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    FurFest Northwest

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    FurFest Northwest was a furry convention planned for August 2006. After the previous convention failed, a furry by the name of Rex Wolf decided he'd run his own convention. Instead of hosting in Seattle, Portland, or any other major metropolitan northwest city, he had the genius idea of hosting it in Moscow, Idaho (Population 15 16 (Congratulations, Mrs. Tibbons, on your baby boy!) Predictably, as furries go, it failed.

    Rex blamed this on some people pointing out his bullshit plans on LiveJournal found here. Instead of fixing the obvious flaws, Rex did what any other furry would do when criticized and threatened LEGAL ACTION.

    More legal goodyness and drama here!

    One month before the scheduled convention date, Rex announced on the FurFest Northwest bulletin boards that the convention was being canceled. This was because only 20 people even bothered to sign up. Naturally, Rex blamed this on Seattle area furries for causing destructive drama.

    "Sorry folks, but I'm not going to risk my personal financial situation for a con that has been doomed by a couple of furries who decided to destroy it without even asking a single question, and by the fans who couldn't step up and support the only con in the area this year that we tried so hard to put into place.
    If we don't get 25 registrants tonight, the show is over.
    Someone said it right. Seattle furs don't deserve a con.
    Maybe one day you will, I don't know.
    If the con is canceled, those who wanted to still come out this way are welcome, and we'll do something more informal, without the expense. We'll go see the wolves. We'll go fursuit. We'll have fun, and talk about how stupid it is for people to get so caught up in drama as to destroy something like this.
    -Rex Wolf

    Numerous attempts to communicate directly with the chairman both before and after the cancellation were met with open hostility and several posts providing suggestions or asking questions of the con staff were deleted. This sparked even more lulz on Rex's part.

    Several accounts were also deleted from the bulletin board, and the board was later configured to only allow new accounts on administrator approval.

    The bulletin board itself was later taken down due to a lack of funding.

    In April 2007, Rex announced he was "Goodbye FFN" giving up all efforts to start a new convention and would let the furfestnorthwest.org domain lapse.

    This would later lead to his leaving the fandom FOREVAH!

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