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    Here's to setting the world on fire in 2021! - aediot

    Fukushima 2012

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    File:The Pyramid Tomb of Chernobyl.jpg
    What are the descendants of civilization going to think of our weak pyramids 9000 years from now after 2012 happens?

    Back in 2011, an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and things changed forever. Any well-read EDiot is familiar with the drama associated with the Japan Crisis of 2011. To sum it up, besides effectively screwing Japan as hard as it has been fucked since WWII by Allied forces that took away their hard won colonies, nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and planned to unleash swarms of bats onto Tokyo—this earthquake/tsunami was not the only drama to occur that day. At 3:26 pm on March 11th, 2011 a wall of water got into the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and destroyed Japan forever. In fact this is so bad, Tokyo's soil is contaminated to the level of what would be classified as nuclear waste in the United States. You can imagine the political and economic ramifications of a mass evacuation of the greater Tokyo Area. And this is only the current bad news—as nuclear meltdowns can always go from bad to much worse. For example, a fuel tank in Reactor Unit 4 contains 5000 times the amount of Cesium 137 than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. One could imagine the global environmental ramifications if this were to blow up or get hit by another wall of water.

    The only hope is a group of retired engineers, nuclear experts, construction workers, and other volunteers have formed an organization called Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima (SVCF). Their main objective is simple: sacrifice their bodies so younger workers don't have to be exposed to radiation as the SVCF is commissioned to build a giant pyramid tomb to forever contain the mess that is Fukushima Daiichi—no this part isn't satire, this is straight real talk. So far this project has accomplished very little because of a corporate media blackout that is being pushed by International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) and nuclear energy companies in the United States and Japan that don't want you to know that every time we have a meltdown we have to crank out cannon fodder and billions of dollars to compensate the mess each time. They also don't want you to know that the only way we can even begin to learn about the true costs of nuclear meltdowns is by examining them as they happen—meaning anyone can really be an expert on this issue and all the numbers it includes.

    As of 2015, people are finally going home to their towns, as they're realising that Fukushima actually did barely fuck all on the world. As expected, the media didn't bat an eyelid, and went back to being alarmist about radiation in Chernobyl.

    The Man with the plan

    Yastel Yamada is a co-founder of the SVCF and he is currently on a series of tours in America promoting that political pressure needs to be directed towards the Japanese government to send relevant retired specialists and volunteers at the nuclear facility (instead of what TEPCO is currently doing) in an attempt to build a giant pyramid tomb before the situation gets any worse. The sarcophagus structure planned for construction in Japan's Fukushima-Daiichi will be much bigger than crumbling giant pyramid tomb already built in Chernobyl that will need an additional 1 billion dollars to make it even bigger.

    So what is Yastel Yamada's plan?

    Well there really isn't a plan beyond trying to build a giant pyramid tomb before the situation gets any worse. The reality about nuclear meltdowns is all science knows about how to deal with meltdowns is based on the previous two nuclear meltdowns, but this lack of knowledge isn't going to be a problem. First, since this is a relatively new subject, anyone who can read articles on Wikipedia can be an expert on nuclear science and what happens when nuclear power plants experience a meltdown. Second, this field of research is going to have a larger collection of data every 25 years or so as new research locations emerge in which scientists can observe and document this exciting new scientific field. These two advantages will allow scientists to have new research material to educate the populace more about the cost of nuclear meltdowns resulting from violating the most important rule in real-estate: location, location, location.

    Data from the last three Nuclear Meltdowns

    Anyone can be an expert on Nuclear Meltdowns with knowing the data, even you! Share your nuclear meltdown expertise with your friends!

    Three Mile Island

    Three Mile Island.jpg
    • The cleanup project lasted from August 1979 - December 1993
    • It had a 1 billion dollar cleanup
    • 140,000 people were evacuated.
    • The construction of nuclear power plants was halted in America.
    • All the nuclear power plants in America are from this generation of technology, which is three generations behind the latest available nuclear technology and power plant design.


    • Chernobyl released 50-80 million Curies
    • 400 times more radiation than Hiroshima
    • 350,000 people displaced
    • Total number of Chernobyl liquidators was 600,000. 50 to 10,000 of these liquidators have died from the job depending on who you ask.
    • The total cost for Chernobyl was 235 billion dollars.
    • A new pyramid tomb needs to be built over the current sarcophagus that will cost an estimated 1 billion dollars.
    • This new pyramid tomb was suppose to be completed in 2005, but they'll get around to beginning construction eventually.
    • A new medical condition, called the Chernobyl Heart, came into existence due to all the children in the locality of Chernobyl who have gaping holes in their hearts.





    Quotes from Experts


    Leaks are still occuring on a regular basis. It flows to the sea every time, no doubt.


    —Yastel Yamada talking about how these are leaking into the Pacific Ocean.

    Pacific Ocean Radiation Levels.jpg
    There is a lot to study and a lot to learn about in general, it takes a long time for the Pacific process to get the pollution to our shores, but it needs to be studied.



    Lynda Williams on how the Pacific fishing industry is fucked.

    Nuclear meltdowns are forever


    —Lynda Williams, using poetic license to make a point.

    Video about how Japan is utterly fucked


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