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Frog and Toad, the original gangstas.

Fuck The Police (also known as, Fuck 12) is a phrase most oftenly used to express one's disregard for the opinions and authority of the fascist puppets of the state. It can also be employed as a more generalized expression of a disinclination to adhere to the opinions and/or rules and regulations put in place by The Man that the speaker considers pointless or trivial.

The phrase was adopted by niggers as their Official Racial Motto to describe everything the Black Race stands for. In this case, it may also sometimes be spelled Fuck Tha Police or Fuk Da Police not only because that way shit's mo' gangsta, but also due to the fact that niggers find proper spelling difficult because, like so many things in our society, the alphabet is racist.


In the mid '80s, a privately educated bunch of mincing pussies and Carlton Banks wannabes took a break from shooting some B-ball on their private luxury B-ball courts outside of their Bel-Air mansions and decided it'd be a proper jolly bit of sport adopting the accents and mannerisms of their poor inner city brethren and forming a rap group calling themselves Niggaz Wit Attitude in an attempt to make themselves look even richer than they already were.

In 1988, this group managed to force the meme into the public consciousness with a bit of jigaboo junglebunny music of the same name which caused a lot of controversy in the media for its violent lyrics about maiming and killing police officers. However, the old media shouldn't have been so surprised, as naturalists will tell you that, in the wild, niggers and cops are natural enemies and that competition for the two for dominance often spills over into violence, not unlike similar behavior witnessed in lions and hyenas and cats and dogs.

Usage On The Internet

Nowadays, although there are numerous groups on social networking sites that display the phrase and preach anti-police sentiment (the members of which are interestingly nearly overwhelmingly always white, middle class youths who always seem to live quite some distance away from the ghetto), on the Internet, the phrase is most commonly seen captioning pictures of various colorful characters rollin' in they pimped up rides. These characters are usually, though not always, from media or programming associated with children.


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Catchy little number, isn't it?

Pigs gettin served

A much more cheerful, kid friendly version favored by enlightened, modern parents.

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