:19] <JB_Wook13> chloe, i'll drop it if they will
    [05:19] <Zakarius> I think thats pretty much improbable, if not impossible
    [05:19] <ChloeAFK> Zakarius�:� drop it
    [05:19] <StarShadow> furthermore, do you even know what the word fascist means?
    [05:19] <Zakarius> That would be like the US and China working together on anything
    [05:19] <Zakarius> Chloe: Awww, but this is getting interesting
    [05:20] <JB_Wook13> well I mean the US and China pretend to be friends
    [05:20] <JB_Wook13> but at the end of the day they dislike each other
    [05:20] <JB_Wook13> kind of like our topical subjects.
    [05:20] * Ukki-kun has joined #softpaws
    [05:20] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> Who really cares if the world trade center was blowing up? Atleast it wasn't a fucking CITY. 
    [05:20] <man_of_kashyyyk> BigBastardingGrizzlyBear: they killed millions.
    [05:20] <StarShadow> well, im sure the families of the dead care.
    [05:21] <man_of_kashyyyk> how could we let them get away with that?
    [05:21] <JB_Wook13> well TBH
    [05:21] <JB_Wook13> i think vtech hit the US harder than the WTC
    [05:22] <firefly> nooo... wtc was way worse.. vtech just had the added drama/psychotic factor.
    [05:22] <man_of_kashyyyk> really, you see the racism that that caused are great nation to create.
    [05:22] <man_of_kashyyyk> wtc, there's just no target to blame.
    [05:22] <JB_Wook13> yeah
    [05:22] <JB_Wook13> with vtech
    [05:22] <JB_Wook13> there was someone people can crucify after death
    [05:22] <JB_Wook13> and it doesn't help he killed a holocaust survivor
    [05:22] <JB_Wook13> that's like breaking into someone's house
    [05:22] <JB_Wook13> shooting everyone that lives there
    [05:22] <man_of_kashyyyk> He was a minority too, which makes the whole race responsible.
    [05:23] <JB_Wook13> and then taking a shit on the toilet and getting it clogged
    [05:23] <firefly> vtech was sooo disappointing because the guy who did it committed suicide
    [05:24] <JB_Wook13> if osama had actually given himself up and not gone to hide in a hole
    [05:24] <JB_Wook13> the whole situation would ahve been abated
    [05:24] <firefly> and I don't think the racist tendencies towards koreans are going to be ANYTHING like the ones that are still very strong against middle easterns and muslims
    [05:24] <JB_Wook13> lies
    [05:24] <JB_Wook13> go to virginia and say that
    [05:24] <JB_Wook13> then again
    [05:24] <JB_Wook13> go to WTC and say that and they will concur
    [05:24] <firefly> virginia was like that before anyway
    [05:25] <JB_Wook13> these tragedies are make regional racism a popular trend
    [05:25] * Deko[CSS] has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
    [05:25] <firefly> wtc made arabs and muslims hated all across the states
    [05:25] * Ukki-kun has left #softpaws
    [05:25] <JB_Wook13> the region of the US
    [05:25] <JB_Wook13> silly
    [05:25] <JB_Wook13> go to Arizona
    [05:25] <JB_Wook13> and ask the first white guy you see if he likes mexicans
    [05:25] <man_of_kashyyyk> Just the mention of the Koran or something will create snickering where I go to school.
    [05:26] <firefly> come to texas and ask us if we like mexicans lolol
    [05:26] <firefly> arizona doesn't have half the immigration problem we do.
    [05:26] <JB_Wook13> you are 3 times as big.
    [05:27] <man_of_kashyyyk> We're horrible people.
    [05:27] <man_of_kashyyyk> Every one of us, the whole furry community.
    [05:27] <Blueberry> o..o
    [05:27] <man_of_kashyyyk> We could be reaching out to those hurt by these tragedies.
    [05:27] <man_of_kashyyyk> Instead of complaining about 'Fursecution' and the like.
    [05:27] <man_of_kashyyyk> Who are we? Has a furry ever even been slain in the name of his 'beliefs'
    [05:28] <BigBastardingGrizzlyBear> Yeah.
    [05:28] <firefly> srsly?
    [05:28] <Zakarius> Here we go, rightious indignation. Inevitable
    [05:28] <JB_Wook13> at least it isn't me.
    [05:28] * Blueberry has left #softpaws
    [05:29] * Alvain has quit IRC (Quit: �)
    [05:30] * BigBastardingGrizzlyBear has quit IRC (Quit: �)
    [05:30] <Worcana> ....
    [05:30] <JB_Wook13> we made everyone leave? :(
    [05:30] <man_of_kashyyyk> :(
    [05:31] <Worcana> Seriously, some of what was said wasn't exactly the right stuff to say in a room ment for LIGHT converstaion.
    [05:31] <JB_Wook13> my bad.
    [05:31] <man_of_kashyyyk> what do you mean?
    [05:32] <Worcana> What do you think i mean! Regardless of the topic, talking about political stuff is alright but don't go pushing idealistic stuff and telling a whole community that we are horrible for not doing something to people hurt in a tragedy!
    [05:33] <Worcana> Leave the baggage at the door, this room is for light converstaion and for people to enjoy themselfs, NOT have stuff like that discused.
    [05:33] <JB_Wook13> was it good for you?
    [05:33] * Worcana gives up.
    [05:33] * man_of_kashyyyk has left #softpaws (80 people make up the entirety of the furfag community�)
    [05:34] * man_of_kashyyyk has joined #softpaws
    [05:34] * Wookie_Slyfox has quit IRC (Quit: �)
    [05:35] * Wookie_Slyfox has joined #softpaws
    [05:35] * man_of_kashyyyk has left #softpaws (WOOKIES ARE SUPERIOR FURSONAS TO ALL�)
    [05:35] * firefly has left #softpaws (WOOKIES ARE SUPERIOR FURSONAS TO ALL�)
    [05:35] * Wookie_Slyfox has quit IRC (Quit: Wookie_Slyfox�)
    [05:36] * Worcana sighs.
    [05:36] <JB_Wook13> man.
    [05:36] <JB_Wook13> those guys make me look bad.
    Session Close: Sat Jul 07 05:36:26 2007


    What is Female Muscle Furries you ask? Well on a passing glance it will conjour images of Lady foxes and Wolves, at their most physical of peaks talking about Work out techniques, PMS, and why gentle as a lamb > hung like a horse.

    Don't be fooled kids! Female Muscle Furries is far from those kind of dreams, oh no. Female Muscle Furries is a place where Faggots from all over the Furry spectrum congregate to talk about why the earth is inadequate to their life styles, and how the astral plains hold a key to their higher form of living (I.e. Bumming a bear)

    Female Muscle Furries is Currently ran by two of the Hottest Studs in the Muscle Fur scene: Keanu the Dog and Atari Boy. Atari Boy is a Mentally Handicapped individual who spends his times waffling on about how great 40 year old video games are, and perving up on fags pretending to be a female muscle bun. An interesting fact is: Atari boy will draw you anything IF you send him games, any era, in whatever condition. Keanu the Dog on the other hand in a physically handicapped Computer Technician, with the Knavery of Rasputin the mad Russian and Baby Bonnie Hood's love child. An interesting fact is: Keanu can make vore seem slightly more disgusting than it already is.

    This isn't NBC's new sitcom, this is The life of a Web porn hunk.

    The FMF is pseudo ran by Fellina Bloodclaw, Who is easily categorised as the Archetype "Man pretending to be a girl to get stuff on the internet" The FMF will also house many names you'd never heard of, but to someone else will be the big guns in the Muscle Fur Business, A classic case of the Dave Mustane Paradox.==[-+]Typical FMF Chat Log==

    [22:15] Ritz: Yes, i know about the process of loving making
    [22:17] Ritz: how do you think ritz came about?
    [22:17] Syndy: Tab "P" slot "V" that sort of thing right?
    [22:17] Syndy: Egg found in the cabbage patch?
    [22:17] Fellania: whuim of the creator..
    [22:18] Fellania: whim even
    [22:18] Ritz: whim? bah, she's been around for 11 years
    [22:18] Fellania: oh my goddess....this is unfreaking beliveable....
    [22:18] Ritz: what?
    [22:18] Ritz: i'm not lieing
    [22:19] Ritz: she's the spawn of sonic the hedgehog
    [22:19] Fellania: this gal used her 4MOTH OLD CHILD AS A WEAPON!! against her boyfriend...
    [22:19] Ritz: jeeez
    [22:19] Syndy: I came about because my parents were digging in the trash behind the High Energy Magic Building at the Unseen University.
    [22:19] Ritz: hm
    [22:20] Syndy: Do I want to know more?
    [22:20] Syndy: At least what happens to the pidgeons didn't happen to me mum.
    [22:21] *** Ataru has joined #FemaleMuscleFurries.
    [22:21] K2: I better go sleep, im not doing anything useful anyway. Bye guys..
    [22:21] Syndy: Sleep well.
    [22:22] Ritz: ta
    [22:22] *** K2 has signed off IRC (Quit: ).
    [22:25] Ritz: soooo
    [22:25] Ritz: huge slides in office buildings....great plan
    [22:30] *** Fellania is now known as Fel|AFK.
    [22:30] Seiryu: *pokes all as he returns*
    [22:30] Ritz: SERI!
    [22:31] Ritz: *Hugs*
    [22:31] Seiryu: *hugged and hugs back* ^_^
    [22:31] Syndy: Got my quote for a fursuit head, $325 plus shipping.
    [22:32] Ritz: fursuit?
    [22:34] *** Fel|AFK is now known as Fellania.
    [22:34] Seiryu: *snogs the Fel numminess* ^_^
    [22:35] Ritz: mrmm
    [22:35] Fellania: fursuit? oh neat..going all out then maybe Syndy?
    [22:36] Ritz: hmm, don't think i could ever buy one, i'm a closet furry through and through
    [22:36] Syndy: Yeah.
    [22:36] Fellania: noone should be a closet furry...
    [22:36] Ritz: WWell
    [22:36] Ritz: i am
    [22:36] Syndy: I gave up on closets a long time ago.
    [22:36] Ritz: Well, i have too much to risk
    [22:36] Seiryu: I would think a Fursuit would get too hot
    [22:36] Ritz: that's true
    [22:36] Fellania: be a fur be proud..tell the world my animal instincts are better than my humans and you know what I like it that way!
    [22:37] Syndy: What is there to risk?
    [22:37] * Fellania nods
    [22:37] Syndy: THink of it as the fursuit diet and exersize program, it'll melt the lard off of you.
    [22:38] Ritz: Oh great, run into the streets shouting "i rp as a wolf woman with buffness*
    [22:38] Ritz: great plan
    [22:38] Ritz: to risk, lets see, my boyfriend, my friends, my family trust
    [22:39] Fellania: who said you had to BROADCAST details
    [22:39] Ritz: Well, i di
    [22:39] Seiryu: What's the topic? 
    [22:39] Syndy: Um that is a tad overboard, but other than that why hide, it makes it seem like you are doing something dirty when friends and family find out and they will.
    [22:39] Fellania: just say I am a wolf and proud of it.. and leave it at that...
    [22:39] Ritz: Ha, 7 years, no luck yet
    [22:39] Ritz: Ha ha ha
    [22:39] Ritz: so they can throw me in a mental home?
    [22:39] Ritz: nice idea fell
    [22:40] Syndy: Um been to a mental home myself, trust me, furriness is not on their list of concerns.
    [22:40] Fellania: yeah...they might even like you... xD
    [22:41] Syndy: As long as you are not humping the dog or eating babies your cool.
    [22:41] * Fellania giggles...
    [22:41] Ritz: well, to bad that's what society thinks
    [22:41] Fellania: then might not want to say wolf...
    [22:42] Fellania: wolf -eating babies tend to go hand in hand no matter what the experts say...
    [22:42] Ritz: well, luckily i find arousal in more ... "normal" subjects, furriness is just a boredom buster
    [22:42] Seiryu: *sits next to Fel*  What IS the true definition of a furry?  no one really knows, because you can draw anthro and not be furry, and vice versa
    [22:42] Syndy: Society thinks we only have sex to reproduce.
    [22:43] Fellania: sex is a function...
    [22:43] Fellania: humans make it into more...
    [22:43] Fellania: wonder why? o.O
    [22:43] Ritz: oh
    [22:43] Ritz: well i draw furry
    [22:43] Syndy: Feels good, must be sinful.
    [22:44] Fellania: true...
    [22:44] Ritz: pff, Either way, i'm keeping my acts under wraps
    [22:44] Fellania: behold I bring you the fifteen- *CRASH* I mean the ten commandments!
    [22:45] * Fellania FoFL
    [22:45] Syndy: I think the line is when you think of yourself as an anthro-animal you've become a furry.
    [22:45] Seiryu: *tossles Fel's headfur* You feeling any better?
    [22:45] Fellania: let the reciting of obscure Mel Brooks movies begin!
    [22:45] Seiryu: *ponders what was on the other 5 commandments*
    [22:45] Ataru: (happy he's a normal human that "creates" anthro-were furries)
    [22:45] Fellania: I've still got a snotty nose and a little wheezing but today I actually felt good enough to do some house work....
    [22:46] Fellania: define 'normal' Ataru
    [22:46] Fellania: normal is boring...
    [22:46] Seiryu: Normal is trite..
    [22:46] Syndy: "That one is a eunic.  . .that one is dead. . .AH HA the jig is up!"
    [22:46] Ritz: my Well
    [22:47] Ritz: i do not think of my self as my character
    [22:47] Fellania: everyones definition of normal varies so guess what...there is no such thing as normal...
    [22:47] Fellania: that is my opinion anyway...
    [22:47] Ritz: everone rl who cares knows i draw it
    [22:47] Fellania: I am my character...
    [22:47] Ritz: but drawing comicy characters with no sex appeal
    [22:47] Seiryu: *snogs the Fel cutenss* And you love you for that Fel ^_^
    [22:48] Ataru: OK, guess I'm staying out of this, sorry for commenting
    [22:48] Ataru: (dissapears back to the shadows)
    [22:48] Ritz: the art you guys see is the art i enjoy drawing secretly
    [22:48] Fellania: no Ataru you are fine I'm just saying....
    [22:48] Ritz: if they knew of that they'd lynch me
    [22:48] * Syndy puts a spot light on Ataru.
    [22:48] Ritz: but comic character are fine
    [22:48] Ritz: they even like them
    [22:48] Fellania: there is no such thing as normal..and yet people continue to try and define it..instead of accept...
    [22:49] Ritz: Normal is the average
    [22:49] Syndy: Why would they lynch you?
    [22:49] Ritz: for being a weird
    [22:49] Ataru: I know I'm not normal
    [22:49] Fellania: bah
    [22:49] Ataru: Just saying I rather be a human who creates anthro-furries instead of a furry myself
    [22:49] Ritz: well, these are all your opiians against mine
    [22:50] Fellania: okok...where were we...oh yes...
    [22:50] Ritz: lets just call the whole thing off saying we have different veiws on it
    [22:50] Seiryu: What is Normal?  What is the definition of normal? *looks it up in a dictionary*
    [22:50] Fellania: Are you guys...fagelers?" O.o
    [22:50] Fellania: Nono..we're just merry...
    [22:50] Ritz: I don't see myself as ritz, don;t want to, i ejoy drawing her
    [22:50] Fellania: xD
    [22:50] Syndy: I'm not against you, I just don't think you should have to hide yourself from people you care about.
    [22:50] Ritz: i don't
    [22:50] Fellania: yeah I'm not against you..
    [22:51] Ritz: they know i draw furry, they don't know i draw muscle boob furry
    [22:51] Fellania: heh..
    [22:51] Fellania: hehe...
    [22:51] Fellania: Draw then Ritz..draw muscle booby fem furs...
    [22:51] Ritz: and believe me, i've tryed slowly weening it in, but never said in a private, "i enjoy this"
    [22:51] Ritz: I will
    [22:52] Ritz: but i'msick of it nower days
    [22:52] Ritz: Comic art is where i want to be
    [22:52] Ataru: Muscle boob furry?
    [22:52] Fellania: let the wolfess out once in a while...
    [22:52] Fellania: Comic art...heh
    [22:52] Syndy: Course I like it when I'm drawing muscle herm boob furry and they peep over my shoulder.  Squink, shiver, and "Oh god you are drawing THAT again."
    [22:52] Ritz: What's so funny
    [22:52] Fellania: everyone wants to join the standard and anything deviating from the norm is quietly and quickly shuffled under the carpet...
    [22:53] Ritz: I didn't say i was joining
    [22:53] Ritz: but when you do something for ages, you get sick of it
    [22:53] Seiryu: Who has muscle furry boobs? *looks at Fel* oh you! ^_^
    [22:53] Fellania: but Comic art...like comics and manga?
    [22:53] Ritz: and me
    [22:53] Ritz: aye
    [22:53] * Fellania squeezes Rita boobies..
    [22:53] Ritz: ritz
    [22:53] Fellania: er Ritz
    [22:53] Ritz: *smiles and giggles*
    [22:54] Fellania: darn typo demon I ran out of repellent...
    [22:54] Seiryu: Ooh..boobie gropage ^_^
    [22:54] Ritz: hmm
    [22:55] Fellania: comic artists need to have more muscley fems...
    [22:55] Ritz: Well, I'm going to ween muscle into the comicy art
    [22:55] Fellania: not counting the failed attempts...of She Hulk and a couple others...
    [22:56] Ataru: yes it does
    [22:56] Fellania: there's so little...
    [22:56] Syndy: And boobage?
    [22:56] Seiryu: *snirks* yes. Need more muscley goodness
    [22:56] Ataru: Shulkie has potential, its just no one wants to see it as such
    [22:56] Ritz: first as a "har har, transformation" situation, more on to *i go ot the gym* one
    [22:56] Ritz: Shulkie?
    [22:56] Fellania: comic gals have boobs..
    [22:56] Ritz: Hm
    [22:56] Ataru: yes they do...see Power Girl :p
    [22:56] Ritz: Rob leifield style
    [22:56] Seiryu: Yush. Big boobies, but not waistline ^_^
    [22:57] Ataru: you know I want to see a muscle goddess who is one and not make a big deal out of it in the comics
    [22:57] Syndy: Yeah but the few muscle girls they have in comics have no boobs.
    [22:57] Ataru: Sadly its due to the science of the matter: fat goes away as muscle increases
    [22:57] Ataru: Thus the use of implants by FBB
    [22:58] Fellania: thus the fact the "culture" defines women = breasts
    [22:58] Ataru: Personally I would love to see more female weres and such in comics, but they are already being abused or ignored
    [22:58] Ataru: nah, its all libido
    [22:58] Ritz: hmm
    [22:58] Fellania: anyone read Perter is the Wolf?
    [22:58] Fellania: Peter
    [22:58] Ritz: Yep
    [22:58] Ritz: not enough boob
    [22:58] Syndy: All the time.
    [22:58] Ritz: needs more boob
    [22:58] Ataru: Not a fan of the sex stuff in WLP, but its cute
    [22:58] Seiryu: hehe MAJOR boobage THERE ^_^
    [22:58] Fellania: OMG I just got through reading it..oh man is that so funny....
    [22:58] Ritz: ha
    [22:59] Fellania: and she is both muscly and boobage
    [22:59] Seiryu: like every other page has a girl shirtless ^_^
    [22:59] Fellania: and a were...
    [22:59] Ritz: hmm
    [22:59] Ritz: needs some growth though
    [22:59] * Fellania falls on floor laughing
    [22:59] Syndy: And horny.
    [22:59] Seiryu: *likes the muscely goodness*
    [22:59] Fellania: but still
    [22:59] Ritz: I know ya so seri
    [22:59] Ritz: *Wraps a huge muscally arm around ya and mrrs*
    [23:00] Fellania: its the kind of stuff that I like to read becasue it adds some humor to it and yet doesn't go "ewww muscly females"
    [23:00] Ritz: hm
    [23:01] Fellania: can't wait until next saturday wanna see the werefox use that fan and try and take another breath after...
    [23:01] Ritz: Supermegatopia really should get into muscle fems
    [23:01] Ataru: (stays out of conversation of furry fems)
    [23:01] Seiryu: *snogs the Fel and ritz, surrounding himself with uber-muscley goodness and boobage* ^_^^
    [23:01] Fellania: oh c'mon Ataru I wanna read more about your Minerva story...
    [23:02] Fellania: snogs?
    [23:02] Fellania: SNOGS?
    [23:02] Ritz: hm
    [23:02] Fellania: ewwwwwww dragon slobber!
    [23:02] Ritz: what's wrong with that?
    [23:02] Ataru: (you want to read that?)
    [23:02] Fellania: it makes my fur sticky...
    [23:02] Syndy: There is one thing I really wanna know though, where the heck are all the female werewolves in the Underworld movies?
    [23:02] Ritz: nothing better then the kiss of the dragon
    [23:02] Ritz: true
    [23:02] Ataru: Meh, why are the werewolves always the bad guy?
    [23:02] Ritz: no boob
    [23:02] Ritz: hmm
    [23:02] Ataru: Didn't vampires use to turn into wolves?
    [23:02] Ritz: aye
    [23:03] Fellania: they were there..they just didn't get more than a few nano seconds 
    [23:03] Ataru: that is why I am against vampires vs. werewolves
    [23:03] Fellania: Vampires do hate Werewolves...
    [23:03] Fellania: but they keep blowing the war outta proportion...
    [23:04] Fellania: its more like..you a Lupus? great go piddle on a tree doggy boy
    [23:04] Ritz: hmm
    [23:04] Seiryu: *nuzzles the fel and Ritz* Dragons are in that boat too
    [23:04] Ritz: (Ritz used to be a were character)
    [23:04] Fellania: and the wolf is like you go live in the monstrosity of glass and metal and leave the nature to us leech
    [23:05] Fellania: they really donot have an open genocidal war...
    [23:05] Ritz: Hmm
    [23:05] Ritz: Neither did any of the human world wars, but eh
    [23:06] Fellania: uhmm WW2 was an open genociadl war Ritz...
    [23:06] Fellania: genocidal
    [23:06] Ritz: yes, that's what i said
    [23:06] Fellania: Nazi Germany vs..Jewish
    [23:06] Ritz: Wait
    [23:07] Ritz: why am i relating make believe to the holocasut
    [23:07] Ritz: right, moving on
    [23:07] Fellania: uhmmm dunno...
    [23:07] Ritz: hmm
    [23:07] Fellania: depends on what you define as make believe and rl
    [23:07] Ritz: Well, vampires and werewolves are make believe
    [23:08] Seiryu: Worse conflict in history so far.  So far no other conflict has reached the death toll WWII wdid
    [23:08] Ritz: exactly
    [23:08] Fellania: uhmm beg to differ..vamps and wolves are not fantasy...
    [23:08] Ritz: so relating fake namby pambyness to the death toll of the holocaust makes me feel like a huge miff
    [23:09] Fellania: every fantastical tale and myth has some grain of truth...
    [23:09] Fellania: while the holocaust is very very real...
    [23:10] Ritz: exactly
    [23:10] Ritz: you can't prove werewolves
    [23:10] Ritz: but you can prove the holocaust
    [23:10] Ritz: wait
    [23:10] Fellania: whose to say the stuff of legends isn't just as real..its just that humans tend to ignore or chose not to believe in it 
    [23:10] Ritz: how come the fmf irc is always in philosophical debate
    [23:10] Seiryu: Dragons are real too.  Jut have to know where to look
    [23:10] Fellania: right...
    [23:11] Fellania: because we got nothing better to do Ritz
    [23:11] Ritz: pff
    [23:11] Seiryu: Let's face it, we would never know about the existence of Werewolves and such unless they were indeed real creatures at one point
    [23:12] Fellania: I believe in many things...like UFO's for example...
    [23:12] Ataru: sorry bout that...was dinner
    [23:12] Ritz: UFO's could well exist
    [23:12] Seiryu: I believe there's an air of truth behind every myth and legend
    [23:12] Fellania: I belive in ghosts and poltergeists...
    [23:12] Ritz: space could well house other lifeforms
    [23:12] Fellania: casue I have been haunted by both
    [23:13] Ritz: ...seriousley?
    [23:13] Fellania: surprised?
    [23:13] Fellania: yes I have had close envcounters of the paranormal kind
    [23:13] Fellania: the poltergeist was terrifying...the ghost was just passing through...
    [23:13] Ritz: well, no i'm not
    [23:14] Ritz: i don't believe in the paranormal
    [23:14] Fellania: when I was living in Utah...the poltergeist tried to choke my roommate then proceeded to hit me in the back and shoulders 
    [23:14] Fellania: it left welts and bloody cuts..I couldn't sleep for a week...
    [23:14] Seiryu: <--lived with a ghost 
    [23:15] Ritz: not one bit, i believe its just paranoia getting the best of people
    [23:15] Ritz: and that's my opinian
    [23:15] Fellania: xD
    [23:15] Fellania: nope never..
    [23:15] Fellania: don't worry about it...
    [23:15] Seiryu: No one believes it until they're experienced it. Ever been spirited away?
    [23:15] Fellania: ohkay Ritz..
    [23:16] Seiryu: they've*
    [23:16] Seiryu: It's a weird experience. Did that when i had to take my first spiritual journey
    [23:16] Ritz: ha, your treating me like i'm mental when your the ones talking about ghosts
    [23:17] Ritz: you know, if someting awful trolls were here they would have a grand day out
    [23:17] Fellania: oh I went on a vision quest, that was really eye opening..
    [23:18] Fellania: no Ritz we're just not going to say you're wrong we're right...which is not cool...
    [23:18] Seiryu: Well being Spirited away is about the same except you leave youe body entirely and then look for your guardian
    [23:18] Fellania: you have your opinion we have ours..
    [23:18] Ritz: good we agree
    [23:19] Fellania: Sei thats a vision quest...I found my spirit guide on mine the red furred bear... <---whom I model my character off of to an extent
    [23:19] Ritz: i believe that this parenormal stuff is a load of bollocks made up by over paranoid nerds who have nothing better to do with there time and you can agree that there is such thing as a supernatural pressence that you have both experienced first hand
    [23:19] Ritz: lets, keep, it, at, that
    [23:20] Seiryu: Hmm...either way it's a weird experience, but it's definitely inspiring 
    [23:20] Fellania: Ritz you're not getting mad at us are you?
    [23:21] Ritz: did i say i was?
    [23:21] Ritz: no. i'm not
    [23:21] Ritz: you getting mad a me?
    [23:21] Fellania: no but you seem a little harsh in your posts all of the sudden
    [23:22] Ritz: How is being harsh the same as being mad?
    [23:23] Fellania: no I'm just asking
    [23:23] Fellania: I thouht maybe you were mad at us for bringing it up is all...
    [23:23] Ritz: Asking waht? i awnsered the question if i was mad at you
    [23:23] Fellania: anyway I'm done...
    [23:23] Ritz: On the subject or the irc?
    [23:23] Seiryu: I think the biggest question a lot of people face is: how spiritual are you?
    [23:24] Fellania: new subject? anyone?
    [23:24] Ritz: Not very
    [23:24] Ritz: NEW SUBJECT!

    By reading this, We know 3 facts:

    It's not even worth trolling half the time. It's either a honeypot of stupidity or an AIDs ridden ghost town. But hey, It gives someone a boner.


    #babyfurs is for furfags with diaper fetishes. BZuber goes undercover to see what these fuckers are all about.
    * Now talking in #babyfurs
    * Topic is 'A safe place for li'l furs to play and relax | Rules: http://www.babyfurs.org.uk�'
    * Set by Tanalis on Sat Sep 23 12:02:50
    <Bzuber> rawrrawr
    <Bzuber> i am a baby fox
    <Dusty_wolf> hey there
    <Bzuber> teehee
    * Snuggems wavies atta Bzuber
    <Longcat> I am a baby longcat
    <Longcat> one day I hope to be as long as my daddy
    * Dylan is now known as Dylan|0x0BED
    <Snuggems> nite Dylan|0x0BED :(
    <Dylan|0x0BED> I'll see you tomorrow, Snuggems. hopefully
    * Dusty_wolf_ has joined #babyfurs
    * Dusty_wolf_ LIVES!
    <Sly_the_Fox> :o
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    * Dusty_wolf_ is now known as Dusty_wolf
    <Bzuber>   /\.../\
    <Bzuber>  /       \
    <Bzuber> : ^  #  ^ ;
    <Bzuber>  \:(_|_):/
    <Bzuber>    -----
    <Bzuber> meow
    * Dusty_wolf eyes Bzuber with suspecion
    <ShadowLab> don't do that again, thanks
    * Alex|away wags his banstick. o.o
    * Souffle|24 comes back in from outside cary'ng SmallNekoEve at arms length 'cause she's smelly
    <Alex|away> It's kinda like deodorant. o.o
    * SmallNekoEve whines
    <Bzuber> you no like me kitties?
    * Souffle|24 takes Eve over to a changetable and lays her down
    * Dusty_wolf pads over and pokes Bzuber wiff a muddy paw
    * SmallNekoEve wimpers a little and sways her tail
    * Souffle|24 removes SmallNekoEve's diaper and quickly tosses it into the pail
    * Bzuber scampers about the playpen
    * Souffle|24 takes a clean wipe and cleans her
    * Souffle|24 powders Eve's area and gets a fresh new diaper and re-diapers the kitty
    * Snuggems plays wif his toes peacefully and rests, peekin around now an then ^^
    * SmallNekoEve wrinkles her nose and giggles a lit being tickled by the wipes
    * Dusty_wolf considers summoning stinky the diaper golem again
    * SmallNekoEve crinkles and stands up, then jumps into souffles arms
    * Souffle|24 castches Eve, stepping back
    <Longcat> oh wow
    * SmallNekoEve hugs "thankees "then lets out another yawn
    * Souffle|24 takes the yawning kittygirl to a nearby crib
    <Snuggems> da diapew gowem? O.o
    <Longcat> this place is just too easy to troll
    <Longcat> I'm not even gonna bother
    <Longcat> I hope you all get better.
    * Longcat has quit IRC (Quit: gross�)
    <BabyJules> Lol
    * Souffle|24 lays SNE down in a crib with lots of plushies
    * SmallNekoEve digs through the plushies till she finds her pink kitty and lays down with it
    * Showtime has quit IRC (Quit: arribaderci�)
    <SmallNekoEve> night
    * Snuggems giggles
    <Snuggems> nini SNE
    * Souffle|24 tucks SNE in for the night before changing back to his cub form
    * Souffle|24 is now known as Souffle
    <Snuggems> wb Souffle!
    <Snuggems> howsa wuffy?
    * Souffle looks around the room
    * Souffle pads upto snuggems
    * SmallNekoEve hugs her plushie and drifts off to sleep
    * Souffle slurps da bunny
    * SmallNekoEve has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving�)
    * Snuggems giggles and pet pets the lilwuff, and squeaks! at the slurping. "Eeeeeee, he swimed me!"
    <Souffle> i'm goods.
    * RubberKit has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving�)
    * Souffle sits beside snuggems and giggles
    * Souffle gets under the blankie and cuddles up to snuggems
    * Snuggems chirrrrs softly and nuzzles Souffle, scritchpetting down his back.
    * Souffle mrrrrrs and leans into the scritchpets
    * Bzuber and AngelBunny get curious and explore each other's bodies
    <Souffle> ......
    * BabyBen sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]*.houston.res.rr.com
    * You were kicked by BabyBen (BabyBen�)
    Session Close: Mon Sep 25 00:41:37 2006

    In Private

    I'm no fur expert, but this guy seems just a bit paranoiacal. Remember guys, the FBI is watching you.

    <Sammy_Fox> if you're somekind of anti-fur troll, you can get fucked by a dog.
    <Sammy_Fox> right?
    <Blargh> ?
    <Sammy_Fox> I got enough trouble with those guys, a random dude who wants my asl means nothing good to me.
    <Sammy_Fox> yes, I am this paranoiacal.
    <Blargh> sry
    <Blargh> 15/m/wa
    <Sammy_Fox> oh
    <Sammy_Fox> 18/m/canada
    Session Close: Mon Sep 25 07:05:35 2006


    There used to be a #babyfur channel, but it was owned by fat fuck furniggers who pretty much banned anyone for any babyfur diaper faggotry and such. End result, the channel soon got banned from FurNet (if you join it you get KB'ed) and the owners were also permanently banned. The owners went to Anthrochat instead since only dogfuckers would be accepting them now.

    [-+]The ASPCA drops by occasionally

    SKEETER is now known as ASPCA
    <Blargh>	ezrah, how?
    <Ezrah>	the "rule of nines" [doing the 9's multiplication tables on your fingers], because 9 is one less than 10, the 
    number of fingers :p
    <Blargh>	my 3rd and 4th fingers are fused together :(
    <Ezrah>	sooo... that rule can be generalized to do the digit one less than any base :p
    <Blargh>	god hates me. im a freak!
    <Blargh>	:(
    <Ezrah>	meaning you do 9x2 on your hands, lower the tens value by ones... and you have 8x2 in base 9 ^.~
    <--	Razor has quit (Ping timeout)
    <Ezrah>	er, lower the /ones/
    -->	SyrrisLongclaw ([email protected]) has joined #maleyiff
    <Ezrah>	lower the ones by 2 and you have 7x2 in base 8 xP
    -->	Mongoose ([email protected]) has joined #maleyiff
    <Ezrah>	after that... you just have to do base conversions, which is probably a problem :p
    <Blargh>	man, some people are pming me and calling me a furfag
    *	Mongoose struts around in his panties! Muhahahaha.
    <Mongoose>	Blargh: You're in Maleyiff. Furfag.
    *	Mongoose laughs, patting Blargh's shoulder playfully.
    <Blargh>	yeah but
    *	ASPCA opens the door to his Ford F-150, a leather utility belt hanging from his waist - he opens 
    the back door to the totally kickass crew cab and pulls out several items, holstering each one in turn
    <ASPCA>	a 100,000 volt stun baton - he tests it, smiling at the crackling blue spark - an 8oz 
    can of oleresin capsicum - configured to give a debilitating 20 foot jet of pure mace, and finally, his trusty beretta
     m92, chambered in .45acp, a backup, just in case
    <Blargh>	mm sexy
    *	Mongoose glances over AsPCA's to admire his dildo collection.
    <Ezrah>	what the hell...?
    <Blargh>	ezrah: go with the flow :)
    <Ezrah>	thats sort of decidely unsexy though O.o
    *	ASPCA reaches into the bed of his truck and pulls out an eight foot noose pole, and surveys the 
    scene - a large community of rampant, rabid animals - he spots a slow, overweight one, as his first target - Ezrah
    <--	kylite has quit (Quit: kylite)
    <Blargh>	skritch
    *	Mongoose gasps loudly! He's not rabid, he had all his shots!
    *	Tobbes chuckles and shakes his head. "ASPCA.. ftw."
    <Ezrah>	what the bloody hell...?
    <Mongoose>	Run, Ezrah!
    *	ASPCA strides over to Ezrah, staying behind him, just in case, and pulls out his stun baton - 
    he quickly fires it up, and jams it into Ezrah's neck, just at the base of his skull, as Ezrah spazmodically 
    protests, yelping in pain before collapsing into a furry pile on the ground
    *	Ezrah is an /alien/ not a wild animal, and thus scoffs at your feeble human restrait methods.
    *	Blargh takes out his vintage converse sneakers and slips them onto his feet
    *	Blargh cums on ezrah's unconcious body
    *	ASPCA pulls the noose pole from off of his back and slips it over Ezrah's neck, 
    pulling the drawstring to give it a sure, unescapable grip
    <Tobbes>	This is interesting.
    <Caligo>	?
    <Tobbes>	Caligo.
    *	ASPCA starts to drag Ezrah away to his truck, when WAIT! WHAT'S THIS? Ezrah 
    starts to writhe around in anger, his mouth frothing - hes gone mad!
    *	Ezrah 's mote flies out of the back of his head, whirring, "BASTARD!" whereras the back 
    of his braincase promptly opens up and flings his core into the unsuspecting humans face, probably shattering 
    nasal bone, being that its very very /very/ sturdy metal.
    *	Blargh gives ezrah rabies shot. ezrah calms down.
    *	Blargh pounces on ezrah and plucks his nose hair
    *	ASPCA winces as the noose poll snaps, and instinctively reaches for his 
    beretta, pointing it at Ezrah and pulling off three rounds in succession - BANG! BANG! BANG!
    <Blargh>	aspca wait
    *	Ezrah 's mote dematerializes his core, and issues the "self destruct" command to 
    his corpse, making it burst into flames, pretty.
    *	Blargh looks at pretty flames
    *	ASPCA smiles as the .45 Government issue Hydra-Shok hollowpoints rip through
     Ezrah's body, leaving entrance wounds of 2 inches and exit wounds of five
    *	Ezrah 's mote whirs, "He's shooting a flaming corpse...? what good does that do...?"
    <Blargh>	exit wounds wouldn't be that big
    <Caligo>	...
    *	ASPCA makes sure the first two land in the torso of Ezrah and the last one lands 
    square in his skull,  Ezrah brains splattering across the pavement
    *	Blargh pours water on ezrah's corpse
    *	Blargh snuggles with ezrah's corpse
    *	Krios wonders why the human is shooting a dead kitty
    *	Ezrah 's Mote whirs, "I'm sorry buddy, you miss the brains, by about thirty six seconds."
    <Mongoose>	ASPCA: How gey. You're Roleplaying with yourself.
    <Seven>	aspca needs to learn how to roleplay
    *	ASPCA reaches for Ezrah's tail and drags him towards the truck, leaving several 
    trails of blood, bile, and dural matter behind him, then heaves him into one of the cages
    <Seven>	lol
    *	rem|afk is now known as remco
    <remco>	wuff
    *	Ezrah 's Mote whirs and screatches! "TWINK!"
    <Seven>	i love how he RP's for himself, AND the other person.
    <Krios>	*coughGODMODcough*
    <Blargh>	???
    *	ASPCA breathes a sigh of relief - Another day, another dog - he grins at a
     job well done, and drives the truck off into the distance, until not even the big, 
    bold letters, ASPCA, are visible on the back of his truck
    *	Blargh applauds
    <Seven>	good
    <Seven>	now go away
    <Seven>	annoying
    <Blargh>	i thought it was cute xD
    <--	Tobbes has kicked ASPCA from #maleyiff (bang bang bang..)
    -->	ASPCA ([email protected]) has joined #maleyiff
    *	Ezrah 's mote waits for it... waits for it... the wrath of the gods!
    *	Tobbes sets ban on *!*@fur-8F8F55CE.cable.mindspring.com
    <Seven>	bbuhbye
    <Blargh>	?
    <--	Tobbes has kicked ASPCA from #maleyiff (I said leave)

    In #Furry_vore

    * Immortal_Vanguard chuckles
    <Immortal_Vanguard> Noooooothing! *whistles*
    * Wuffy-tan whistles for a cab
    * Samui[1in] just stares at Uisce 
    * Wuffy-tan looks as it comes near and it's liscene says "FRESH" and has dice in the mirror
    <Wuffy-tan> WOW! THis cab sure is rare!
    <Zero> so bored..
    <Wuffy-tan> Nah, foregt
    <Wuffy-tan> YO! HOMES, TO BEL-AIR!

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