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    Fred Bauder

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    Wikipedia editors are volunteers and African-Americans rarely volunteer. [...] large blocks of African-American are oppressed, unemployed, poorly educated, and computer illiterate. Those that are educated and prosperous tend to be too busy, and as said, are not in the habit of volunteering.


    —Fred Bauder, on selfish niggers

    Fancy a fuck?
    He just wants to be your friend.

    Fred Bauder is a seventy-something year-old failed wikipedo sick fuck gman attorney and member of the Wikipedia cabal. Fred is a hardcore Leftist.

    Unlike most other cabal members, he is not a transsexual, does not like to dress up in women's clothing, does not support the legalization of childlove, and is not a fat chick. Fred Bauder is also a member of The Magic 28, meaning he has the power to permanently delete page revisions without a trace.

    However, he has solicited prostitution from a female (a shame it's not legal), which resulted in him being banned from practicing law in the state of Colorado. He has spun this situation and misled people to believe that he "retired" from law practice. Jimbo Wales sure knows how to pick 'em.

    Fred lives in Crestone, Colorado, population 73. Crestone[1] is a New-Age, alternative town, with numerous spiritual retreats and Ashrams catering to tourists.[2]

    Contact details

    Caselaw excerpts

    Fred Bauder was licensed to practice law in Colorado in 1976. He failed to answer the formal complaint filed in this case and the hearing board entered a default against him. The allegations of fact contained in the complaint were therefore deemed admitted. See C.R.C.P. 241.13(b); People v. Paulson , 930 P.2d 582, 582 (Colo. 1997). Based on the default and the evidence presented, the hearing board found that the following had been established by clear and convincing evidence.

    On July 14, 1997, we publicly censured Bauder for soliciting for prostitution during a phone call with the wife of a dissolution of marriage client. See People v. Bauder , 941 P.2d 282, 283 (Colo. 1997). Bauder was ordered to pay the costs of that proceeding in the amount of $2,058.97 within thirty days of the date on the opinion. See id. at 283-84.

    He did not pay the costs as ordered, however, or file a motion for an extension of time to comply with our order. Moreover, Bauder failed to respond to a letter from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and has not explained or justified his noncompliance with the order. As a result, a request for investigation was filed against him. Bauder did not respond to the request for investigation.

    It is hereby ordered that Fred Bauder is suspended from the practice of law for thirty days, effective thirty days after the issuance of this opinion. It is further ordered that, prior to seeking reinstatement and as a condition thereof, Bauder shall pay the costs of his 1997 disciplinary proceeding in the amount of $2,058.97 plus statutory interest from August 14, 1997, to the Attorney Regulation Committee.

    Bauder is further ordered to pay the costs of this proceeding in the amount of $124.11 within thirty days after this opinion is announced to the Attorney Regulation Committee, 600 Seventeenth Street, Suite 200 South, Denver, Colorado 80202-5432. Bauder shall not be reinstated until after he has complied with C.R.C.P. 251.29.

    Covering for pedos

    In 2007, Fred Bauder permitted Davidwr to return to Wikipedia after being banned months earlier for pedo-advocacy using an account that Bauder and ArbCom covered up and kept secret.

    From the leaks:

    From: (Cool Hand Luke)
    Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 17:02:58 -0600
    Subject: [arbcom-l] User:Haiduc
    I support siteban, but we need to work out what the rule is. We
    tacitly endorsed the continued editing of Davidwr last year. He came
    to our awareness when he asked permission for topic socks, fearful
    that editing on local topics could out him. We denied this
    arrangement, so he continued under his previous deal. He was unblocked
    a couple of years ago when Fred [Bauder] and FloNight negotiated his return
    with an unspoken topic ban. Lately, we're not allowing a topic ban
    solutions at all. Given the risk of grooming, I think this makes
    The only distinguishing feature of Davidwr is that his pedo advocacy
    was done on an edit-segregated account [Dfcp], and the Davidwr account was
    swept up by Checkuser. Therefore, there's no apparent evidence of
    advocacy, but does it make sense to rely on this odd fact? We should
    either revisit his account, or accept it as a historical accident.

    Totally loses his shit

    Due to lack of sex from solicited prostitutes, on September 23, 2007 Fred totally lost his shit, and suggested redirecting ARTICLES on Wikipedia about people that "harass" Wikipedos to the article for clown in payback. Other wikipedos immediately called for his head, and all of Wikipedia exploded in a nuclear jewlocaust.

    Fake "Alternative" Wiki

    File:Bobo doll.jpg
    Grawp vs. Fred Bauder.

    Despite being a Wikipedia cabal member in good standing, Bauder has also founded a fake alternative wiki-based encyclopedia as a means for extracting steam from Jumbo's fuck up. It supposedly differs from Wikipedia in having a 'sympathetic point of view' policy. In practice, Wikinfo serves as a bait-and-switch scam for Fred's sociopathic amusement. It works like this: Fred lures in hopeful people (his 'marks') with promises of allowing original research and generally greater leeway in editting, but then Fred shortly permabans them for the lulz. Consequently, there are only one or two active edittors left on Wikinfo other than Fred himself.

    Despite the fact that Wikinfo's Alexa rank is about 100 times less than that of Encyclopedia Dramatica (even check it on Alexa for yourself), TOW allows an article on Wikinfo and not one on ED, despite the fact that Wikinfo has got less third-party coverage. Hmmm... double standards anyone? (Latest update: The Roles have been Reversed!) Wikinfo policy was also changed due to Grawp and Hagger as well as a rollback-breaking-script which was used on the wiki. The vandalism got so much that they restricted pagemoves to sysops and required all new editors to confirm themselves via email before being able to edit. This combined with their article being deleted from TOW was a double pwnage.

    Old man Fred confirms it!

    The old fuck confirms it:

    • 19:31, 27 August 2007 Fred Bauder (Talk|contribs) blocked "Miltopia (Talk|contribs)" (account creation blocked, e-mail blocked) with an expiry time of indefinite ‎ (Turns out he was a sock of Blu Aardvark)

    ED is a reliable source on TOW editors! Fred is also a close personal friend of the Scifag Terryeo. For yur entertainment...

    The way this works

    In Scientology we expect how wonderful it is and in Scientology controversy how they awful it is. User:Fred Bauder|Fred 15:03, 21 April 2008 (EDT)

    Very well Fred but should Terryeo (Scientology OSA) post his drivel I will contest it. He was thrown off Wikipedia and several other sites for it and I confront their plants at every instance.
    He is an administrator here and a respected member of the community. User:Fred Bauder|Fred 00:09, 22 April 2008 (EDT)

    This from Freakazoid Freddy in regards Wikinfo, home of the Scilon Empire (ok, stop laughing!!!) I was instantly banned btw.

    Fred vandalizes ArbCom!

    For no apparent reason and as usual without as much as a trace of explanation Fred decided to blank an ArbCom page [3]. Not even when asked for an explanation by an ArbCom clerk [4]. Is senility finally getting the better of old fuck Fred? Or is this just another example of Fred doing whatever the hell he wants?

    A sadomasochistic intercourse with Gwen Gale

    Gwen Gale'socks attacked Fred dirty:

    Truth be told, according to freely available public records, he was suspended for soliciting a client's wife to work in a prostitution ring, then refusing to attend his hearing on it. Many would interpret this as "disbarred" but he denies the term applies. Bauder disclosed none of this to Mr Wales when he was asked to join lawyerish arbcomm. Wyss 00:51, 10 December 2005 (UTC)


    Gwen Gale

    To finish, Fred had to do something big for his master. First he misused his administrative tools, violated Wikipedia policy and deleted her talk page history, and then he (via private email) lifted Gwen's indefinite topic ban described as "making any edit related to a person's alleged homosexuality or bisexuality. The clauses "any edit" and "related to homosexuality or bisexuality" shall be interpreted broadly; this remedy is intended, for example, to prohibit correcting the spelling of "gay"" after Wyss changed her user name to Gwen Gale.

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