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    Police.gif Furnation gone as of May 2013 because Corsi spent all his money on cheezburgers
    You fucktards can't even run a plot of land in Second Life - holding the world in your "paw" is a little ambitious

    FurNation was a massive, sprawling virtual furry shithole in the pointless and stupid "game" of Second Life. It consisted of two main elements. The first, a network of eleven laggy sims (a sim is an area in Second Life you can build shit on) functioning as the epicenter of Second Life's dogcock economy and as the virtual residences for all Second Life's most notorious war criminals. The second, a web-based forum which nobody ever read because they were too busy yiffing each other in Second Life.

    That was, until certain events put in motion by credit card fraud, debt, bankruptcy, lolsuits and copyright infringement came to a head, causing the whole thing to come down like a house of pornographic cards drawn in MS Paint. As of October 2008, Fur Nation is no more. They came back like a month later. But on December 8th, 2009 their PayPal was shut down and the administrators ragequit the internet. Seriously.

    The Sim Itself

    FurNation spends a fuckload of time and energy keeping their little boxes of dogcock and faggotry running. A bill of twelve thousand Lindenbucks (L$) per month, reportedly, that had to be paid from donations. More on that later, though - first let's take a look at the place itself.

    A Quick And Dirty Map Of Fur Nation

    FurNation Mythica, MAIN TARGET ALERT: A wretched hive of drama and yiff, and thus the most popular place in the entire of FurNation. Ironically contains a church, as well as a furry stripclub/brothel/AIDS den called The Ark. If you were looking for a good place to drop some ordinance, this would be a good place to start.

    FurNation Prime: Used to be as above, and the most notorious hellhole of furdom in the entire game. Done out in a Stargate theme, the pyramid is occasionally used by groups of furs for their unholy dances. Now abandoned due to being choked with self-described "auteur programmers" attempting to "Push the envelope" with their coding, thus drowning the wretched hellhole in lag. In other words, furry selfishness accomplished the goals of the Patriotic Nigras for them.

    FurNation Alpha: The art gallery. DO NOT GO THERE. FOR ANY REASON. THE GOGGLES WILL DO NOTHING. Home to the "Furry village", meaning some of the smaller furry residences are here. Probably not worth targeting unless already occupied.

    FurNation Kami: Residential area containing a UK-themed section. Also has moar churches, leading us to believe that maybe it isn't just Duke Otterland that prays for horse cock.

    FurNation Vista: Laggiest part of FurNation due to 1) A sandbox full of eager furs trying out their new cocks, and 2) The fact that the server is dying of rickets after years of gang rape by the Patriotic Nigras.

    FurNation Gamma: Basically an overflow Vista. Not as popular, but equally trollable due to the people building giant statues of themselves with Godzilla-sized dongs while considering themselves to be artists.

    FurNation Worlds Mall: Dogwang, Ohio. Nightmare difficulty for trolls because everyone is only there on business. A glittering Xanadu for phishers, however.

    FurNation Phoenix: Where you go to get in touch with your inner pony. The residences here look like the shit your dad built you out of boxes because you were too poor to afford the My Little Pony Show Stable.

    FurNation Dragon: Fuck you, I'm a dragon!

    The Owner: Corsi Mousehold

    Joseph (top), seen here in human form; Joseph in his fursuit (bottom) as Corsi, seen here with his hambeast wife.

    It takes a special kind of furry to not only garner the wrath of the collective internets, but also to utterly alienate even darkest niches of your own community. Joseph Porter, better known as Corsi Mousehold is that special kind of fur. Whether screaming racist abuse, threatening to call the partyvan, purring occupatio in an attempt to look superior or simply pointing out that he has a nicer house or more money than you LOL NOT ANY MORE, any conversation with Corsi is guaranteed to be chock full of lulz and drama. His drama-whoring in the SL community, his double-dealing with SexGen's code and his staggering lack of judgment (putting diaperfurs in charge of everything) have made him a veritable colossus of fail.

    One day, all the pariahs of the internet will get together and they will build a statue of Corsi (and then the PNs will crash it).

    Furries Say The Funniest Things!


    We now know what you kids look like. A police report in Pitsburg was filed. You know...with that evidence and the continued terrorism you guys have caused...Can you say, tried as an adult?


    —Corsi Mousehold, Internets Attorney for Hire, believing the police would actually give a shit about a crashed SL sim


    Oh yes. Knot me baby, gotta get that puppy pecker somewhere.


    —Corsi Mousehold, possible babyfur and threat to small, young animals.


    Tjhis coming from a Black underage kid on welfare. You're black. All blacks are on welfare.


    —Corsi Mousehold, telling the truth.


    Banning Banning Oh it is so much fun. We play with you and laughing too until the bans are done!


    —Corsi Mousehold, can't say something without sounding like an effeminate faggot.

    Hello, I am a Furfag!

    In 2008, Corsi appeared in a shitty documentary made by a furfag sympathizer. In this ten minute mishmosh that attempts to debunk the "misconceptions" about furfaggotry, Corsi and his corpulent wife ramble about the fandom and how they got Swat'd. Corsi also tries to justify his fursona by saying he's bi-sexual.

    Corsi Mousehold: "ALL BLACKS ARE ON WELFARE!"

    This looks like a job for Captain Footbullet! [[Collapse Me][Expand Me]]

    [18:15] Corsi Mousehold: Cool. 
    [18:15] Corsi Mousehold: What are you going to do. Spam me? Drop a Mario box on my head? 
    [18:16] Corsi Mousehold: By the way. 
    [18:16] Corsi Mousehold: What is Raep? 
    [18:16] Hojohto Becloud: Your parents aren't going to like it when you get 100 calls in the middle of the night. 
    [18:16] Corsi Mousehold: I own my own home LOL 
    [18:16] Corsi Mousehold: Call me. 
    [18:16] Hojohto Becloud: O RLY. 
    [18:16] Hojohto Becloud: ? 
    [18:16] Corsi Mousehold: Ya Rly 
    [18:17] Hojohto Becloud: Furfags are always incopetent, they don't have jobs. 
    [18:17] Corsi Mousehold: I work full time and make 4K a month through Second Life. 
    [18:17] Corsi Mousehold: I'll even tell you where I work. 
    [18:17] Hojohto Becloud: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA RIGHT. 
    [18:17] Corsi Mousehold: I am a collection agent. 
    [18:17] Hojohto Becloud: Loser. 
    [18:17] Corsi Mousehold: I work for Southwest Credit Systems in Plano Texas. 
    [18:17] Hojohto Becloud: Should have gone to college. 
    [18:18] Corsi Mousehold: I did. I'm a manager. 
    [18:18] Hojohto Becloud: What a pointless life. 
    [18:18] Corsi Mousehold: Are you coming back so I can ban you again? 
    [18:18] Hojohto Becloud: That explains the radical sedondlifing. 
    [18:18] Hojohto Becloud: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA 
    [18:19] Corsi Mousehold: Tjhis coming from a Black underage kid on welfare 
    [18:19] Hojohto Becloud: I'm not on welfare. 
    [18:19] Hojohto Becloud: You seely RACESST 
    [18:20] Corsi Mousehold: Of course you are. 
    [18:20] Corsi Mousehold: You're black 
    [18:20] Corsi Mousehold: All blacks are on welfare. 
    [18:20] Hojohto Becloud: That waz uncawled foh!!!! 
    [18:20] Hojohto Becloud: You guys always start on the race thing. 
    [18:20] Corsi Mousehold: But that's okay. 
    [18:21] Corsi Mousehold: You're the one that started profiling hon not me. 
    [18:21] Corsi Mousehold: I'm just adding to the conversation. 
    [18:21] Corsi Mousehold: Are you coming back to FurNation or not? 
    [18:22] Hojohto Becloud: What will the head furfags think when they see this chatlog, and find out you're a filthy raceest? 
    [18:22] Hojohto Becloud: oh lawdy lawdy! 
    [18:22] Corsi Mousehold: Honestly? 
    [18:22] Corsi Mousehold: They'll likely laugh. 
    [18:22] Corsi Mousehold: So send it. 
    [18:22] Hojohto Becloud: You're going to lose your job. 
    [18:23] Corsi Mousehold: Want me to give ytou the estate manager names? 
    [18:23] Hojohto Becloud: Nice try ong calling my bluff. 
    [18:23] Hojohto Becloud: I can figure it out myself. 
    [18:33] Hojohto Becloud: Cocks

    Corsi "Discovers" Anthrocon Raid


    [12:23]  Corsi Mousehold: (Saved Mon Jul 23 15:22:47 2007) Lets talk.
    [12:23]  Corsi Mousehold: (Saved Mon Jul 23 15:23:03 2007) I have information you like REALLY need to know.
    [12:23]  Corsi Mousehold is typing...
    [12:25]  Getreadyto Katscher: k wut
    [12:26]  Corsi Mousehold: Also one of your pals revealed at that convention where his mom works. And we have that information.
    [12:27]  Corsi Mousehold: You may now concider your options.
    [12:27]  Getreadyto Katscher: I missed the first part.
    [12:27]  Getreadyto Katscher: I crashed.
    [12:28]  Corsi Mousehold: Corsi Mousehold: We now know what you kids look like. A police report in Pitsburg was filed.  You 
             know ... with that evidence and the continued terrorism you guys have caused ... Can you say, tried as an adult?
    [12:28]  Corsi Mousehold: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvVk9jn-vN0
    [12:28]  Corsi Mousehold: These are not threats. They are facts.
    [12:28]  Corsi Mousehold: I don't know if you are one of the ones that did all this but you are involved with them.
    [12:29]  Corsi Mousehold: Well one of the ones at the protest.
    [12:29]  Corsi Mousehold: But we have the location of his parents work in Pittsburg.
    [12:29]  Corsi Mousehold: Here's your options.
    [12:30]  Corsi Mousehold: One: Walk away. Enough is enough. You had your fun here now find another group to pester.
    [12:30]  Corsi Mousehold: Two: Join us. Have fun with us and we won't know who you are among us. we can be 
             fun when you just get to know the furries.
    [12:31]  Corsi Mousehold: Three: You keep everything up. And force me to do what I need to do to end this charade for you.
    [12:32]  Corsi Mousehold: You guys screwed up coming to Anthrocon. I was there.
    [12:33]  Corsi Mousehold: And that is what I was waiting for all this time. I have to thank you for giving me the chance 
             to identify who some of you are.
    [12:35]  Corsi Mousehold: It's all fun and games until someone loses their freedom. I bit you farewell. I trust we won't 
             be seeing each other again.
    [12:36]  Getreadyto Katscher: NIGGER CUNTS?
    [12:37]  Corsi Mousehold: HJave it your way.

    The Beginning Of The End

    As previously mentioned, FurNation was a high maintenance sim running on the cash of furries, a section of society whose sole source of income is your tax dollars at work. Naturally a secondary source of income was needed, and in Second Life this is achieved by designing clever and creative code for virtual objects and selling them online.

    Problem: As has been mentioned by both Anon and furry visionaries such as 2 gryphon, the grand majority of furs don't actually produce anything worthwhile; they just sit back and whine that people aren't producing nightmare spooge pictures for them for free, and quickly enough.

    How Do I Sexbed, /b/?

    It was due to these factors that Corsi decided to rip off some code from a user called Stroker Serpentine for a marvelous invention called Sexbeds - beds which, when used would cause one's avatar to perform...shall we say... "Certain preset animations." (It's furries. We're sure your imagination is plenty fertile.)

    Soon a bitter dispute was well underway. Now, any normal person would simply surmise "God dammit, we got found out, we'd better find another way out." Furries, however, are not known for their keen grasp on reality. Furthermore, furries who have latched onto a self-declared e-personality like Corsi would rather saw their own spines off than admit defeat or even one iota of fault. Naturally there was only one course of action, leading to possibly the greatest quote in the history of furry fagdom:

    Raid? Wait, isn't that what Anonymous does to US?



    Brace for complete humiliation.

    The Second Life Community Reacts

    Stop freaking out like rats on acid and actually find out what can be done to HELP



    WOW, What a Bunch of Furry Fucktards. This is EXACTLY WHY Everyone HATES the Furry community on SL. Corsi gets busted Stealing a Trademarked and Copywrited Business model and what does the Furry community do? It goes to DEFCON 1. Nukes, Spam, Griefing, & Group BS. It is no wonder Stroker wants you all to stop pretending to be Genuine SexGen, You make his Legitimate Business look like romper room.



    Just goes to show the real griefers in SL are the furrys.


    —General Drama

    I keep thinking of those Evil Woodland Creatures on South Park when I read furry chatlogs.



    Hi, i would like to please have my name remove from this report,it tarneshes me,and i got harasseed in a sandbox yesterday.



    WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA STOP RIGHT THERE!!! I never said that and I never will say that.


    —Corsi Mousehold



    —Furnation Resident

    btw corsi, thank you for all the drama i have been ejected from about all the furry groups because i WAS a friend of yours. your fucking drama whoring also cost me roughly $300 a week in sales of my items, so thanks to you i will need to sell my sims as i am now having to refund rentals which has put me into the red.


    —capn carnage

    TL;DR: Building starts burning down. Rather than get water, furs start protesting against flames. And nothing of value was lost.

    The FurNation Website

    Even the most popular of websites runs into problems when everyone wants to read it but nobody wants to contribute anything to it apart from BAWWWWW THE SITE'S 504'D FIX IT NAOOOOOOOOOO! Nexxus Ambassador, sysop of Furnation.com was, actually flying in the face of a triple-threat:

    1. Anyone interested enough in the FurNation sim was actually there, instead of reading a website about it.
    2. The money that pays for your bandwidth is drawn from the same place that pays for your rent and your fursuit.

    In an attempt to save said fursuit money, Nexxus got his silly ass scammed by an internet scammer, leading to all the cash he had tied up in Second Life being frozen for fraud. Now Nexxus is up to his ears in debt, and FurNation's web presence is set to met a similar fate to it's big brother.

    The forums are thus little but a sad footnote next to the shitcan of the sim itself. Brave nigras with their sight set on raiding the site are therefore discouraged from doing so, especially as the site is protected by a FIFTY DOLLAR LEGAL FUND (WE'RE IN TROUBLE NAO, GUISE).

    The Downfall of FurNation.com

    The Unsung War

    On September 23, 2008; the only active mod, Zion decided to fuck up with the whole site, and revealed himself to be an epic troll amongst the FurNation staff itself, creating more and more butthurtness amongst the furfag community by banning all the members and deleting all the forums threads. A successful single-man raid against a community of over 9000 members anyways. The admin; Ghost Menjou, capitulated due to his inability to handle back the situation.

    The staff was revealed to be totally incompetent and unable to face Zion's actions inside the community.

    The Aftermath

    Later, after attempting to unban a few butthurt furries, Ghost Menjou attempted to rebuild the community with a couple of furries, but does so unsuccessfully.

    Give money plz

    Nexxus, the FurNation admin asked the remaining furries to donate all they can give to maintain the site up, pretending a phpBB forum and an image gallery requires $1,000 per months of bandwidth and hosting fees, which anyone with an once of common sense would find totally ridiculous. But that's basically what furries did, without asking any question.

    Despite this, Nexxus and the furry donations combined couldn't even amount to 1/4 of the monthly bill, Furnation was surely doomed.

    Murder for the Fandom

    Despite not having the cash to maintain the site, Furnation was still up the next month. You might wonder what happened, or if the cash shortage was even real, though the truth is much more depressing.

    Nexxus stole insurance money from his constantly sick mother, a lot of it. His mother later died when she couldn't pay her medical bills. On top of his stolen cash, Nexxus was further rewarded with his mothers inheritance money. Nexxus had indirectly killed his mother for the sake of Furnation.

    You can read Nexxus' response to this on this article's old talk page at archive.org if you want, but it's weepy and boring.

    A Great Troll Goes Out With A Bang

    On sunny Monday afternoon a great /i/nsurgent decided he'd had enough petty trolling of FurNation users. The member known as Kuda. Kuda succesfully posted a variety of shock images such as Pain Series and Zippocat in almost every thread on the shitpile of a site. Naturally the furries met this with much BAWWWWing and butthurt, however due to the sites new democratic structure the only mods online were incapable of doing anything to halt Kudas spamming for several hours or simply were on his side and did nothing. Too add insult to injury Kuda also messaged the sites current leader Vulpes warning of an /i/nsurgent mod, adding to the Aspies already large list of insecurities. Naturally Kuda was eventually banned, Goodnight Sweet Prince, may we NEVAR FORGET.

    Nexxus Proves Himself a Petty Troll/The Furnation Paypal is down!

    On Tuesday, December 8th 2009 FurNation's Paypal account was revoked for violating the 'Terms of Use' of Paypal's donation feature (due to the massive quantities of pornographic material on their website). In response to this, Nexxus decided to blame a fellow furry (and website owner of FurAffinity, a competitor website) Dragoneer. He stated that Dragoneer had 'alerted Paypal and flagged FurNation for violation' with no solid proof other than "A friend of mine said so." But of course, he was not about to reveal the name of that said friend, leading many to wonder about the validity of his statement. Of course, even if Dragoneer HAD done such a thing, Paypal would most likely not close a donation account until it was investigated first nor would it refuse to re-open it after it was investigated and found to not be in violation, which it of course was.

    After much ranting about how much he dislikes Dragoneer and spewing jealousies of FurAffinity's success, he cries out for help, begging the members of his site for money yet again 'to save FurNation', using this as his stance that he is just a victim and needs money to get back on his feet. If he can't get enough donations, he says he will shut down FurNation.

    After the 'rant/blame game' post, many members FurAffinity were informed of the misleading and drama-filled update and went to post their own thoughts on his baseless blame. Of course the first few posts were in full support of FurNation and went along blindly to his accusations, but then posts began popping up supporting FurAffinity and calling out Nexxus on his lack of proof and immature way of handling things. Some members of FurAffinity signed up JUST so they could post a reply. It wasn't long before those replies were deleted. Every single one of them had been picked out individually and removed, the topic closed, leaving only the posts supporting 'how wonderful' FurNation was and 'how they had been wronged by FurAffinity' doing nothing but proving even more how pathetic they are. Congratulations Nexxus, you win the FAIL OF THE DAY for December 8th.

    Furnation brought down by minor drama.

    Nexxus Pulls an Epic Ragequit

    Mere hours after Paypal donation fiasco of December 8th 2009, the entire site of Furnation.com was brought down. The main page displayed only a black background with the text "Furnation is gone. So long and thanks for all the carrots." This hardly even needs lulzifying; such a petty bawwwwing response is absolutely hilarious on its own.

    Nexxus shortly thereafter confirmed that the site has been brought down for good on his Twitter account: "FurNation is offline, this time for good. So long and thanks for all the fish." This will only serve to make the site's inevitable return more hilarious. Furthermore, despite the fact that he can't make up his mind between fish and carrots, he thinks quoting cliche'd Douglas Adams excerpts is actually witty.

    To add additional lulz, Furnation has returned under new management a sockpuppet account to avoid the shame of being a furfag that only wants to be a faggot out for attention. Granny would be so proud


    The russians did their own Furnation with a blackjack and whores.


    Take us seriously, dammit! About missing Pics
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